Tangled Love

Tangled Love

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Dale By _myLovelymind Updated a day ago

Even for once in our life, we experienced a love which has a fire that cannot just die.
A love, though not being returned, we are still willing to take the risk.
Expecting that somehow, someday we will be rewarded.

But how long can we give that love a chance?

Are we really capable of giving so much without asking anything in return?

Are we really capable of being happy, just seeing the person you love happy with someone else?

How can we untangle something so twisted like LOVE?

How can we survive without breaking? How can we love without hating?

Braise yourself for it will be a long roller coaster ride to what we call 'HAPPINESS'

- myLovelymind

Oh! Thank you so much! I'm still lacking at skills but I hope you'd support my story til the end. Lovelots! 😘