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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Waking Up In Another World - A LOTR Fanfiction by DGDSSFRSJH
Waking Up In Another World - A LOT...by Etherea
Ravera wakes up in Middle Earth with no idea how to get back. She soon finds out that everything that happened is exactly like the movie - word for word. With her arriva...
Incorrect 1the9 by hvleybby
Incorrect 1the9by 💜
© to the owner. language : english.
Behind a Broken Heart - a Red Hood love story by MaggieSpiker
Behind a Broken Heart - a Red Hood...by cryptidhunter461
Victoria Roger has been best friends with Jason Todd since they were kids. They both were even adopted by Bruce Wayne and became superheroes. But what happens when her...
Under the Mistletoe {Niall Horan Christmas Story} by TheNerdyNinjaGirl
Under the Mistletoe {Niall Horan C...by jay gatsby
Finding himself miles away from home, Niall Horan thinks that his Christmas is doomed. That is, until he meets a certain Stephanie Clearwater sobbing under the airport C...
Poseidon's Secret Son by SkylarSaitou
Poseidon's Secret Sonby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Jackson is like any other boy about to turn eighteen. He wants to leave home, see the world...maybe even find love. Small problem. His 'home'...
Under the Fairytale by undercovercinderella
Under the Fairytaleby Cleopatra Graham
She knew a small city girl moving to a big city is going to change her life forever, but she never thought of it changing her life this way. Crystal Evans just moved to...
Oath Under DXD by Xenogamer5
Oath Under DXDby Xenogamer -
"Huh? You want me to be a hero, thats a childish dream all I want to do is spend the rest of my days with my family and friends"
Tangled (Error Sans x reader) {Completed} by HiiAlice
Tangled (Error Sans x reader) {Com...by Alice
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Under the Sea - L.H. + A.I. by AshThatDrmmrGrl
Under the Sea - L.H. + A.I.by Semi - Hiatus Because I'm 🗑
Meet Luke Hemmings. Luke was a spectacular teenage kid: star football (American) player with promise to go into the NFL. His grades were perfect and he was the mos...
six feet under » fillie by -lavenderdreams
six feet under » fillieby laur ♡✧
[ complete ] where finn wolfhard writes letters to a girl in the hopes that she will read them. [ there are a lot of short chapters ]
Undertale X Reader - Oneshots by PastelLilah
Undertale X Reader - Oneshotsby PastelLilah
Hello!! All of the information is on the first part! Thanks!!
SOLD by Caribbean_Goddess
SOLDby Amelia Phnix
Stephanie is a sixteen year old girl who has a hot boyfriend, a loving mom and everything she could ever want. Typical teen story right...... WRONG!! Things take a turn...
The Monster Under your Bed (Yandere x Reader) Multiple Endings by kkrosie123
The Monster Under your Bed (Yander...by Briar Young
You just moved into a new house. But you have this uneasy feeling... Who - or what is watching you? And why do you have this strange feeling? (A Yandere Novel with Multi...
Agetale Vol. 1 The locket (Yet another undertale fanfic) by puddlesilver
Agetale Vol. 1 The locket (Yet ano...by starry fox
Like axetale but not. It starts out slow, but gets better.
My BOSS is my girlfriend (Jenlisa) by yuniekrulcifer
My BOSS is my girlfriend (Jenlisa)by Kaizer_Lee
Aejae: ALL OF YOU! GET OUT OF MY WAY! jennifer: AJ! DIDN'T I TOLD YOU THAT ACT LIKE A NORMAL STUDENT Aejae: but babe i'm hungry *pout* jennifer:I DON'T CARE IF YOUR HU...
Delta Rune x Reader | The First Day by irlsans
Delta Rune x Reader | The First Dayby valentine
You discover a sacred amulet that transfers you from your town to a mysterious alternate dimension, keeping it secret is the challenge you must face along with handling...