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His Dirty Little Secret//Jayceon Taylor, The Game

His Dirty Little Secret//Jayceon Taylor, The Game

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Wolverine ψ(`∇´)ψ By Thors_Biceps_Tho Updated 2 days ago

Natasha started as a drug runner for Jayceon Taylor, a gang-Lord, when she tries to run Jayceon comes to punish her. Taking one look at her he realises the state she's in, she's been beaten and sexually abused. 

He takes her home to fix her up, but once the dirt and blood is washed away, he notices everything. Her beautiful eyes, her hour-glass figure, her dark chestnut hair, her dark skin. Everything. 

But a gang isn't the place for love. 

They must keep their secret love affair a secret. 

But things that happen behind closed doors can be opened. 

The secret will spread.

Then what will happen?

Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Nov 17, 2016
it is all over google if you type in the game fingering his girlfriend lol but he sexy though
VoiceLive VoiceLive Feb 10
Bats😂 I thought  the expression was butterflies 💀💀💀
HeyNeka HeyNeka Dec 29, 2016
The love of my life!  Lol i cant wait to get into this book.
VoiceLive VoiceLive Feb 10
Girl I would have too but not for the same reasons 😉😂😂
shaz0177 shaz0177 Oct 02, 2016
He is great for these kind of stories don't you think lol.. it's good so far