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The Earthen Ranger by KittyLee_01
The Earthen Rangerby Kitty Lee
Shalendra was a normal human girl on Earth who loved to geek out about her favorite book/movie series with her friend. She never knew that an unexpected accident would l...
Woodland Princess[DISCONTINUED] by JokerHorse
Woodland Princess[DISCONTINUED]by JokerHorse
Just a warning, I wrote this back in middle school on my Quotev account. A thrilling story of a mysterious elf who will help and be in the company of Thorin Oakenshield...
Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Ring by harrysjpotter
Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of Harry
Tony Parker was sitting in his room, finishing off the Return of the King when he heard a noise in the hallway of his apartment. Something peculiar happened when he firs...
Draken (Completed - Sequel Coming Soon) by Silverwolf22002
Draken (Completed - Sequel Silverwolf22002
Drakenia is a dragon...a special dragon. She is what the elves like to call 'Shifters'. Shifters are dragons that are able to shift (hence the name) into another creatur...
The living Ringwraith by sonofpersasseus
The living Ringwraithby SonofPersasseus
Percy Jackson, the happy loyal 17 year-old we all know and love. Has been cast into the pit for no apparent reason. When Percy finds a weird portal, His entire life chan...
The Dark Lord of Hell | LOTR's X Hazbin Hotel (Sauron The Great X Valantina) by Xenowilson
The Dark Lord of Hell | LOTR's X Xenowilson
After his final defeat at the end of LOTR's, Sauron was banished to a dark abyss, but then he was pulled out of it by a sinister figure calling himself... Lucifer. I don...
Now & Then [On Hiatus] by Bellethiel18
Now & Then [On Hiatus]by Bellethiel18
Sixty years have passed since the Battle of the Five Armies. Liruliniel. Under the tutelage of Gandalf is now a powerful witch. Her renown matches that of her tutor's. L...
The lady's ward ( a lord of the rings fanfiction ) by lord_luthien
The lady's ward ( a lord of the lord_luthien
A lord of the rings fanfiction When Aria is given a chance to join the fellowship she is worried. Sauron knows of her existence and plagues her dreams. Friends are made...
Weaving a Song by Venari
Weaving a Songby Venari
"Your child will be gifted. She will be able to do what even Elves have trouble with. Be warned, she may not survive the coming days, but then, the fate of Middle-E...
Heir of Shadows (rewrite) by Ghostchild31
Heir of Shadows (rewrite)by Izzebelle Augustus
This story is (as described above) the extended version. Unlike the first version, it contains more information, details, and characters. Better backgrounds and side sto...
The Dark Lord in Fódlan ( LOTR X Fire Emblem Threehouses)  by TheGreatSummoner
The Dark Lord in Fódlan ( LOTR X TheGreatSummoner
This story is fire emblem three houses that you will be the Dark Lord Sauron in Fódlan. You will face many challenges that will be hard. In foldan of 89 the Dark Lord Y...
Foresight by Bellethiel18
Foresightby Bellethiel18
This power is no gift but a curse. It is to know what to come but be unable to do anything to change it. ****************************************************************...
Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story)  by sexylegolas
Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story) by Natalie Rushman
LEGOLAS X OC. TENTH WALKER. Leigh Ann woke up in a forest with a strange ring on her finger and a blade on her neck. A medieval looking man and a certain elf prince came...
Thorns & Roses (Legolas Love Story)  by sexylegolas
Thorns & Roses (Legolas Love Natalie Rushman
LEGOLAS/OC. MOVIE VERSE. Desperate to save her father, Anastasia made a grave choice and struck a deal that eventually led her to be banished to Middle Earth. In grief...
Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic) by Grneyes0987
Starlight (Legolas-Fanfic)by Grneyes0987
I entered my story in the 2022 Wattys! #watty2022 The one ring has been found, 9 companions join together to defeat Sauron; but what was unexpected was another companion...
Lonely Dragon {Legolas x Reader} by Verkira888
Lonely Dragon {Legolas x Reader}by
(Y/n) or The Lonely Dragon, a name that was known across Middle Earth. Feared....admired.....worshipped All she wanted was to be normal, but that wasn't the case. She wa...
The Unexpected | LotR Fanfiction by NethEllethTeithant
The Unexpected | LotR Fanfictionby Phoenix
"King Thranduil's voice rung out again, filling the area, 'And Legolas? Do not fail, she could be the tipping of the balance that Middle-earth needs.'" - Lumor...
The Darkling(Legolas/The Hobbit) Book 1 ✔️ by ThaleCarter
The Darkling(Legolas/The Hobbit) ThaleCarter
"You talk too much elf-boy," Arya muttered, her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done due to the pain of her injuries. Legolas scrunched up his nose...
The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas LOTR* ~Completed~ #wattys2015 by Taym99
The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas Taylor
Raina; Gracious. She was very young when Sauron attacked her city. Her father, Lord Mēhadöta, sacrificed his life in order to save her. He put her on a horse and told he...
The healer (Legolas love story) by ElaheKarami
The healer (Legolas love story)by Elahe Karami
[Highest Rank: 4 in Legolas] When the old wounds get open once more, when the darkness poisons her soul, when all hope fades away, can Nestarel Umariel survive with the...