-<{Scars}>- Female Chara X Male Reader by -_OutLaw-Rising_-
-- Female Chara X Male Readerby Lønely
I'm bad with descriptions
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sans x reader all aus (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Sokeefe-chan
sans x reader all aus (REQUESTS CL...by Sokeefe-chan
this is my first story hope you like it! I'll take any request and I'm open to ships (sans x frisk) but I won't do any sans x sans (sorry)
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BTS JIMIN FF | Under the Mask by kathynam0924
BTS JIMIN FF | Under the Maskby Jeon 🐰
Jimin. Your bias. In disguise. ..Will you ever find out? -- "Apparently, I am her husband." I chuckled, facing Namjoon hyung. "What if she finds out tha...
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Not Your Normal Family (Eddsworld x Child Reader) }NEW AUTHOR{ by -_Blue_Leader_Tom_-
Not Your Normal Family (Eddsworld...by Master Chef Lonk
(THIS BOOK HAS BEEN GIVEN TO XxEddGxX, THEY WILL BE WRITING THE REST!) (Note: X Child Reader isn't meaning you date Eddsworld Characters, but you are adopted by them) (...
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Stray Kids Facts and Profiles by greklytch
Stray Kids Facts and Profilesby Rissa
This is a predebut book! From Predebut to March 24,2018 You can found here there facts, pictures, gif's, memes, and link of there videos The name Stray Kids is supposed...
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Is This Love? ( underfell; sans x reader ) ! smut ! by dxllyx
Is This Love? ( underfell; sans x...by dolly
story of love and sex?
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Unimaginet/ Texting Cengiz Ünder by Su_Neuer
Unimaginet/ Texting Cengiz Ünderby Su Çalhanoğlu
Merhabalar Su yazarınız durmak bilmeden kitaplar yazıyor evet ama gün gelecek hiç bir kitaba dahi yetişemiyecek neyse sizleri ani bir fikirle gelen kurgum ile baş başa b...
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The Truth by sophipaige
The Truthby Sophi Paige
There is a reason why children are afraid of the shadows.
  • dead
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Under(Her)Tail! by AvaTheG67
Under(Her)Tail!by G
Okay 18 or older I guess if you guys ca Handel it!Okay enjoy and read!ugh what am I doing with my life
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Hjem igen - Thor Farlov by anonymboisfanfiktion
Hjem igen - Thor Farlovby anonymboisfanfiktion
Slutningen er goals - bare vent ahahah
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Undertale Rp by Http-Blindy
Undertale Rpby I'm a fucking useless twat wa...
You traveled, walking up Mount Ebbot,you fell to find what we call.... THE UNDERGROUND
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Han bor under trappan by aliceahlund
Han bor under trappanby aliceahlund
Följ 13-åriga Sandra på en gastkramande berättelse som bland annat handlar om en mördarbenägen pojke...
  • skräck
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Falling in love with you all over again (Sequel) Lemons! by gamehole
Falling in love with you all over...by pearl
Here you go my dudes!
  • sansxreader
  • papyrus
  • lemons
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Painting reality (male reader x rwby harem + oc) haitis by powgod
Painting reality (male reader x rw...by powgod
there once was a boy who could do amayzing things with his powers how will his time ar beacon go? Rwby is owned by roaster teeth Undertake belongs to its rightful owner ...
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Devastating Romance (Undertale Chasriel) by 8xXDragonXx8
Devastating Romance (Undertale Cha...by Rand0mWr1ter072
In a universe where Chara didn't try to free the Underground, things get different. Asriel begins to feel love for Chara, and Chara holds a secret love toward him also...
  • tale
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A Crazy World (TMNT X Undertale X Gravity Falls X Reader) by MooKoo_Writes
A Crazy World (TMNT X Undertale X...by ~•MooKoo•~
~DISCONTINUED~ What happens when you, Y/N meet the misery gang, the ninja brothers, and the monsters from the underground! And when the villeins all team up to defeat th...
  • turtles
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The Monster Under The Bed by Tilly_The_Tiger
The Monster Under The Bedby Tilly_The_Tiger
A little girl is abducted by her father when the divorce settlement goes wrong. The girl's father abuses and neglects her to the point were she wishes on a shooting star...
  • demons
  • horror
  • wattys2018
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i'm trapped in kamisama kiss tomoe x reader by riveroflostorhappy
i'm trapped in kamisama kiss tomoe...by River
Hello peeps this is meh first anime book eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  • tomoe
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Under tale Frisk X Sans by CiaraWilson5
Under tale Frisk X Sansby UndertaleCover
Read How Frisk and Sans fall in LUV .3.
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Spell Book Of Undertale by wolfbit1232
Spell Book Of Undertaleby wolfbit1232
This Grimoire will have spells, potions, etc. base off of the game Undertale. Yes this is real witchcraft, this branch of within goes under something called Pop-Culture...
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