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Preeranxdheeshra Intimacy  by preeranxdheeshrafan
Preeranxdheeshra Intimacy by preeranxdheeshrafan
Mature contents Short intimate stories
Bad Boy Abused by guiltypleasure20
Bad Boy Abusedby SophieGail
Olivia Charles is an apprehensive, quiet girl who tries to do everything right. She has low confidence and low self esteem. Getting teased daily by her peers doesn't hel...
MI AMORE //TAEKOOK//by Army Girl
Jeon Jungkook & Kim Taehyung are bestfriends since their childhood... but they behave far away as a friend "What are you wearing sugar" black haired boy said e...
Alhaitham's Dilemma (Kavetham, Haikaveh, Genshinfanfic) by GoddessAuroraMahrak
Alhaitham's Dilemma (Kavetham, GoddessAuroraMahrak
This is a story with a happy end. A love story. There are no monsters to slay, no adventures. There are just two people falling in love. Something that happens - even to...
DIFFERENT  [BWWM]✔ by Samrielhot8
DIFFERENT [BWWM]✔by Ariel Evelyn
"So what's your name?" He asks Oh so now he wants to play the game of twenty questions. Interesting! "Do you think I should tell you?" I ask "A...
♠ Being Free ♠ by guiltypleasure20
♠ Being Free ♠by SophieGail
Sequal to Bad Boy Abused and She Saved me. This book is written in Liams POV. In his short life Liam has suffered horrendous abuse at home, he was fighting alone, drown...
Champagne for the Pain by stilesstilleto
Champagne for the Painby stilesstilleto
A rogue werewolf who isn't all she seems to be. An arrogant shadowhunter that thinks he has everything, accomplished every challenge. Then he met her and she met him. ...
NSFW / SFW thoughts and fantasies by Kamiyada_777
NSFW / SFW thoughts and fantasiesby Kamiyada_777
just a lil look into a few thoughts of mine 🖤
1/5- Goals ✔ by shinyunasbangs
1/5- Goals ✔by Luvv2shin
Isolated her entire life, Always doing her studies, not allowed to hang out with friends, Yeji finally learns the truth about the reason she's alive right now, shocked b...
EDITED BBA by guiltypleasure20
EDITED BBAby SophieGail
One story, two sides. ••• Olivia Charles is an apprehensive, quiet girl who tries to do everything right. She has no confidence and low self esteem and getting teased da...
Not a "LOVE" Story ✓ by amysparksbooks
Not a "LOVE" Story ✓by Amy Sparks
He's a guy that doesn't even know the meaning of the word "love." She's a girl who's scared to know what the meaning of the word "love" is. Add them...
Left in the dark by khadi0zfidn
Left in the darkby Khadija
you could choose anyone...why me!?
2/5- Shy Bunny ✔ by shinyunasbangs
2/5- Shy Bunny ✔by Luvv2shin
Coming straight from Canada, she decides to pursue her dreams here, in Seoul South Korea. Her mother continues to encourage Lia to give love a chance, to let love take t...
THE LAST SHOT  by Reygen1
THE LAST SHOT by Tricky Lad
In this captivating tale of romance, mystery, and intrigue, a chance encounter on a bus brings together Eddie and Tapiwa. Drawn to each other's irresistible charm, they...
Secrets |Hosie| by RadianceDivine
Secrets |Hosie|by Radiance Divine
Josie is Landons bestfriend, and Landon is Hopes boyfriend. He wanted them two to become friends and they did but thats not all they ended up being
It's a Funny Story by Briredrose
It's a Funny Storyby Breezy
◇Completed◇ Need a laugh. You are now entering Funny World. Where you can laugh your heart out. Cover by: lamorphine
Memoirs of A Healer/Clinical Social Worker: Autobiography of Bruce Whealton by BruceWhealton
Memoirs of A Healer/Clinical Bruce Whealton
A loving spouse. A healer. How does this person cope with evil villains willing to destroy everything? They convicted the victim... now how does the victim goes on with...
Forging Flames. O/C Bryce x Dabi. COMPLETED. by RegalRose91
Forging Flames. O/C Bryce x RegalRose91
Bryce Asterin and Dabi have a chance meeting, leading to a flurry of steamy encounters, the more time they spend together, the more secrets are revealed, the league of v...