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"YOU DID BLACK MAGIC with Hope?" Natalie asks Josie, "And you didn't invite me?"

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"YOU DID BLACK MAGIC with Hope?" Natalie asks Josie, "And you didn't invite me?"

"Sorry, I didn't have time to get you while Hope was blackmailing me," Josie told her.

Natalie's eyebrows furrowed as she looked at Josie, "Blackmailing you with what?"

Josie looks at her guiltily and shakes her head, "Nothing."

"Jo," Natalie whines, "I really wish that you were still on that truth serum."

Josie opens her mouth but quickly shuts it as Hope walks by. Natalie narrows her eyes as she approaches her, "Mikaelson!"

Hope turns around and looks at her, "Bennett?"

"You made Josie do black magic?" Natalie asked. Hope would probably kick her ass, but no one blackmailed Josie and got away with it, not even a Mikaelson.

"It wasn't like that," Hope says instantly.

"She wanted help finding Landon," Josie voices softly from behind her, but Natalie keeps a narrowed gaze on Hope.

"It's my fault Landon stole the knife," Hope told her, "I needed help doing a locator spell so I can fix this."

"There are plenty of witches in this school that could help you. Josie isn't one of them," Natalie says and Hope blinks at her before narrowing her eyes. Whatever understanding they had come to the night before was gone.

"I'm sorry, Josie," Hope apologizes. She then glances down the hallway and Natalie does as well, watching as the taller blonde twin approaches them wearing a yellow jersey and a frown on her lips.

"Where have you been?" Lizzie asks her sister.

"With Natalie," Josie says glancing at the Bennett witch out of the corner of her eyes. Natalie smiles and waves at Lizzie, but the other girl simply rolls her eyes.

"That doesn't explain why I was throwing up black goo this morning," her blue eyes shoot to Hope, "But maybe you can answer that question since you're the reason the curly head freak got the knife."

"Lizzie, leave it alone," Josie says, tugging at her sister's arm.

"Oh, what's this? A witch meeting without moi?" Penelope saunters over to the group sporting a new haircut. Josie doesn't meet her eyes and Penelope smirks as she takes notice, "Hey JoJo, next time you decide to burn your ex's hair off, make sure she can't rock a lob."

"Yeah, we're definitely leaving," Josie says grabbing Lizzie's arm and heading off down the hall. Penelope smiles as she watches the Saltzman twins walk off before turning to Hope and Natalie. She figures that she should at least introduce herself to Josie's ex-girlfriend.

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