The Secrets You Hide by SheHopes
The Secrets You Hideby Sandra Grayson
After a freak accident leaves a police officer psychic, he begins to hunt down wanted criminals with help from the eccentric members of his paranormal support group.
  • renegadecop
  • humor
  • murder
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My Debt to a Billionaire by Samantha_BeCreative
My Debt to a Billionaireby Dark
Stuck with two dead end jobs, a pile of medical bills, and her rent two months passed due Hailey is stuck in a rut. Scratching the hood of billionaire Axel Masters' lavi...
  • love
  • money
  • betrayal
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The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel) by dgkitten
The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel)by Divine Grace
Now that Emily Maxwell has gotten her delicious "treatment" from Dr. Alexander Greene, little did she know that being engaged to the hottest gynecologist alive...
  • romance
  • player
  • happilyeverafter
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The Shadow by NeverlandsKey
The Shadowby Loren
When a new serial killer starts causing chaos, a top secret operation ensues where The Shadow, a deadly assassin, is released from confinement and ordered to work alongs...
  • romance
  • gangs
  • mysteryromance
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Dream Hunter by SheHopes
Dream Hunterby Sandra Grayson
(BOOK III IN THE DREAM SERIES) With a single touch, Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When she starts seeing a cloaked figure in all of...
  • dreams
  • crime
  • secrets
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Meliorism » Evan Buckley by lost-inorbit
Meliorism » Evan Buckleyby lazy bones
mel•io•rism noun The belief that the world can be made better by human effort
  • bobbynash
  • athenagrant
  • 911onfox
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A Scarlet Rose by MissNutcracker
A Scarlet Roseby Missy | Semi-Hiatus
••• WATTPAD FEATURED STORY! ••• 1867 Paris, France: A killer of passion, a heart on the mend, and a hunger for vengeance. When the bodies of young ballerinas are found s...
  • featured
  • suspense
  • love
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Detroit: Become Human || READ DESCRIPTION || by AnticZakLol
Detroit: Become Human || READ AnticZakLol
REQUEST ARE CLOSED I want to finish all the request I have right now. And the title says it all, please enjoy! ~Smut ;) ~Fluff ~Technically whateva you want :) ||Trying...
  • human
  • hate
  • detroitbecomehuman
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Dream Phantom by SheHopes
Dream Phantomby Sandra Grayson
(Book IV in the Dream Series) How do you fight a nightmare? Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When an evil creature begins to threaten Da...
  • folklore
  • psychic
  • suspense
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Detroit : Become A Family . (Reed900 Oneshots) by idkimstrange
Detroit : Become A Family . ( Bear
It's reed900. Who dosent love that? Cover is NOT my art
  • fanfiction
  • detective
  • reed900
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Sociopath's New Feeling ( Sherlock × Reader) by bigtime-reader
Sociopath's New Feeling ( 연 화
(A/n: Rewriting from beginning.) Sentiment- something that Sherlock Holmes never experienced until (y/n)'s and his paths crossed. He started doing things which never did...
  • sherlock
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • readerxcharacter
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Once a Voight, always a Voight• Jay Halstead by novacarpediem
Once a Voight, always a Voight• novacarpediem
Alexandra Voight, daughter of THE Hank Voight. After 2 years away, Alex comes back home. And joins the Intelligence Unit of her father. But will she be able to live her...
  • alexandravoight
  • kimburgess
  • law
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The Test by Patpookie
The Testby Patpookie
Going through my pictures, I went to the one that I had just taken, and the phone slowly slipped out of my grasp. What had escaped my notice before is that the couch...
  • thriller
  • detective
  • fbiagent
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Inner And Outer Demons by Divergent_obsessed46
Inner And Outer Demonsby Divergent_obsessed46
Here on the job, you not only battle the demons outside in the world. But the demons resting inside you as well. - - - Tris Prior's first day as a homicide detective ap...
  • detectives
  • homicide
  • tris
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Plastic - Reed900 by Tockaa
Plastic - Reed900by Tockaa
A year has passed since the revolution. Gavin Reed a detective at the DPD, and the androids had gained their rights, and after he's assigned one as a partner, things get...
  • connor
  • reed900smut
  • cyberlife
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The Secret Admirer |BL| by OmnipotentSadist
The Secret Admirer |BL|by Nic M. Lachowski
|LGBT ROMANCE| When Marcus Berkley discovers that he has a secret admirer, he isn't quite too sure how to react. Surely, the affection held won't go unnoticed and surel...
  • love
  • law
  • boss
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|Sherlock Imagines| by VelvetVanity
|Sherlock Imagines|by Loki’s witch bitch
Imagines + Preferences from the BBC show Sherlock Ranks: #71 in Sherlock
  • moriarty
  • mycroft
  • 221b
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You Are My Mystery (Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction) by agent_april
You Are My Mystery (Sherlock April Marie
#5 in #sherlock She finally moved out of her adopted house. See, being a sociopath, people tend to not like you. That also includes her birth parents. At the age of ten...
  • johnwatson
  • lestrade
  • 221b
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Auto (18+) by emjaywrites
Auto (18+)by Em Jay
Auto and Grim have been best friends since they were born. But when Auto meets Frankie and accidentally impregnates her, he finds that there is more to life than sex and...
  • tattoos
  • detective
  • marriage
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The Online Profile of a Serial Killer (2016 Watty Award Winner) by IanTuason
The Online Profile of a Serial I
☆2016 Watty Award Winner☆ ☆A Wattpad Featured Story☆ ☆Ranked # 3 in Mystery/Thriller as of Feb 1/16☆ When someone says that a story is true, it always isn't. But in this...
  • killer
  • trailblazers
  • murder
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