BYOP by athenamaddox
BYOPby Athena
• A Short Story • Completed • (MxM) (18+) "BYOP." "BYOP?" "Bring your own panties." | Marcus thought he'd be forever alone. With a slightl...
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DARKNESS FALLS ⟶ Fenrir Greyback by kmbell92
Ophelia Morales went from having everything to having nothing at all in a matter of seconds. As a young witch caught up in the Spanish Civil War, she is among the many r...
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Trapped In My Own Shadow by LilaAndShadow
Trapped In My Own Shadowby Lila&Shadow
Written by Lila and Shadow. 18 year old Regina is a gamer. She has been creating the perfect world in her favorite game for a long time until her little brother starts t...
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Flames Of Fame| JB Instagram (COMPLETED) by niaxgrace
Flames Of Fame| JB Instagram ( NGM
Collaboration: niaxgrace & mccannonbieber Barbara & Justin Cover by: @queenlolita_
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Gunpoint (Adopted) by PhoenixNJ
Gunpoint (Adopted)by PhoenixNJ (Da Music Man)
Izuku is born with a quirk called Lock On which allows the user to shoot or throw things and it will always hit its target and can make any gun's bullets (whether the gu...
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Social | GOLDEN TRIO ERA | 1 by lxmos_nox
Social | GOLDEN TRIO ERA | 1by Maddie 💕✨
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Skin Deep || PJM || Collab with Daisy by chimchimicorn
Skin Deep || PJM || Collab with ʙᴜɴɴʏ
-COLLAB WITH AKIASTERS- Park Jimin is a top-level model for men's underwear. He is materialistic, vain and a bit of a fvckboy. However, he quickly falls in love with a f...
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Gun Point by ATHLETICNERD101
Gun Pointby ...
Deku was born with a quirk called "Lock On" where he can shoot anything and make it hit it's target. He can also make any bullet he shoots, as strong as an One...
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Rock Star by Lapidotpoop
Rock Starby Depressed_Shit
A collab with @Leo_Ember Peridot is a rock star in a band called the "Crystal Clods". Steven buys Lapis a ticket to their show considering the band members ar...
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Sexual one shots!  by OnTheProwl_
Sexual one shots! by Chelsea
Lesbian, straight and bisexual one shots! Includes threesomes! Leave a comment with some one shots for others too read and if they are good I will put them in the book...
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Legolas Imagines| ✔️ by AquaFrost14
Legolas Imagines| ✔️by P A R I S
These are just some random Legolas one-shots I came up with, requests are always welcome. Love you all!
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A Drunken Love| Sleepykinq Mystery x Alfred fanfiction by TheTomboyWritter
A Drunken Love| Sleepykinq TheTomboiWritter
Collab with @Kitteh_pupper All Charaters belong to: Sleepykinq except for Rex Rex belongs to: Princechain 11-9-17 #19 in Mystery/Thriller!! Help from: @JamieDoll and @L...
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Out With The Old, In With The New (Artbook #8) by AbbeyFazbear
Out With The Old, In With The Floofy Bear
New year (2019), new start. Right? oh, well. Here you go. Free to do requests, trades, customs, collabs, etc. Enjoy!
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Always (A Drarry Fanfiction) by redvelvetrocker
Always (A Drarry Fanfiction)by Writing puns not musicals
Most in the Wizarding World think that being The Boy Who Lived is full of glory, and excitement. They don't know that the one under the scar is more broken than they thi...
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The Fire Within  by stiles24stilinskiXD
The Fire Within by s t a r l o r d
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
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Chaos - WDW by groupwdw
Chaos - WDWby groupwdw
Crazy book written by lots of people.
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The Fire Within by paris_girl22
The Fire Withinby paris_girl22
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
  • kirayukimura
  • sciles
  • scira
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The Pain [Arshi] #IAA ✔ by SnowSpringBud
The Pain [Arshi] #IAA ✔by Lucky
:::COMPLETED::: (08.07.2018) The patience of a person is very vital. Its a thin string between giving into your irritation and being able to bear something. The thread o...
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Blood Moon | Yandere Levi x Reader by v_reena
Blood Moon | Yandere Levi x Readerby NATSU IS LIFEU
"Levi ... you're -- you're insane -- hmphff !!" With the edge of his lips curling into a sadistic grin, my captor slammed his cold lips with mine. As he pulled...
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At The Wrong Strip Club - Egobang by MelAmpora
At The Wrong Strip Club - Egobangby Melvin Ampora
A story about Danny being a stripper in LA after a half life. Life gets harder when Arin, a longer guy at the Strip club, takes interest in Danny and changes his life fo...
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