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"YOU GUYS HAVE FAR TOO MANY  assemblies," Natalie mutters to Hope

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"YOU GUYS HAVE FAR TOO MANY assemblies," Natalie mutters to Hope. The tribrid chuckles beside her.

"I am forming an honor council. One vampire, one witch, and one werewolf, each elected by their peers along with our school counselor Emma, whose vote will represent the younger students," Alaric states and Natalie hears Hope sigh loudly beside her.

"Should I vote with the witches, werewolves, or vampires?" Hope asks her.

"Definitely wolf," Natalie answers, "They need more female opinions. In fact, you should run."

"Please, then World War 3 would break out because I'm not wolf enough for them to be their alpha," Hope says with a sigh, "What are you voting?"

"I guess witch," Natalie says, before coming up with an idea, "But what if there was a representative for the Special Species Squad?"

Hope laughs, "You mean that either you or I should represent both of us?"

"That's exactly what I mean," Natalie says, "We're outsiders Mikaelson. The others, they don't get us and our plights."

Hope rolls her eyes, but smiles fondly at Natalie, "You're a drama queen."

"I'm Lizzie on sedation," Natalie jokes.

Alaric approaches the two of them following the conclusion of the assembly, "Hope, I was wondering if I can speak to you for a moment?"

Natalie forces a smile, "I'll see you later, Mikaelson."

Unsure of what to do with herself, Natalie heads towards the library. Since she had no distractions, now would be a good time to start her essay for supernatural history.

"Well if it isn't my favorite person," a familiar voice says and Natalie really wishes that she could do a cloaking spell, but it was too late. Penelope Park was walking toward her with an all too knowing smile.

"Penelope, it's been so nice not having to see your face."

Penelope chuckles, "Oh please, you're being dramatic. You and JoJo made up and yet you are spending an abundant amount of time with Hope, what's that about?"

"How about you mind your business and stop worrying about me," Natalie says. She turns to head back toward the library, but Penelope's voice stops her.

"I have a plan and I need your help."

Natalie scoffs, "I refuse to help you with your evil bidding."

"I'm using my powers for good this time, trust me," Penelope says as she walks closer to Natalie, her heels clicking against the hardwood, "Lizzie wants to be on the honor council, but we both know who really deserves it."

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