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NATALIE WATCHED AS HOPE laid on the floor next to her cousin

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NATALIE WATCHED AS HOPE laid on the floor next to her cousin. Niklaus, or Nik as everyone called him, was the cutest thing that Natalie had ever set her eyes upon. He was hardly a year old, but he was already a pro at stealing hearts. He had curly little hair and the cutest little ears. It made Natalie wish that she could have been an older sister.

"Hey," she heard Keelin's voice say as she came up beside her.

"Hi," Natalie greets, "Thank you for letting me stay for dinner."

"Thank you for driving Hope all the way to New Orleans," Keelin says with a laugh and Natalie smiles at that.

"It was nothing. Hope and I both had a rough couple of days and we just needed to get away. I seemed to have lucked out with my Aunt being here as well," Natalie says.

After dinner, Bonnie and Freya had slipped away to try to find anything on Malivore. Natalie wanted to ask her aunt about what the Necromancer had told her, but there didn't seem to be a right moment to pop the question.

"Hope tells me that you're a hybrid," Keelin says, "Witch and werewolf?"

Natalie nods, "Though I would say I'm more witch than wolf. I haven't really shifted."

"Hm," Keelin says taking in the information as she looks back at Hope and her son, "I know a thing or two about that. I used to hate what I was. I wanted to be normal."

"What changed?" Natalie asks.

"Freya happened," Keelin says with a wide grin on her face, and now Natalie understands why Hope idolizes her Aunts so much. Natalie could see how in love they were based only upon the smile on Keelin's lips.

"Can I ask you a question?" Natalie says, thinking back to her conversation with Hope, "Do you know about werewolf mating?"

"My knowledge on the topic is pretty basic. I know that it happens during the full moon. Freya could probably answer your questions better than I could. Why? Do you think you've met your mate?"

Natalie laughs, "No way. It's just that Hope and I were having a conversation and I wanted to know if Freya was your mate."

"She is," Keelin answers, "But I don't need some mate bond to tell me that."

"Hope said the same thing," Natalie tells Keelin.

"Nik! Stop pulling on my hair!" Hope says from her spot on the floor. Natalie smiles as she watches Hope try to wrestle her hair out of Nik's tight little grip.

"He's always had a thing for Hope's hair," Keelin tells her as though it's some huge secret.

"Yeah, Hope does have nice hair," Natalie says the words before processing them and realizes how strange that must sound. Thankfully, Keelin doesn't seem to think much of it.

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