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BONNIE GENTLY OPENED THE DOOR TO Natalie's bedroom open. She winces as it creaks, not wanting to wake her sleeping niece. Sleep didn't come easily to Natalie anymore. When she slept, she dreamed and when she dreamed, Natalie confessed that she kept seeing a girl with auburn hair and blue eyes.

Bonnie honestly didn't need a description though. Natalie had spent the first half of the summer, holed up in her room, drawing the girl in her dreams, but Bonnie had never seen her before, nor had Natalie.

She stepped around the pile of drawings and sat down on the edge of Natalie's bed watching as her niece's chest rose and fell slowly. Natalie was clearly being haunted and Bonnie wasn't sure if it had to do with Natalie's dark magic or the events that took place leading to the destruction of Malivore.

She felt powerless in helping Natalie and that wasn't something that Bonnie wasn't used to. She had been a fixer, she'd solved everyone's problems before, but now she couldn't even help her own niece. All she could do is sit by and watch.

Natalie began to stir violently in her sleep and Bonnie reached forward and rested a gentle hand on Natalie's shoulder. Natalie's eyes squeezed tightly before she sat up quickly in an attempt to catch her breath.

"Hey, you're okay," Bonnie says as she rubs Natalie's shoulder.

Natalie sighed, reaching up to run her hands through her hair, "I saw her again."

"I know," Bonnie says softly.

"I can't keep doing this," Natalie mutters, "I think I'm going crazy."

Bonnie sighs, "You're not going crazy, Nat. But I do think it's unhealthy for you to stay inside all the time. I should have forced you to go to Europe with Lizzie and Caroline."

"Then I'd just be having episodes over there," Natalie says with a smile. It had been a while since Bonnie had seen Natalie smile and the sight definitely warmed her heart.

"Well, now I'm forcing you to go out. Josie's been asking about you. You should go see her, I know she misses you," Bonnie says, and Natalie nods her head.

"Yeah, I probably should see her," Natalie says, going to climb out of bed. She trudges toward the bedroom door and Bonnie raises an eyebrow at her.

"Where are you going?"

"To see Josie?" Natalie answers and Bonnie shakes her head.

"You need to shower and then you might need to shower again," Bonnie instructs her, and Natalie rolls her eyes, but smiles as she heads towards the bathroom.

Once she gets her life together somewhat, Natalie goes to get in her car, but instead simply stares at it. She hadn't driven since she drove herself and Landon back from the Triad facility, that was moments before she had collapsed.

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