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Backup2@Lovethyny24 By Iambeauty1202 Completed

"Your never going to be good enough like Braylen."

"Braylens smarter and prettier."

Brooklynn Jones is constantly compared to her light skin twin sister Braylen. Braylen was the one with the lighter skin and the blondish hair, where Brooklynn was the brown one with the black hair. Brooklynn can never find a boy who likes her... well that is till she meets Kayden Miller. Kayden wants Brooklynn and will do anything in his power to have her. But what secret is hiding?


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I wish my mom would talk to be like that. She didn't raise no punk and she don't have no favorites when I'm around lol but forreal I betta be the favorite.
I apologize on behalf of all the ignorant ass niggas for ruining beautiful black women self esteem you are beautiful women I don't understand the niggas say they're culturally woke but don't respect our black women
Lovelymia18 Lovelymia18 Mar 22
Did you know that anti depressants are more likey to cause sucide than the actual  diagnose of being depressed . I do not approve of them. Sorry for the plug
blacxk blacxk Jul 31
🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿.. Fûck kinda mom is that?? 😒😒🤔