Game Breaker

Game Breaker

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Queen A By pimpology Updated Oct 02

Newark New, Jersey

You can't run their streets without looking both ways. You can't love the hood.
 The hood will never love you back.

The Bronx, New York

Safe doesn't exist. Everyone's sitting ducks. Let's be honest, your much better off being dead.

Chicago, Illinois

Don't underestimate their ability and try to slide through the city. They'll always make sure you slip through the cracks. 

Detroit, Michigan

This is where all of the above applies. Police never arrive after you call. The mayor stepped down because its just too much to handle. Love is rare. So is survival past twenty five.

In all of these dangerous cities you must always remember, there's always a game breaker

Everybody going to Virginia. Tired of that place that's why I moved. Buuuttt! I'm visiting family for Spring Break in a couple weeks...
for school though? this sound like a first day/christmas/tax season outfit.
I'm sorry but his accent doesn't sound beautiful. It sounds dumb.
T-Way19 T-Way19 Aug 18
Bruh if you from the Bronx we all know DeWitt Clinton😒😒😒😔😔😔SMH