sans x reader all aus (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Sokeefe-chan
sans x reader all aus (REQUESTS CL...by Sokeefe-chan
this is my first story hope you like it! I'll take any request and I'm open to ships (sans x frisk)
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Delta Rune x Reader | The First Day by irlsans
Delta Rune x Reader | The First Dayby beetle
You discover a sacred amulet that transfers you from your town to a mysterious alternate dimension, keeping it secret is the challenge you must face along with handling...
  • rune
  • deltarune
  • lancer
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Is This Love? ( underfell; sans x reader ) ! smut ! by dxllyx
Is This Love? ( underfell; sans x...by dolly
story of love and sex?
  • papyrus
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Stray Kids Facts and Profiles by greklytch
Stray Kids Facts and Profilesby Rissa
This is a predebut book! From Predebut to March 24,2018 You can found here there facts, pictures, gif's, memes, and link of there videos The name Stray Kids is supposed...
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Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by laurenejohnson
Dating Hollywood's Bad Boyby Lauren Elizabeth
When Jack Stone accepts a "challenge" from Kaylyn Bradford to make her fall in love with him, Kaylyn hates Jack even more. She is the one person who doesn't ad...
  • uncertain
  • chinese
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Under the Blood Moon by StefMaxey
Under the Blood Moonby Stefanie Maxey
**Please read Through the Thorns first!** Esmerelda and Cauis return to face Anubis, a group of werewolves who are hell bent on destroying the fragile peace between were...
  • esmerelda
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Painting reality (male reader x rwby harem + oc) haitis by powgod
Painting reality (male reader x rw...by powgod
there once was a boy who could do amayzing things with his powers how will his time ar beacon go? Rwby is owned by roaster teeth Undertake belongs to its rightful owner ...
  • malereader
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Painted by sasaxnea
Paintedby silhouette
Not available. Under revision and editing.
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Han bor under trappan by aliceahlund
Han bor under trappanby aliceahlund
Följ 13-åriga Sandra på en gastkramande berättelse som bland annat handlar om en mördarbenägen pojke...
  • bor
  • han
  • scary
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Illegal love by xloisrendesx
Illegal loveby Xloisrendesx
In process of editing
  • abuse
  • hate
  • illegal
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Across the Stars (OuterTale Sans x Reader) by AshTheCatGaming
Across the Stars (OuterTale Sans x...by Alice the Writer
The humans trapped the monsters in Outer Space sealed with a magical barrier. Y/n finds herself in a situation when she goes on a rocket and loses the control and crashe...
  • reader
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My Pervert Girlfriend  by iamsza
My Pervert Girlfriend by iamsza
Heza x Tysha
  • heart
  • tysha
  • heza
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Demon In Disguise by njndyt
Demon In Disguiseby B W I H.
Raven Elodie is her name,Shes living a miserable life in the mortal world until she transfer to a different school where she belong and helped her find out more about he...
  • bad
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  • demon
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Guardstale story by Maritoke
Guardstale storyby Mariolka
Historia mojego au z undertale. Ucięło mi okładkę ._. Jeżeli komuś będzie chciało się to tłumaczyć na inne języki to może, ale ma się mnie najpierw zapytać o pozwolenie...
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Spell Book Of Undertale by wolfbit1232
Spell Book Of Undertaleby wolfbit1232
This Grimoire will have spells, potions, etc. base off of the game Undertale. Yes this is real witchcraft, this branch of within goes under something called Pop-Culture...
  • witchcraft
  • potions
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Short horror stories by Sreeshti2502
Short horror storiesby Sreeshti Roy
Warning- these will keep you up at night These are a few short stories I wrote and found on the net. I hope you enjoy and get the chills. Highest: #1 in HORROR #6 in PAR...
  • bed
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Love and War and a Zombie Apocalypse (Gaster! Sans x Reader) by AshTheCatGaming
Love and War and a Zombie Apocalyp...by Alice the Writer
The monsters were free, most humans accepted them! But then they were some that didn't, when an experiment goes wrong its human's worst nightmare...Zombie Apocalypse
  • xreader
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Under the Boardwalk Lights (A Why Don't We & Jack Avery Fanficition) by beccaxbooks
Under the Boardwalk Lights (A Why...by Rebecca
You never think that your dreams will come true until they do, and all you can do is smile. We spent that whole summer by the ocean, We didn't know where it was going...
  • summer
  • avery
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Devastating Romance (Undertale Chasriel) by 8xXDragonXx8
Devastating Romance (Undertale Cha...by Rand0mWr1ter072
In a universe where Chara didn't try to free the Underground, things get different. Asriel begins to feel love for Chara, and Chara holds a secret love toward him also...
  • asriel
  • undertale
  • devastating
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