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NATALIE WAS SUPER EXCITED ABOUT the match against Mystic Falls High

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NATALIE WAS SUPER EXCITED ABOUT the match against Mystic Falls High. It would be her last time playing which made it a little bittersweet, but the experience was more sweet than bitter. Since the match was against Mystic Falls High, there was a chance that Natalie would get to see Hope again and this time Natalie would ask the questions she needed the answer to like what Hope's last name was and why did Natalie dream of her all summer.

"How's our quarterback doing?" Kaleb asked, rubbing Natalie's shoulders.

Natalie's eyebrows rose on her forehead, "Quarterback? Yeah, no."

"Too late," Kaleb says, "Professor V already made you quarterback. The flip side is that you get to use your powers."

"Really?" Natalie asks and Kaleb nods.

"So, what are you gonna use? Your wolf powers or some magic? Cause we're beating those Timberwolves today."

Natalie frowned. She hadn't intended to play much in the game today. She honestly was just playing so that she could see Hope again.

"Um is there any way that we could have another quarterback?" Natalie asks, "Like you or MG?"

"Nat," Kaleb says firmly, "You are our QB. I believe in you and so does everyone else."

It had nothing to do with belief and everything to do with the fact that Natalie just wanted to flirt with the girls from Mystic Falls. Then she suddenly had an idea.

She marched her way to Lizzie and Josie's room to where Lizzie was reading a book. Natalie knocked on the door, getting Lizzie's attention, "Hey there."

"Hey," Lizzie said before looking down at her book.

"Excited for today's game?" Natalie asked, "I know how much you love football."

"Eh," Lizzie answered disinterestedly.

"Okay," Natalie says closing the door as she enters the room, "I need you to play quarterback."

"Why?" Lizzie asks, still not looking up from the book.

Natalie sighs, "Because suddenly there are attractive girls at Mystic Falls High and I would much rather talk to them than play in this stupid football game."

That grabs Lizzie's attention. She quickly closes her book and looks up at Natalie, "Attractive girls? Who? Is that why Josie was so upset last night? Did you flirt with other girls in front of my sister?"

Natalie shakes her head, "No, I didn't do anything like that! Josie just left during dessert; did I do something wrong?"

"You've done a lot wrong," Lizzie tells her, "You and Josie have been dating this whole summer. The lines of friendship and romance have been blurred severely."

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