KPOWERS IMAGINES by aaaaanddone
KPOWERS IMAGINESby aaaaanddone
Somewhat slow update! VERY SORRY FOR THAT
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Payback Hurts (Completed) by NonnieBonnie97
Payback Hurts (Completed)by Leilani
( Trailer inside!! -->>>) Cassie has always been a big girl all her life and she has always hate herself for that. On Cassie's sixteenth birthday she finds her...
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Piece of Cake (Rastro) by vodkaxxx
Piece of Cake (Rastro)by ReD
Jade Ramos is the vice president of Luna Ent. Company.. She was a serious person with cold demeanor and able to make people pissed in their pants just by her death glare...
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Weightless (H.S. BWWM) by writerbynature
Weightless (H.S. BWWM)by Ashley
When the love in her life turns sour, independent, headstrong Bailey Duncan shuts that part of her life down completely, focusing only on her future. Now a college gradu...
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Class Rebels by SickestKids
Class Rebelsby SickestKids
Jennifer Hills, is your typical high school student: pretty good grades, pretty cool friends; an all around okay life. Only one problem: Her locker is right next to Dann...
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Werewolf Stories of Wattpad by hfelicia
Werewolf Stories of Wattpadby hfelicia
A collection of the best werewolf stories I've read so far! You're welcome to send me any suggestions on your favourite werewolf story and I might add it to the book.
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Feral Lust (18+) by tiyaxo
Feral Lust (18+)by tiya.
She is a rogue He is forgotten. Her father is the alpha of rogues. His father was the alpha of Strathclyde Pack. She treats everyone as filth, being the strongest in the...
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Me and my mines (an Algee Smith story) by semiko34
Me and my mines (an Algee Smith st...by algee_simth5
Just read to figure out
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Mixed Blood Mixed Powers by KammiMerte
Mixed Blood Mixed Powersby Kammi Merte
We all know the story of the Boy Who Lived. And we all know the story of the people who keep the demons away you know the Shadowhunters and of their friends the Downworl...
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Lost Secrets (BWWM) by writerbynature
Lost Secrets (BWWM)by Ashley
When a man arrives on her porch claiming to be her familiar, snarky fun loving Andrea can feel trouble brewing in her bones. Confirmation of that feeling comes in the fo...
  • bwwm
  • interracialrelationship
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All of You by Yuanfan
All of Youby Yuanfan
Dylan Fernandez is a son of a billionaire. He is about to wed a daughter of his father's friend for business. But a unknown and poor girl who he had a one night stand ch...
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EGO by Olivia_Eain_124
EGOby Olivia
#YOONMIN YAOI# TOP-Park Jimin BOTTOM-Min Yoon Gi ⚠️Warning⚠️Mature sense Male Pregnant
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In the same bed as JUNGKOOK by ColdEyes88
In the same bed as JUNGKOOKby Maru
✘In the same bed as jungkook✘ Some smut parts, nothing too detailed Some funny parts, nothing too funny You meet BTS while you're in a vacation with your parents. Same...
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The Client (M) by peachyautumn
The Client (M)by peachyautumn
Escort. Expensive prostitute. High-end slut. Sophisticated whore. I've serviced them all. Politicians, Olympians, chaebol sons, actors, singers, models... name it, they...
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The Unexpected Pregnancy [Levi Ackerman X Reader] by VhennFic
The Unexpected Pregnancy [Levi Ack...by Veena Ackerman
[Alternate Universe] Corporal! Levi x Pregnant! Reader How will Levi react when he finds out one of his co- Squad Leaders cadet is pregnant with his child? Knowing this...
  • humour
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Until I met you... by chic_went_so_bad
Until I met you...by chic_went_so_bad
rated... read at your own risk.
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DYSTOPIA by bitekibitch
DYSTOPIAby orihime
Disclaimer: the HunterxHunter characters and all the characters involve in this fiction are credited to the rightful owner. I don't own any of the characters or anything...
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Billion Dollar Love Affair by LadyShortcake
Billion Dollar Love Affairby LadyShortcake
"Stay for the night, Cara" I bit my lip as Nikolai continue to kiss down my neck. He slid his hands further down cupping my butt. I let out a squeal as he lift...
  • love
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Heartless Brutality by Ihhyang
Heartless Brutalityby Yang Ledesma
WARNING SPG ❗❗❗ This story contains mature languages, sexual theme and violence ❗ A story of a woman who was inlove with someone for a long time and was brutally violent...
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eevee and a human by eeveeinheat
eevee and a humanby Marshall
PokémonxHuman lemon involving a lonely female Eevee in heat and the male human with whom she falls in love with. Mating ensues... If that sort of thing offends you, don'...
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