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FOLLOWING THE FIGHT AT THE football game, Natalie took a shower before driving over to the hospital

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FOLLOWING THE FIGHT AT THE football game, Natalie took a shower before driving over to the hospital. She slipped into Ethan's room under a cloaking spell before attempting to heal his arm. What should have been an easy spell was a bit harder because of the dark magic used, so Natalie had to first reverse the original spell before using healing magic.

Once she had done that, she made her way out of the hospital to find Hope sitting there with Maya. When Natalie walked out, both girls were surprised to see her.

"Hey guys," Natalie greeted with an awkward wave, "Um I know this appears weird, but my grandmother is actually sick, and I was just visiting her."

"Oh," Maya says buying the lie easily, "I'm sorry about your grandmother."

"Oh, it's fine," Natalie says, "She's tough, sometimes I think she won't die."

The statement was a bit ironic.

Maya stood from the bench, turning to Hope, "Thanks for keeping me company, but I should probably go check on Ethan."

Hope nods, "Yeah of course. If you need anything, just call me."

Maya smiles at Hope and waves at Natalie before slipping back into the hospital. Natalie glanced over at Hope who seemed to be avoiding her gaze.

"Well Mikaelson, we have a lot to talk about."

"Yeah, we do," Hope tells her, "Um could we go somewhere a bit more secluded?"

Natalie nodded her head. She didn't trust Hope, but she had seen Rafael walking around in human form on campus before she left, so she knew that Hope was at least somewhat true to her word.

They got in her car and Hope reached out to change the radio station, but quickly stopped herself. For some reason, Natalie found the action to be familiar. When they pull up to their destination, Hope glances at her wearily.

"An abandoned house. Should I be worried?"

Natalie laughs and shakes her head, "This is my abandoned house. It belonged to my parents, but they're gone now."

"Mine too," Hope answers.

The two get out of the car and wander over to the house. Despite the fact that no one lived there, the house was well kept. Something that was done by Natalie's grandmother. She wasn't sure if Abby did it out of guilt or simply because she thought that Natalie would want the house someday.

Natalie takes a seat on the stairs of the porch. It was warm outside, the traces of summer still lingering in the evening air. Natalie would have gone inside, but she wasn't ready. She wasn't sure she'd ever be ready.

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