Married to Styles (Sequel to Working for Styles)

Married to Styles (Sequel to Working for Styles)

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Deadhead⚡️ By daytripper_acidqueen Completed

"Harry?" I asked. 

His eyes barely opened before he closed them again. 

"Niall," his voice was so soft and drifted. I cried again, just happy to hear him talking. He was awake now. 

"Harry, Harry I'm here." I informed him. 

"Niall?" He asked. 

"Yeah?" I held his hand tight, watching him take in a breath before he spoke two words that changed my life forever. 

"Marry me?"

Amhafstylan Amhafstylan Sep 14
Well well well, now all we're waiting for is the wedding arent we
You know you're in to deep when you read that in Niall's voice and you got a flash back of this moment. Smh I know I'm in to deep
Sreejoni Sreejoni Mar 10
Don't deny we all read it in Niall's voice when Louis slapped him !
Amhafstylan Amhafstylan Sep 14
EHEM   EHEM EHEM     sorry something got stuck somewhere I just
Sreejoni Sreejoni Mar 10
Wth !!?? You were almost dead and then you just can't stop thinking about fuxking Niall to oblivion !! Only Harry.
U can tell harry that bu not a girl cause u will be slapped wait u cant tell that to harry nooo