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NATALIE NOW UNDERSTOOD WHY werewolves were angry all of the time because now that was all she felt

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NATALIE NOW UNDERSTOOD WHY werewolves were angry all of the time because now that was all she felt. She was mad at herself, at nature, at Josie, at Hope. So, she took it upon herself to spend some time in the wolf territory, since the cat was out of the bag and literally everyone knew she was a hybrid.

"Hey," Natalie looked up from the punching bag she was using and saw Hope approaching her. There was a shy smile on her face and Natalie chuckled a little at how out of place Hope looked wearing a skirt in the fitness room.

"Hey," Natalie greeted.

"I um I was wondering if you were entering the Miss Mystic Falls pageant," Hope says and Natalie scoffs at the idea. She had never been the one for pageants, though she did like dressing up.

"Do I look like a pageant girl?" Natalie asked.

Hope bit her lip, "Is this a trick question? Because my answer would be yes."

Natalie laughs, "Well no, I have no intention of entering. I don't like being judged like a show pony."

"Right," Hope says, "So um this may sound weird, but my magic has been acting up and Roman is back and I could really use a Natalie sized distraction right now."

Natalie laughs, stepping away from the punching bag, "Is that your way of asking to hangout?"

"Yes, it is," Hope says, "And I know that mate stuff is off-limits, so I won't bring it up."

"Why is it off-limits?" Natalie asks because she certainly didn't put up that boundary.

Hope shrugs, hugging herself, "I just figured that since you hadn't mentioned it that we weren't talking about it."

"Well I actually wouldn't mind talking about it," Natalie says with a small smile, "Honestly, it would be easier to work through this if I had someone to talk to. And since it's kind of your problem too, then I guess we should talk."

"Okay," Hope says, "Um have you felt any different lately?"

Natalie thinks about the past few days and whether or not she had any urges to be around Hope or rip out anyone's throat for talking to Hope, but she was drawing a blank.

"No, I've been fine, except since this morning I've felt a little uneasy," Natalie says with a shrug, "But I don't think that's anything."

"My magic's been acting up since this morning," Hope says, and Natalie is really hoping that it's just a coincidence and that she and Hope's connection doesn't pertain to their magic as well.

"Oh boy," Natalie says with a sigh, "Hey, let's test out the jealousy setting. You make out with Roman or Landon and I'll see if I want to kill them."

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