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BONNIE BLOWS OUT THE MATCH OF THE CANDLES she had lit on the school's Wickery field

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BONNIE BLOWS OUT THE MATCH OF THE CANDLES she had lit on the school's Wickery field. She joined Hope on the ground, holding her hands out for the younger witch to take. Bonnie looks up at Caroline and Rebekah who were waiting on standby should anything go wrong.

"You guys know what you have to do?" Bonnie asks and Rebekah nods her head as she holds up the ascendant.

"As soon as you two get the eclipse going, I pour Bonnie's blood on the ascendant," Rebekah says.

Bonnie nods her head and looks back at Hope, "Are you ready?"

"Ready," Hope tells her.

"Repeat after me," Bonnie says as she closes her eyes and begins to do the spell. Once she starts the chant, Hope catches on, closing her eyes and joining in as well.

Rebekah and Caroline stare up at the sky to see the sun beaming down on them. Slowly that sunlight begins to fade away and the moon moves in front of it. Rebekah uncaps the vial of Bonnie's blood and is about to pour it on to the ascendant when she hears a faint voice in the distance.

"Wait!" a young man shouts as he runs toward them on the field. Rebekah looks over at Caroline who uncrosses her arms and makes her way toward the teen.

"Jonas?" Caroline asks, "What's wrong?"

Jonas hunches over, holding up a finger as he tries to catch his breath. He takes one final breath before standing up straight and looking Caroline in the eye, "You can't let them out of the ascendant."

"Why?" Caroline asks him, "What did you see?"

"Chaos and destruction," Jonas tells her, "Josie broke the sand clock and now she is overflowing with dark magic. And Natalie, we're not prepared for what Natalie will become."

"What will Natalie become?"

"The thing she fears most," Jonas tells her, "Something she can't control."

"What do you mean?" Caroline asks.

"She's a fully realized tribrid. Kai Parker has told her and it's only a matter of time before she regains control of her magic and Josie has gone dark which means it's only a matter of time before Natalie goes dark as well."

"Natalie wouldn't go dark because of Josie," Caroline argues, which makes her sigh because there was no point arguing with the boy who had predicted that Hope and Natalie would rebuild the other side and the fact that Natalie would die doing so.

"I think you underestimate Josie's power," Jonas tells her, "You need to stop them."

Caroline looks back at Rebekah who gets the message, tapping Bonnie and Hope on the shoulder. The two witches stop their chanting as they look over at Caroline and Jonas talking in the distance.

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