Checkmate | 1

Checkmate | 1

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Cynthia_Taco By TheSinnersChurch Completed

#1 In The 'Sei Sola...' Series.

Love is a strange thing, even the toughest of the tough will one day fall at its mercy...and when I say fall, I mean plummet!

 It usually begins with a fight, a challenge, a feud. But don't we all know that old saying? 

"There's a fine line between love and hate..."

Meet caring, innocent Nancy harbouring a desire for one man. Now meet Nathaniel, as much rude as he is attractive. Throw in a business trip to Italy, a complicated past and burning sexual tension... Least to say sweet little Nancy is in for a hell of a ride.  

 © 2016 All rights reserved by yours truly ~ Cynthia.S.R.
18+ as always, course language and sexual content. UNEDITED -.-

bestmom60 bestmom60 Aug 14, 2016
Well she's stuck with you at the moment, I would go with unlucky.
niyahk_ niyahk_ Oct 15, 2016
I can't get over the "yeti". 😂😂😂
                              I have to be really comfortable when flying.
Abyss_Break Abyss_Break Nov 19, 2016
Oh hell nah. Me and Nate bout to fight 😡😡 ole jealous ass boy bye 👋
niyahk_ niyahk_ Oct 15, 2016
I simply cannot hold my tongue, so hey, I would've cussed his ass out.
niyahk_ niyahk_ Oct 15, 2016
lmaoo and that's why he will forever treat you the way he does ☹️
NajhaeB NajhaeB Oct 14, 2016
LOL, I can really relate. 
                              This happened to me in my first and second class.
                              Drank too much water and waited until my bladder was on FULL. worst thing I've ever done to myself