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The Ghost Above Me (Gaster x Reader) by xsfolia
The Ghost Above Me (Gaster x everail
Even though the Underground is now empty, except for some people, you still stupidly managed to fall in the once prison for monsters. Who knew you would get away from th...
Undertale Pictures by pandalover173821
Undertale Picturesby Minnie 🌹
UNDERTALE None of these pictures are mine. All credit goes to the owner(s). This is just for fun
Outcast: A Gaster Story [Discontinued] by insomniatic_fan
Outcast: A Gaster Story [ Lone Wanderer
NOTE: I'm rewriting this book to incorporate more details and a better plot line amongst other things. I'm keeping this up for anyone who wants to read it, but it isn't...
Fallen Angel (Gaster x reader) by Feniksiara
Fallen Angel (Gaster x reader)by Big Simp
DISCLAIMER: The god figure created in this fanfic is purely fictional. He is purposefully made to be prideful and cruel and is not supposed to represent any god. I am re...
The Soul of Love (Undertale AU) (English Version) by EvanescentCharacter
The Soul of Love (Undertale AU) ( EvaChara
A long time ago, a human, Chara, fell down into the Underground and was adopted by the monsters. Nevertheless, in this AU, Chara never died. Grown-up and married to Asri...
Can I take you to Dinner? Mafi-fell!Sans x Reader.  [COMPLETED] by MissHoll-E-Socks
Can I take you to Dinner? MissHoll-E-Socks
"How rude, not even gonna ask for a name??" He teased. "Why are you here?" You glowered, raising the whisk. The skeleton scoffed: "Well, glad yo...
From War to Science {UNDERTALE} by emotistic-optimistic
From War to Science {UNDERTALE}by Emotistic Optimistic
Is it still considered a backstory if the protagonist doesn't exist? Companion story to "Reset".
The Human Of Snowdin by SpiritWolfNura
The Human Of Snowdinby Kyran Wolfe
A week after the death of Asriel and Chara, you fell. You become the new hope of the Underground, but problems complicate things. You have to leave the Underground. When...
Teamtale by artiSTASically
Teamtaleby Stas
Maybe a truly happy ending is possible after all. Not all humans are horrible creatures. Chara learned it when the Underground Kingdom accepted humans other than her, wh...
Love can't tear us apart... Right? by bonecatAndcompany
Love can't tear us apart... Right?by Bonecat & Company
(cover draw by me. It's just a version from an inspiration I saw from another artist that I forgot their name by the way-) read this story if you like a Canon character...
A new start? (Undertale x BNHA) by Dragon17122
A new start? (Undertale x BNHA)by Dragon17122
Sans is brought to the world of BNHA. He wakes on the roof of UA.He'll meet new friends and enemies, old and new. But will he ever get over the jar, filled with his bro...
Those that are forgotten by Firehedgehog
Those that are forgottenby Firehedgehog
Gaster was born and raised in a world torn apart by human greed, then... it ended. The great barrier seal, trapping them underground. Gaster's True story, to the Core an...
The Royal Scientist is No Fool (a Asgore x Gaster fanfiction) by loverofsans
The Royal Scientist is No Fool ( loverofsans
The queen has left King Asgore after both of their children have died and the king has killed one human already. His majesty appears to be in a stage of long-term grief...
SOULs {Fem! W.D Gaster X Male! Reader} by Archdrive
SOULs {Fem! W.D Gaster X Male! Herochurl
You are the elder brother of Frisk. I'll explain later. This book will not be updated for a while, sorry. Completed: December 2nd, 2020 SC Book# 12
Dragon of Destruction by LunarFlower693
Dragon of Destructionby LunarFlower693
Error didn't know what to expect after being pushed into the Void. He didn't expect to be transformed into a teenager. He didn't expect to fall into a world full of drag...
Do You Get It? by antisocialworm13
Do You Get It?by antisocialworm13
"This is how it came to be. And now I can finally show you." I say to...myself? "Error, there is no time for this!" Ink screams at me. It's weird bei...
Reincarnated As A Sans! by Shadowkait
Reincarnated As A Sans!by ❤︎Averill Willow❤︎
There was one's a high school girl 16 year's old a big fan of Undertale. She decided to make here own Oc of Sans of her self and make a story... While the girl was waiti...
Undertale Daughter Scenarios by FrenchPokingOtaku
Undertale Daughter Scenariosby ♡PokingUKnow♡
I was bored oh well but this is a scenario book so be warned this is my first and probably not my last so let us start and by the way your gonna start out as a baby to m...
Why do you care for me? (KINGDINGS) by RandomP1256
Why do you care for me? (KINGDINGS)by Alastor
Gaster was working, as always. He had created his two subjects and was supposed to research on them, but when the time came to choose.. He chose mercy. Now, the real que...
UnderTale High Skoolz (Reader Insert) by Nellie_Cake25
UnderTale High Skoolz (Reader My body is Regi
[Warning: Characters in the story are human!] Snowdin High School was ranked the most boring schools in Snowdin Village itself. You, a normal student attending the schoo...