Just a Little Phishing (An Avengers FanFic) by WaterWings23
Just a Little Phishing (An Avenger...by R.A Smith
Rosie likes to tell herself that having an intelligence level that is composed of two Bill Gates, one Newton, and one Darwin is perfectly normal. She makes her living th...
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I Want Her || Lamelo Ball love story by MelaninnnPrincesss
I Want Her || Lamelo Ball love sto...by Melaninnn 🍫✨
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  • teen
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The Contract  by dylanspruose
The Contract by darling
In this case, you don't fall in love with a bad boy. He falls in love with you.
  • girl
  • contract
  • riverdale
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Avengers High School  by forevertdr
Avengers High School by Tɪᴀɴɴᴀ
After Bruce Banner's experiment in the lab turns the team into 14 year olds, Nick Fury makes them all attend a high school in NYC until Bruce and Tony fix them. The Aven...
  • hill
  • tony
  • humor
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DADDY 4 ::: Harry Styles by __Curly__
DADDY 4 ::: Harry Stylesby B
You thought the journey was over. Harry and Emma aren't quite done yet. It seems no matter what challenge you throw, they always find a way back whether they like it or...
  • copyright
  • taylor
  • ratedrmature
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Adore ⇒ S. Stan by FabulousInsanity
Adore ⇒ S. Stanby Faith♥︎
ADORE* To love and respect (someone) deeply In which he was her king and she was his queen || " It keeps me up at night; was there a time I lived without you? Ju...
  • taylor
  • sebastian
  • stan
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LOVE LIES » LUKE CRAIN by ohbrosey
"You make it so hard to be your friend Luke" 6 year old Kennedy shouted at her best friend Luke as she stood up from the dusty carpet that she was just pushed...
  • shirleycrain
  • nelliecrain
  • thehauntingofhillhouse
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Spyro: un mundo destrozado by DragonLordMr
Spyro: un mundo destrozadoby DragonLordMr
La saga de La Leyenda de Spyro, distribuida por Sierra Entertainment y Activision, entre otras compañías, termina con un tono feliz en Down of The Dragon, DotD o "L...
  • malefor
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Funny Avengers Quotes  by _bandaddicted_
Funny Avengers Quotes by Shona
Quotes from the Avengers films. Enjoy.
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A Tale as old as Time by mrsamgreer
A Tale as old as Timeby Amber Greer
Follow along as you experience One Tree Hill with Mackenzie Faith Scott twin sister of Nathan Royal Scott.
  • scott
  • scottbrothers
  • peytonsawyer
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UnWanted Child (Child of Tim McGraw) by Maxi-1998
UnWanted Child (Child of Tim McGra...by Maxi J.
Ten-year-old Lilith McGraw lives with her abusive mother, Joanna April. Many times the mother would tell her own daughter that she's a mistake and no one wants her. The...
  • father
  • abusivemother
  • daughters
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Silver Phoenix and The Avengers by Shadowhunter_Ash
Silver Phoenix and The Avengersby Allie Lightwood
Victoria Aquila is an agent of SHEILD with special powers. She was born with them and uses them for protecting the Earth going under the name Silver Phoenix. Victoria...
  • tesseract
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ethereal; bieber  by issalives
ethereal; bieber by issa
in which a walking god falls for an angel [SOCIAL MEDIA AU]
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Crossed paths by mohnstad_klayley
Crossed pathsby mohnstad_klayley
Lucas Scott and Haley James have been best friends for as long as they both can remember. Haley's mom died when giving birth to Haley so she was raised by her Dad who wa...
  • nathanscott
  • one
  • leyton
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Cursed × WINCHESTER by aloveuglyinside
Cursed × WINCHESTERby ruth
in which a woman is trying to save people while trying to save her family [SUPERNATURAL - No specific season] [THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE - before s1 and s1] [Sam Winche...
  • mariacrain
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Blueberry hill by JadeMaire
Blueberry hillby Jade Landry
a shy young boy meets a popular jock. But what happens when there's secrets involved. ........... ..... A/n I post every week day and focus of story ideas on the week...
  • boyxboy
  • blueberryhill
  • highschool
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ghost girl {L.CRAIN} by lexyleblanc
ghost girl {L.CRAIN}by Lexy LeBlanc
"i trusted you," "you shouldn't have," {SEASON 1} {lower case intended)
  • olivia
  • oliviacrain
  • thehauntingofhillhouse
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The Master's Sister (Sebastian x Reader) by RexonaHill
The Master's Sister (Sebastian x R...by Craver
You are Ciel Phantomhive's long lost younger sister, that he has missed every single day since you were taken away. You go and see him but you meet his lovely butler for...
  • rexona
  • fiction
  • black
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Avengers Group Chat by -Daniel-Measures-
Avengers Group Chatby Liam James
Read what happens when Steve gets a phone and Tony creates a group chat.
  • avengers
  • fury
  • stony
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One Tree Hill Quotes by RileyandLucasfan23
One Tree Hill Quotesby RileyandLucasfan23
Book on quotes of my favorite tv show One Tree Hill
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