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True Sex by sensualEssence12
True Sexby sensualEssence12
I suddenly feel the urge to write about my life experiences involving sex. I want to anonymously journey through my sexual past and present and I want you to journey wit...
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my prince (jaeyong) by obeohajimarkue
my prince (jaeyong)by jefferyfromamerica
in which taeyong is in need of work to sustain his studies and life but its not enough ; jaehyun is a CEO that needs someone to accompany him. what do you think will hap...
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Cherry Swirl (Rated R) by BeccaJTyrer
Cherry Swirl (Rated R)by BeccaJTyrer
"How is it that when your chest is against mine, that even though our hearts don't beat the same, and your breath exhales when I inhale. I feel as though we are in...
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Don't Call Me Baby (Completed) by MoomooCooks
Don't Call Me Baby (Completed)by MooMoo Cooks
Jade ran away from home at the age of 16. She couldn't handle living with her family. She never got the chance to finish high school. Now at the age of 19, she's a mill...
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The Theory Of Everything (Watty Awards) by thelead
The Theory Of Everything (Watty Aw...by The Person Who Is Not You
#25 Romance #29 Theory #56 Mystery/Thriller #57 Teen Fiction *Also in Wattpad's What's Hot List* *Wattpad Romance's Reading List* { based on a true story } ...
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Ichigo's Forbidden Love Story by Rukira12
Ichigo's Forbidden Love Storyby Rukira12
Its been a month after the winter war and ichigo is free but still saves karakura town from hollows and other enemies time to time until someone surprises him and ask hi...
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The Bet (BWWM) by writerbynature
The Bet (BWWM)by Ashley
Oakley's little sister getting engaged before her brings up all kinds of feelings - dissatisfaction being the star of the show. O can't help but long for some excitement...
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alpha king's powerful mate by 1dselly13
alpha king's powerful mateby nada
Elena is a shy MMA fighter abused child.. Damon is an fierce arrogant soon-to-be alpha king but have a soft spot for his mate .what happen when those two meet, and disco...
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Awake | Book 1 of the AWAKE Series | (BWWM) by writerbynature
Awake | Book 1 of the AWAKE Series...by Ashley
At twenty-five Karter Jarreau finds himself as the Alpha of the Cynwulf Wood Pack. He is one of the most feared Alpha wolves in the South and his pack is full of warrior...
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Weightless (H.S. BWWM) by writerbynature
Weightless (H.S. BWWM)by Ashley
When the love in her life turns sour, independent, headstrong Bailey Duncan shuts that part of her life down completely, focusing only on her future. Now a college gradu...
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Here are my top favourite wattpad books that are must reads!! All these books fit in the category of Romance, Teen Fiction, and werewolf!!!
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The Alphas Small Runt by chericelmhoward
The Alphas Small Runtby chericelmhoward
Hi everyone my name is Sherise Moon I'm a 17 year old werewolf an I'm also the packs runt. I have be bullied an beating all my life my mom an dad don't do anything about...
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Behind The Screen by LoveLoveloveydovey
Behind The Screenby LoveLoveloveydovey
People only see what Shyane Tiara Cooper wants them to see. That is what she post on social media. They think her life is perfect when in all honesty it's the exact oppo...
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All of You by Yuanfan
All of Youby Yuanfan
Dylan Fernandez is a son of a billionaire. He is about to wed a daughter of his father's friend for business. But a unknown and poor girl who he had a one night stand ch...
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Reminder | (Naruto x Sakura)  by WishfulInfatuation
Reminder | (Naruto x Sakura) by WishfulInfatuation
Naruto and Sakura have a complicated relationship. Their friendship is beautiful, full of trust and caring, but it's plagued by memories. The wrong kind of memories, the...
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A Window Between Us  by BlueMcAshley
A Window Between Us by cristìnamacaspac21
"Sino nga ba ako? " "Sino ka ba talaga?" "Nagiilusyon lang ba ako?" "O totoong naging parte ka ng buhay ko?" Lahat ba ang araw na...
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Romance Stories of Wattpad by hfelicia
Romance Stories of Wattpadby hfelicia
Collection of great Romance Wattpad stories.
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Greed |hs AU|  by -DayDreamerxx-
Greed |hs AU| by ria
"you're mine baby girl, only mine."
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He Sees Me by ShawMcKnight
He Sees Meby ShawMcKnight
He's always watching. His thoughts and emotions ruling my life. I only have to look out my window and he's there. If he catches me, I may never be the same again. He's...
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Just Jungkook by acaihw
Just Jungkookby J.A Kim
Is it hot in here or is it Just Jungkook? I'm sorry... This is a place just for Jungkook. All extra Jungkook fics will be here! YAY! Lego~ The cover was made for my by...
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