Ainulindalë by Daniel_Mountney
Ainulindalëby Daniel Mountney
In the beginning there was Eru. And Eru made the Ainur, who are the Valar; and propounding unto them themes of music, they sang before him. But Melkor, mightiest of the...
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Enano Mezquino. by TurinTurambar55
Enano Túrin Turambar
En la Primera Edad Del Sol, al margen de la Guerra De Las Joyas, existía un Enano nacido en Nogrod, este se llamaba Naugladur, pero nunca tuvo amor o cariño, se fue a un...
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At the sunset (LOTR One Shot) by Menelwen_
At the sunset (LOTR One Shot)by Menelwen
Rohan, the sunset, a balcony. The King and the Queen of The Mark meet unexpectedly again. Éomer/Lothíriel One Shot. TRANSLATION from my own work in Spanish.
  • lothiriel
  • eomer
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Riddles in the Dark - A Book of Riddles by jsclingman
Riddles in the Dark - A Book of J.S. Clingman ~ A Child of God
Speak Friend and Enter into my Book of Riddles; where I post my written riddles for the amusement of my readers.
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Viajera by Bluebubble07
Viajeraby Bluebubble07
¿Cómo reaccionarias si te encontraras dentro de tu libro o película favorita? Probablemente sentirías miedo y mucha felicidad, pero... ¿Y si estuvieras atrapada en una...
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Alignment | Aragorn  by -Persicums
Alignment | Aragorn by ᴺ ᴱ ᴾ ᵀ ᵁ ᴺ ᴱ
Our fates were intertwined and the universal alignment brought us together. A r a g o r n x O C L o r d o f t h e R i n g s
  • returnoftheking
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  • samwise
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A History of Dragons (Part 1) by arwen_galadriel
A History of Dragons (Part 1)by
A book about the history of the dragons of Middle Earth. Read to see how much they actually contributed to the shaping of our beloved world of fantasy. Also, I want to...
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From Beyond the Sea ||Legolas|| by draco-noir
From Beyond the Sea ||Legolas||by draco-noir
Legolas Greenleaf long under tree In joy thou hast lived. Beware of the Sea! If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore, Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no...
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The Halfling of the West- Pippin's Journal by Bekfast_Time
The Halfling of the West- Pippin' Bekfast_Time
The story of Lord of the Rings is retold through the eyes of my personal favorite hobbit- Peregrin Took. Originally a project in my language class, I've decided to share...
  • hobbit
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Lord of The Rings: Wojna o Gondor by XP1225476
Lord of The Rings: Wojna o Gondorby XP1225476
Historia opowiadająca o śmiałku który wyrzynając orków dostał się na szczyt i zniszczył Mordor. lecz to nie było takie proste. dowiedz się sam jak to zrobił.
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Rendezvous | L. Greenleaf by yikesydoodles
Rendezvous | L. Greenleafby Mars
Bronwyn Thorlinnien has always been an oddity amongst the Eldar. Where most loved the new life of spring, Bronwyn lived for the rich colours of autumn. Most ellith cou...
  • tolkien
  • adventure
  • thranduil
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Tolkien Club by Istuineth
Tolkien Clubby Aralyn Laentheon
I've noticed a lot of Harry Potter clubs but no Lord of the Rings/Hobbit etc. clubs. A bit of imbalance... so, I'm creating one! There will be competitions monthly as we...
  • dwarves
  • tolkien
  • numenorians
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Benders: Web of Lies by Jaya-Avendel
Benders: Web of Liesby Jaya Avendel
The war is over and Sauron is defeated, driven back by the last Alliance of Men and Elves. Thranduil and his wife are raising their four children in Mirkwood. But Thrand...
  • legolasfanfiction
  • trust
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Wanderlust  by Hannamoonchild
Wanderlust by Hanna
Talia is a part dwarf part elf, she got to know her parents, she doesn't know who they are. She lived in Erebor till Smaug happen. Then she grew up by her own was here a...
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  • wanderlust
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The Last Elf Queen of Arda by TheGreenScholar
The Last Elf Queen of Ardaby GreenScholar Tales
We all know the story of Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. But what about his mother and father, the King and Queen of the Greenwood? This story follows Thranduil as a youth...
  • romance
  • elrond
  • romancefanfiction
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Smoke and Mirrors by Storm_Herald
Smoke and Mirrorsby Mackenzie
I am Fury Ironbound. I am 28 years old. I am daughter of Denalithia, who was sister to Lord Denethor. I live in Gondor. I am happy here. Yes, I am happy.
  • pelennor
  • boromir
  • gondor
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The Fellowship of the Homeschoolers by MiddleEarth111
The Fellowship of the Homeschoolersby Amanwen♥️
A LOTR& TH RP (Among other various things) book for us homeschoolers
  • adventure
  • roleplay
  • roleplaycharacters
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Tolkien Conspiracies by TolkienFan43
Tolkien Conspiraciesby TolkienFan43
Basically a bunch of Tolkien themed conspiracies. Most of them are probably not serious but that's for you to decide... ...
  • tolkien
the depths of moria || hobbit by kittykenway
the depths of moria || hobbitby witch of the wilds
{for all the gold sequel} Fifty years have passed since the Battle of the Five Armies. Thorin reigns over Erebor still, but his previous touch with gold sickness haunts...
  • thehobbit
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In plain sight (a Fili love story) by realbluewolf123
In plain sight (a Fili love story)by Lauren
A young female dwarf disguises herself as a male to go on the quest to reclaim erebor. How long can she keep this secret? or how long until someone finds out? And why is...
  • dwarves
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