Death Note - J (Discontinued)

Death Note - J (Discontinued)

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Azari Von Dread By iLiVe4GaMeS Updated Mar 14, 2017

(Eventual L×OC Fanfiction) 

    A girl from the program of Whammy's House for gifted children never thought she would be part of the hardest case of her life. Like the others, from A to Z, she went by an initial, that being J, yet she has gone by many different names.

     J never thought that she would meet the legendary detective, L, despite her history at Whammy's House - let alone develop feelings for him.

    But she could never handle L feeling the same for her, despite how badly she wanted it. 

    Later on in the case, with the name "Ada," everything she had known about herself isn't what she always believed. And just when it seems like they get the upper-hand in their battle with Kira, an unexpected decision changes everything...

    It's almost an endless cycle chasing Kira, but she's too stuborn to give up now. But will she succumb to the curse of Kira as well? Or something much worse?

***Cover art not mine, only the edits and text. Credit to the original artists***

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xCherubx xCherubx Mar 12, 2017
I'm spanish, don't worry, for what you want to said: No es mio
                              Is good ^-^
Haha, know your REALLY funny..
                              May I get your name by chance? 
                              *is hiding death Note*
                              Because you know L is totally yours!
                              *cough* not for long *cough* *cough*
SerialGoldFishKiller SerialGoldFishKiller May 27, 2016
I take art because I can't athlete at all and I'm a terrible artist,  like how is he making stuff do things
Lillypupz Lillypupz Oct 17, 2016
It's feels like cr@p... It takes a shít ton of time to finsh a piece and the worst part is, most of the time you don't even like your own work!!!!!
YoureSht YoureSht Apr 23, 2016
                              DOES L DIE IN THE BOOK LIKE THE MANGA AND ANIME???
YoureSht YoureSht Apr 23, 2016
I am literally sitting like L and eating strawberrys before reading this and still now....
                              L is my spirit animal