Dragons: Celestine Academy(httyd/hiccstrid)

Dragons: Celestine Academy(httyd/hiccstrid)

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Astrid Hofferson a young orphan, living in the world of people whom she never understands.
A world that she cannot even show who she really are and what she really are, a wold that she cannot find the answers to her questions.
But what if she had been sent to a place, were everything was legendary and very magical. And sent to a school, where she find out about what she really is and what is her true identity in the world where she summons the magic of Ice and Snow.

"Your not ordinary, because your special, and that's who you really are Astrid."


Dragons: Celestine Academy
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I normally don't swear on the comment section but I am making an exception now. F*ck YOU, Kelly!
She knows Cinderella but doesn't know Harry Potter. What world is this again?
EnchantedFan EnchantedFan Nov 22, 2016
I got a cut on my forehead over the summer and people kept saying you're a wizard Harry to me. I was literally waiting for that owl. but it forgot the note xD
Mb_16rocks Mb_16rocks Oct 19, 2016
Imagines big swarming fire with booming voice, then churning seas with a windy voice😂😂😂😂😂
Piper496 Piper496 Oct 17, 2015
It's stupid that someone dared you to delete a story. How dare they!!!
ShBlackEagle ShBlackEagle Sep 01, 2015
That's sound great!
                              but why did you delete Dragon riders ? 
                              that's doesn't matter anymore if you doesn't delete this like the last one.
                              just kidding! update please.