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A clear Heart by Gentle_Gen85
A clear Heartby Gentle_Gen85
Ana and Christian have been married for only a few short months when Christian suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized. Ana is forced to take over Grey Enterprises w...
Love Like We Used To by dc_xoxx
Love Like We Used Toby dc_xoxx
A year after Ana walked out on Christian it seems like Ana is finally starting to be happy again. One night, while out with friends at a bar Ana and Christian run into e...
50 Shades Of Him (Narry) by GhostNiall
50 Shades Of Him (Narry)by Mrs. Grey
{Book 1} I laid on the large bed while I watched a man I barely knew as he slowly undid his tie. He wrapped it around his hand his eyes staring into mine. "You're...
Tom Cruise Smut and Imagines  by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Tom Cruise Smut and Imagines by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Heyyy Bestie soo after seeing how every ones Tom Cruise Smut/Imagines are absolutely shit so yup i'm making my own Reminder : some Smut here will probably be .Flithy...
Fifty Shades of Secrets by LateNightsLongWords
Fifty Shades of Secretsby Mimsy
Three years ago, Anastasia Steele came to the painful realization that she could never be the sub Christian Grey wanted. At the tender age of twenty two, Ana ran away fr...
Mafia Husband| Jimin ff by KimACHINT
Mafia Husband| Jimin ffby 태형
Jimins ff yn is arranged marriage to jimin ,who is a mafia boss. How did he take over this job . Her father was forced to make his daughter marry jimin . Will she surviv...
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Complicated (Pooh Shiesty Story) by HeyImNique
Complicated (Pooh Shiesty Story)by Marzanee
All it took was the perfect woman to come across Mr. Shiesty, just so he can turn her completely out.
Daddy Issues (English Version) by MischelfLady
Daddy Issues (English Version)by RockQueen
Since the day I accepted his invitation, the god of lies, the actor who had been sighing me since the day I saw him at that huge event. He smiled affectionately at me, b...
Coincidence  by dessibabbe
Coincidence by dessibabbe
Ana and Christian will not meet at the interview. instead they will meet the night that Ana goes to the bar with kate and gets drunk, and Christian will be there to help...
One-Shots by FxckingPeachy
One-Shotsby ❁ FxckingPeachy ❁
These are basically short stories about Kellin and Vic. In these shorts stories their will be some that are cute, sad, maybe some smut, and some that are just random. I...
female faceclaims by sadhoursx
female faceclaimsby bee
where i share a small portion of the beautiful beings among the world :)
Fifty shades of bread by Sytrus123
Fifty shades of breadby :-)
Don't Here's a steamy, poetic, lustful, betray filled book with a plot twist end. Don't ask I was very, very, very, very, very, very bored.
Corporate Heat by amzieerevel
Corporate Heatby Amy
When Hayley begins her new job at "Shields and Sawyer" she immediately gets thrown into the deep end. How do you deal with having a boss who has a face that on...
50 shades of fml. by NuggetsNotDruggets
50 shades of fml.by Otto Fritz Young
When his friend Tavin is sick, Paul offers to fill in to interview a powerful business-man named Chris Motionless. Paul doesn't know what he's in for.
50 Shades of Rogers (StevexThor) by BatgirlTheFab
50 Shades of Rogers (StevexThor)by TheMultiFangirl
Steve Rogers, now a powerful businessman thanks to the guidance and leadership of Tony Stark, can get any man or woman he desires. Thor Odinson, an Asgardian God who is...
Owned By A Gangster  by mariabaileywat
Owned By A Gangster by Bitch read my book
Owned by a gangster is Book 2 of the Gangsters Possession series- Mature Themes!! If you haven't read book one- please do so in your own time- in order to understand th...
Is Your Wife a Manipulative Bitch? - A Theory About Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson by theothermadmaral
Is Your Wife a Manipulative Bitch...by BOI
That title was long. AnYwAyS they're gonna find and assassinate me for exposing so many truths by this point, and I have to be on so many watch lists. #1 in indoctrinati...
Slaves by CynthiaO_uche
Slavesby Onwurah uche cynthia
''What do you see? He asked softly lightly caressing her chin, his touch was soft and hypnotising, a hint of remorse played on his features but with him she have learnt...
Phobe Grey's life by LexiLindamood
Phobe Grey's lifeby Lexi Lindamood
The daughter of Christian Grey tells about her life
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan Book One by mialuvlyy
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan Book...by MKA
With so much fears in her life, 29 year old Eleanor Carmen has one more to come her way. But will she admit it to anyone or keep it a secret for the rest of her life? **...