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My alpha mate kidnapped me #Wattys2016

My alpha mate kidnapped me #Wattys2016

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catz2010 By catz2010 Updated Aug 21, 2016

Kathryn was living a normal life until Luke shows up, but is the new heart throb of the school hiding something?

Kathryn was walking home from the store when all of a sudden she get kidnapped and taken to a huge house.
She finds out that their werewolfs by their scent. Wait what? Their scent, is Kathryn hiding something? Can she keep her secret from them?

nerdysavage_otaku nerdysavage_otaku Oct 15, 2016
Lucy I thought you we're suppose to be in fairy tail with natsu
Hey, i was in progress writing a book and my book cover was exactly like yours!! Minus the tittle and the filter. 😂 what a coincidence. I swear to everything that is good that i had no intention to copy yr cover😁  BTW, i love yr book 😘💕
hmkbye hmkbye Feb 03
What?! I totally wasn't expecting that at ALL😱😱😂😂
blue1598 blue1598 Aug 31, 2016
Wouldn't they be able to hear her heartbeat if they're werewolves
Mintz191 Mintz191 6 days ago
Yay convenient plot! This is so cute im loving it already 💜