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BONNIE WALKED INTO CAROLINE'S OFFICE, throwing her hands up, "Alright, what was so urgent?"

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BONNIE WALKED INTO CAROLINE'S OFFICE, throwing her hands up, "Alright, what was so urgent?"

"Look I get that Enzo is back, and you are in a cloud of glowy and magical bliss, but we have a big problem on our hands. For starters, your sister is trapped in our basement, followed by Natalie is supposed to kill Hope, ending with Natalie spoke with her mom last night."

Bonnie fell into the seat across from Caroline's desk, "Natalie spoke to Victoria?"

"Yeah, don't worry, she didn't tell her anything or reveal the truth. Josie was there and just said that it was extremely awkward," Caroline says waving a hand dismissively, "However that doesn't mean that she won't tell her the truth at some point."

"Maybe we should tell the Mikaelsons," Bonnie suggests.

"Then that will put a giant target on Natalie's back. They'll see her as a threat against their family and we know how Mikaelsons deal with threats directed at their family," Caroline argues.

"They can't hurt Natalie because she's Hope's mate. Essentially, she's one of them," Bonnie states, knowing that Freya would never allow anything to happen to Natalie, the same way she wouldn't allow anything to happen to Hope.

"Then we have them get rid of the root of the problem," Caroline says, "Victoria is the only one that knows the truth."

"Natalie can't lose her mom again," Bonnie sighs.

Caroline leans back in her chair, "And we're back to square one."

There's a knock at the door and Caroline mouths Natalie's name to Bonnie before shouting, "Come in!"

Natalie creeps her way inside smiling at the two women, "Hi Aunt Bonnie. Mrs. Salvatore-Forbes."

"It isn't school hours yet, Nat," Caroline tells her with a smile and Natalie grins as she skips over to Caroline's desk, taking a seat in the chair next to Bonnie.

"Well Aunt Caroline, I had a question," Natalie says, looking between the two women, "Since Alyssa Chang moved into Hope's room, I was wondering if she could move into mine? I wouldn't mind sharing."

"I know you wouldn't," Caroline says, with a knowing smirk, "But then I'd have to allow everyone to move in with their significant other and since Lizzie is now making out with a very old vampire, I have to protect my daughter's virtue."

Natalie nods her head slowly, knowing that Lizzie's virtue was long gone, "Right, okay well then who is gonna be Hope's new roommate?"

"Well, I planned on moving Hope back into her old room," Caroline says and Natalie frowns.

"But Alyssa Chang is like evil," Natalie states, and Caroline frowns from across from her, "What I meant to say is that I feel as though Hope and Alyssa would be a very bad match as roommates."

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