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Corporate Heat by amzieerevel
Corporate Heatby Amy
When Hayley begins her new job at "Shields and Sawyer" she immediately gets thrown into the deep end. How do you deal with having a boss who has a face that on...
Slaves by CynthiaO_uche
Slavesby Onwurah uche cynthia
''What do you see? He asked softly lightly caressing her chin, his touch was soft and hypnotising, a hint of remorse played on his features but with him she have learnt...
50 Shades Of Grey Valentines Day 2015 by NathanJamesHoran
50 Shades Of Grey Valentines Day 2...by NathanJamesHoran
Here is a short page story what Christian and Anastasia did for Valentines Day 2015 Happy Valentines Day Everyone I wrote this on Valentines day cause I'm heading out to...
Mr Grey's Submissive  by FanficWriter131313
Mr Grey's Submissive by FanficWriter131313
This is a fanfiction of Christian Grey and his 6th submissive, Anjelica. The story entails many erotic scenes and gives you an insight to what Mr Grey was like before he...
50 Shades of Shawn (Smut) by tickleshawnm
50 Shades of Shawn (Smut)by TICKLESHAWNM
This story is mainly based on the events taken place in the movie fifty shades darker but with your love interest Shawn Mendes.
Braiden Grey by braidenrgrey
Braiden Greyby braidenrgrey
Yes hello, this is me, Mr. Grey, attempting to create a story on the glorious app of wattpad.
50 Shades Of Purple  by BieberPlayToys
50 Shades Of Purple by BieberPlayToys
"I'll teach you to behave," he whispered as he pulled me closer. "then teach me Mr. Bieber, show me how to be your submissive." There was a pause...
50 Shades Of Him (Narry) by GhostNiall
50 Shades Of Him (Narry)by Mrs. Grey
{Book 1} I laid on the large bed while I watched a man I barely knew as he slowly undid his tie. He wrapped it around his hand his eyes staring into mine. "You're...
Fifty Shades of Secrets by LateNightsLongWords
Fifty Shades of Secretsby Mimsy
Three years ago, Anastasia Steele came to the painful realization that she could never be the sub Christian Grey wanted. At the tender age of twenty two, Ana ran away fr...
Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
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Crossing Lines by unknownghostwriter88
Crossing Linesby AddictingStories
A young student ( Simone Marie) finds herself in a tough spot when she meets young Professor Mcdowell. She has to push internal feelings aside in order to focus and stay...
female faceclaims by sadhoursx
female faceclaimsby b
where i share a small portion of the beautiful beings among the world :)
Coincidence  by dessibabbe
Coincidence by dessibabbe
Ana and Christian will not meet at the interview. instead they will meet the night that Ana goes to the bar with kate and gets drunk, and Christian will be there to help...
Fifty shades of bread by Sytrus123
Fifty shades of breadby :-)
Don't Here's a steamy, poetic, lustful, betray filled book with a plot twist end. Don't ask I was very, very, very, very, very, very bored.
Tom Cruise and other celebs Smut and Imagines  by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Tom Cruise and other celebs Smut a...by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Heyyy Bestie soo after seeing how every ones Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise's Smut/Imagines are absolutely shit so yup i'm making my own Reminder : some Smut here will p...
Hot and Heavy by XxdirtydreamerxX
Hot and Heavyby Call Me Spencer
Emily's just looking for 'fun' maybe a one night stand but when she mets Colin will she get more than she asked for? Or a hell of a lot more!
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord)  by _sandhanitizer_
Fifty Angles of Cipher (BillFord) by Sand Hanitizer
A BillFord story with a fifty shades au. it will take place after Ford gets in Backsupmore, meets Fiddleford and moves to Gravity Falls. You will find that it's related...
Fifty Shades Of Ackerman by ereri_queen
Fifty Shades Of Ackermanby Søsça Këññëdy~ 🌸
This is a Riren version of the Novel "Fifty Shades Of Grey" By E. L. James. WARNING: Contains: -Sexual Contents -BDMS ((Fuck yeah ~)) -Yaoi, and a lot of Yaoi...
50 shades of Justin by Haley15LaRose25
50 shades of Justinby Haley15LaRose25
"Anna hurry up u are going to be late.You have everything?" "Umm yah" "Okay good luck oh and hey take my car" "Oh okay" Anna wa...
My Little Nub pt 3 by MellissaandRemy
My Little Nub pt 3by MellissaandRemy
After Farquad kills shrek and donkeh, he takes keira in and plans to turn her into his nubby little sex slave. Read to see what happens