AU Gaster's x Reader by SamoanaGirl101
AU Gaster's x Readerby Samoana Girl101
Just a bit of the Gaster AU's that has ONESHOTS and......LEMONS. Kill me now.
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(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet by ZanaBSparrows
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meetby Zana B Sparrows
Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over a...
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Gaster AU x Reader ONESHOTS by EmilySkelewolf
Gaster AU x Reader ONESHOTSby BrownENH
Let's get this over with... HIGHEST RANKING: #35 in Fanfiction June, 23, 2017 ALL IMAGES USED ARE NOT MINE! Cover was made by Bunnymuse on her Tumbler (I think). Bunnym...
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More than friends (Female Chara x reader) by Friskybits13
More than friends (Female Chara Cringe
Yes there will be mistakes >:3
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Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1by crazytitan25
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.
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Don't Give In Stay Determined - Female! Frisk x Male! Reader by Pie-inator
Don't Give In Stay Determined - Pie-inator
Just a Frisk x Reader. Takes place in an alternate timeline. You recently just turned 19 and Frisk is a year younger than you. Lemon Warning: This book includes lemon, s...
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The Time Before (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
The Time Before (Undertale)by ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 1 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book two: "A Name to Remember") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") There was a tim...
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No One is Happy with This (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
No One is Happy with This ( ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 3 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book one: "The Time Before") (Book two: "A Name to Remember") Two years after the Barrier...
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Sorry About That (Gaster!Sans x Reader) by little-nabb
Sorry About That (Gaster!Sans x Miscellaneous
You worked for the newspaper, doing a simple editing job and a few other jobs here and there. Ever since monsters came out of the ground, though, rent has sky-rocketed f...
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Broken Souls by UndertaleSinner
Broken Soulsby Proud SkeleSinner
Set in the HorrorTale AU. When a broken human girl finds herself trapped in a world of bloodthirsty, ravenous Monsters, will she get away with her life? Or will she be j...
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Why? • Gaster!Sans x Human!Reader by sansisnotonfire
Why? • Gaster!Sans x Human!Readerby sansisnotonfire
'When I was 13, I killed someone. By accident of course... It was the day I found out I possessed some type of power.' You kept it to yourself for years until one...
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Divided [ Sans X Reader ] by morrow-
Divided [ Sans X Reader ]by bird person
Almost four years marking the anniversary of monster kind reaching the surface, the human ambassador Frisk goes missing. Severing the link between the two species, an al...
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(Any AU) UnderTale X Reader Oneshots! by 11VeryAngryBees
(Any AU) UnderTale X Reader Cthulhu is daddy.
You want some fuck/fluff? You get it. Not the fuck/fluff you're looking for? Request it! :D Rules of requesting: Only X Reader (so no ships, or OC's, sorry!) No fetishes...
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Au Sans x Reader Oneshots by Jaethefallenhuman
Au Sans x Reader Oneshotsby JAE <3
Alternate Universe Sans x Reader Oneshots! ~ ~ (Requests accepted!) Highest rankings (08/11/2018) #1 Gastersansxreader #4 Gastersans #1 Mobtale #1 Sciencetale #2 Little...
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Gaster Oneshots 6 by EmilySkelewolf
Gaster Oneshots 6by BrownENH
OCs c Me (unless said otherwise) Art c Respected owners (that includes myself) Gaster Void c Bunnymuse Fluff/Smut is allowed I rarely do OC x Cannon (usually it's for a...
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Gaster Oneshots 5 by EmilySkelewolf
Gaster Oneshots 5by BrownENH
Book 5!!! Cover: Bunnymuse Remember, NO LEMONS.
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Gaster gang x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Gaster gang x reader oneshotsby Chaos-Prince
cover art belongs to Bunnymuse on deviantart/Tumblr! okay so I've decided to finally get around to writing oneshots with the Gaster gang! also I shall be adding a few of...
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SoulFire  ( sans x frisk AU) by EkoingSkies
SoulFire ( sans x frisk AU)by ˚echoz🥞del 🥞eggoz˚
(Has been rated #1 in Frans two times this season, 2018 summer) It's 210x, and nearly eleven years after Sans' " ignorant " deed. Little did anyone know it wou...
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The worst way (gaster Sans X reader) by SkeleFelly
The worst way (gaster Sans X SkeleFelly
Normal days. In your huge...lonely....stupid house that was given to you by your mother and father. They gave you everything. But not out of love. Just to get you out of...
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- My Angel from the Sky - Gaster x Reader by MonicaGiudice
- My Angel from the Sky - Gaster Flame96
Suddenly you find yourself in the Underground, with no memories and an unknown and painful past. Your first encounter is Flowey and he tells you how weird and different...
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