My name is Kelsey, I'm twenty-one (fuck I'm getting old...). I also happen to be the female version of James Bond, with a huge musical vocabulary and billions of dollars...

Three guesses which is true.

... or I could just be a girl that spends far too much money on music, rides way too many horses, can never say no to people, has given up coffee for tea due to caffeine consumption, has a horrible sleeping pattern, loves eighties movies, speaks native sarcasm, spends a fair amount of time at the local pub and is much funnier in her head than in real life.

Oh, and I like to read and write. Surprise.

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Worlds Apart

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Description: Jude Turner has a problem. Actually, she has a few of concerning fame, alcohol, rivalries, lifestyle and hiatus. Yet - for the moment - her main affair is a solo album. With the band she’d joined at just fifteen years old going on a break, Jude is...


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So, for those of you interested, it's Seth's birthday on Sunday and people are going to have a pseudo birthday party for him on his fanpage (@sethloversunite). I thought I'd let you guys know about it.
Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your book just what I needed your an amazing writer, but is band on the run going to be updated because honestly I have been in tears over this book and now I get kinda depressed every time I think about it and how it hasn't been updated..... 
      Keep going with your amazing writing skills 
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hey I was looking for a good music book, do you know any? I loved ‘Just What I Needed’ and I’ve also read things like 'Playing Evelyn' and ‘Rock Prodigy’ but i can’t find anymore like them :( 
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@margee212  @nyplumie @tabouli
      I've almost replied to this about six dozen times, but I delete my response each time because I don't want my insights to ruin anything for you. Garrrr, I want to share what I thought going into the writing, but that's the kind of thing that gets explained with the story, and will only get ruined by me telling you. It's just..... goooooooooooooood. I can't.
      And @tabouli, yes, that's what it was based on lol. The whole chapter was based on mine and Jules' adventures in Dover, although the old guy was actually at The Cavern in Liverpool with me. In fact, most of their adventures in England are based on our trip.
love the latest chapter of worlds apart! though i hate that neither cam nor logan would talk to jude after logan walked in on them. can't wait to read what happens next! as much as i dont want this story to end, i cant wait for logan, cam, and jude to make up either! i hope it happens next chapter!