My hockey player✔️ by Anet_Bieber
My hockey player✔️by JBisKING
Bohatý hokejista. Pouhá číšnice a pořád středoškolačka, která sama nemá moc peněz. Hokejista jednou s kamarády zabloudí do restaurace kde pracuje a tam jí pozná. Co bu...
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Avengers High School  by forevertdr
Avengers High School by Tianna ✌
After Bruce Banner's experiment in the lab turns the team into 14 year olds, Nick Fury makes them all attend a high school in NYC until Bruce and Tony fix them. The Aven...
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The Contract  by dylanspruose
The Contract by darling
In this case, you don't fall in love with a bad boy. He falls in love with you.
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I Want Her || Lamelo Ball love story by MelaninnnPrincesss
I Want Her || Lamelo Ball love sto...by Melaninnn 🍫✨
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Lesbian Celeb Imagines by nattirules
Lesbian Celeb Imaginesby Natasia
LESBIAN CELEB IMAGINES. You have been warned (:
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Spyro: un mundo destrozado by DragonLordMr
Spyro: un mundo destrozadoby DragonLordMr
La saga de La Leyenda de Spyro, distribuida por Sierra Entertainment y Activision, entre otras compañías, termina con un tono feliz en Down of The Dragon, DotD o "L...
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When He's Alone (J.O.) by fransescaxovo
When He's Alone (J.O.)by D E M O N. 🖤
Bella was asked by Cleo to watch her son, Aiden, and look after the house while she went on a vacation. Cleo mentioned to Bella that she also had an older son, Jahseh, b...
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The Scintillating Viking by HandraSill
The Scintillating Vikingby Handra Sill
Beronica was never a slut. She is 100% normal and never slept with anyone. Until a bunch of abs (no we're serious he's just abs, and a dinosaur tail) came along a swept...
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One Tree Hill Quotes by sophiemaryy
One Tree Hill Quotesby Sophie
A variety of quotes from the television series 'One Tree Hill'.
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Silver Phoenix and The Avengers by Shadowhunter_Ash
Silver Phoenix and The Avengersby Allie Lightwood
Victoria Aquila is an agent of SHEILD with special powers. She was born with them and uses them for protecting the Earth going under the name Silver Phoenix. Victoria...
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Prank Backfire || Baby Avengers by hannurabi
Prank Backfire || Baby Avengersby Han ϟ
Loki's back and has some magic up his sleeves. When one of his pranks go wrong, he turns the Avengers (and himself) into toddlers. Memories wiped and oblivious, the baby...
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Reaper (Bucky Barnes Pairing - Marvel's Avengers) by insaneredhead
Reaper (Bucky Barnes Pairing - Mar...by insaneredhead
Book Two of the Nikita Series At the end of Spectre: Nikita died in the arms of Bucky when Whitehall overrode her implant, he may have lost the woman he loved but he...
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The Escort by flaweless_belieber
The Escortby Ky
Lyannah Myers is a struggling single mom. Going from riches to rags with a two years old to care for and bills to pay Lyannah's at the end of her rope with no where to t...
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Young Blood [ teen wolf a Derek Hale fanfiction ] by catharinadewit
Young Blood [ teen wolf a Derek Ha...by catharinadewit
My name is Derek Hale. I was born a werewolf twenty-five years ago in Beacon Hills. My mother, Talia, was much respected within the werewolf community. I attended at the...
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High Love(Babe x Jaaron) by user15495212
High Love(Babe x Jaaron)by Tomika4life
Jaaron moved to Brooklyn New York and started going to Sugar Hill high. Jaaron is a werewolf who gets bullied by Mason Kendall. When Babe sees what Mason is doing she t...
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Beautiful Creatures ▹ Pietro Maximoff by jasperhaIe
Beautiful Creatures ▹ Pietro Maxim...by ❛ PERSEPHONE. ❜
❛ I knew a boy once who fought like he could cleanse the world with the blood on his knuckles (he forgot there's only 5 litres of blood in the human body.) I knew a boy...
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The Butcher of Pepper Hill [An Interactive Story] by MinaParkes
The Butcher of Pepper Hill [An Int...by ♡ M i n a ♡
Take on the role of intrepid journalist Kendall Moore in this interactive story! It will be the fight of your life... ...
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Marvel Meme by clairetempled
Marvel Memeby c a m
Some memes for the ones who are worthy enough to understand the references
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A Tale as old as Time by mrsamgreer
A Tale as old as Timeby Amber Greer
Follow along as you experience One Tree Hill with Mackenzie Faith Scott twin sister of Nathan Royal Scott.
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BAD NEIGHBOURS. ❝ you have a hold on my heart that I cannot shake.❞ ❪ post CA:WS| AU❫ ❪ m!oc x maria hill❫ ❪ started: 2018-09-01❫ ❪ extended summary inside→❫ ❪ cover b...
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