My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED)

My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED)

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E. Louise By Elizabethbloodstorm Completed

Book 1

On a werewolfs sixteenth birthday, they finally are granted the senses to seek out their mate.

Alyssa and Amy have been friends all their life. Alyssa, the eldest of the two, never dreamed of her mate, instead she stayed shy and hopefully worked up enough money to afford to move away from her dead-beat parents. All Amy wants is love, and ice-cream, but she fantasies about her mate all the time. Amy also has an older brother, Axel, who turned sixteen three years ago, their family concerned as to why he hasn't found his mate yet. But he stayed in his familys home which opened their doors and hearts to Alyssa.

Amy is protective of her best friend, her being the only one, what happens when Alyssas sixteenth birthday reveals the biggest secret, who is Axels mate?

One thing on Amys mind, why did it have to be her Alyssa?

Disclaimer: this book takes the clichés, puts them in a box, then kicks them out a window at the top of a very tall tower of "Amy I will hurt you" feels. Thank you.

"I know right! Keep reading to see what  Alyssa will do after she finally snaps!" - says someone who hasn't got wattpad but was showed a few things. She's amazing

wattpad original! so no stealing kiddos, enjoy!

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(Part 1 of "My Best friend" series")
Sequel is up - "My Best Friends Mate Is The Alpha"