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HER FIRST NIGHT at the Salvatore Boarding School and Natalie was already being introduced to the party scene

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HER FIRST NIGHT at the Salvatore Boarding School and Natalie was already being introduced to the party scene. Along with Josie, Natalie made her way around the Old Mill, the party was already in full swing with alcohol and a few weird drinks that some of the other witches had brewed.

"Be careful what you drink," Josie warns her, "Penelope likes to mess with people. She mixes stuff and most of the time they're truth potions. People end up spilling their guts and things get quite messy."

"Sounds messy," Natalie says wearily, though secretly she loved the idea, "So you know truth potions?"

"Yeah, we learned it in like seventh year. You'd know that if you had just come to school with us," Josie teased as she nudged Natalie gently.

"I was having far too much fun at a regular middle school being bullied because I had a new pimple every week," Natalie jokes back, earning a laugh from Josie.

"I forgot about your bad acne," Josie teases, "You look great now!"

Natalie rolls her eyes playfully, "Gee thanks, Jo."

"You're welcome, Nat," Josie tells her cheerfully.

Natalie shook her head before turning to get a look at every one. She was searching for a familiar face, though I familiar face meant seeing Hope, Lizzie, MG, or Rafael and it was nearly impossible to find any of them.

"Where's Lizzie?" Natalie asked.

"She had an incident earlier after things went sour with Rafael," Josie told her, "So she and Dad are having a meditation session."

"Oh," Natalie said, still looking around for Hope or MG. She can feel Josie's eyes on her, probably trying to figure out who she's looking for.

"Hope's not here," Josie tells her, "She never comes to these things."

"What's her deal?" Natalie asked, "I mean I get it. She's the most powerful being in the universe, doesn't mean she's special."

"You tell her that," Josie says, a frown coming on her face, "She pushes everyone away. The harder you try, the harder she pushes. You poke, she pokes back."

"Then why did you like her?" Natalie asks and Josie shushes her loudly as she glances around them. Natalie had forgotten that they were at a party with supernatural teens. Someone could easily overhear them.

"Sorry!" Natalie says, "We didn't say her name."

Josie laughs at her worry, "It's fine."

"Hey!" MG exclaimed as he came over to them, he was carefully balancing three cups in his hand and Josie smiled as she took two of the cups from him, handing one to Natalie.

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