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NATALIE'S FINGERS TRAIL UP AND DOWN Hope's arm, tracing over pale skin. The tribrid watches her, blue eyes stuck on the gentle nature of Natalie's touch. It had been forever since she'd fully immersed herself in human contact and now Natalie was laying on top of her, like a human blanket, offering the contact that she had so desperately needed.

"What are you hiding from me, Hope?" Natalie whispers softly. There's fear in the question, Hope can hear it and it hurts her to think that Natalie is potentially scared of the information she's withholding.

Hope reaches out and takes Natalie's hand into her own, intertwining their fingers, "You said you felt like you were dying when the pit was being destroyed. That wasn't because of your magic, it was because of me."

"What do you mean?" Natalie asks.

"The reason that you felt like you were dying is because essentially I was. Whatever I feel, you feel as well and vice versa," Hope answers, "Because we're mates."

The revelation doesn't exactly surprise Natalie. She felt that there had to be a reason behind her dreaming of Hope and why she felt drawn to the girl in the first place, but now she knew. The fact that she wasn't crazy set her at ease.

Natalie laughs softly as she looks up at Hope. There's concern in her eyes and Natalie immediately wants to set her at ease, "Can I just say that I'm totally relieved?"

"What?" Hope asks with a smile.

"I mean everything makes sense. Why I dreamt of you all summer, why I nearly died. I spent a lot of this year thinking I was going crazy, but it makes me very happy to know that I'm not," Natalie explains, continuing to stroke Hope's arm.

"So, you're not mad at me?" Hope asks and Natalie chuckles.

"No," she answers, "Honestly I thought you were going to tell me that you were sent here from the past to kill my aunt."

"Definitely not here to do that," Hope answers with a grin, "Also did your aunt seem to like me? We talked for a while, but I couldn't tell."

"She thought that you were my girlfriend," Natalie says, her eyebrows furrowing, "Wait, so we weren't dating before? Even though we're mates?"

"No," Hope answers, "You and Josie were trying things, and everything was super complicated."

Natalie really wanted their memories back. She wasn't sure how she could get them back, but she needed them.

"You're the reason Josie and I didn't work out," Natalie blamed and Hope frowned, unaware that she was being teased. Natalie noticed this and poked Hope's side, "I was only kidding."

"Oh," Hope answers, "So what now?"

"What are your thoughts on a trip down to New Orleans?" Natalie asks and Hope can't help but laugh.

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