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Hold Still GXReader by EternalKimFlame
Hold Still GXReaderby GalaxyChild
(Y/n) has had a rough life, how could it get any worse? Let's let G answer that. ~~ This is a Complete Rewrite of Hold Still! I don't own any of the pictures or Songs.
What makes a Monster by ADateWithTheDevil
What makes a Monsterby ADateWithTheDevil
Sans has secrets and he's pretty good at keeping them. But how long can his secrets stay hidden, now that his friends have questions they don't want to give up? *** Upd...
Royal Blue by dealialestina
Royal Blueby Spilled-my-coffee
Sans knows a lot about secrets; he hides many. But when old burdens emerge from the darkness, secrets, new and old, put his brother in danger; and what else can a good b...
Derivations of L.O.V.E. by Aliciamyre
Derivations of Aliciamyre
In this world, when Error leaped off the edge, he took Ink with him. (Cover art and any story art is mine)
Eccedentesiast by dealialestina
Eccedentesiastby Spilled-my-coffee
Eccedentesiast Noun Someone who hides behind a fake smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die. (Cover art is not mine, Undertale is Toby Fox's, please don...
Abandoned male Reader Gaster X Ruby Rose X Blake Belladonna by Al1enF0x
Abandoned male Reader Gaster X Mystery Fox
A Small child named Y/N L/N was born into this world with holes in his hands and because of this was abandoned long ago. for years he wandered the thick wilderness of pa...
~Experiment~ {Yandere Gaster X Reader} by YinnyGuardian
~Experiment~ {Yandere Gaster X Yinny Guardian
None of the art used in this story belong to me!!! And neither does Gaster! __________________________________________________ You were just supposed to be another shot...
To the Bone by GhostFang12
To the Boneby GhostFang
It had been six months since Jaune Arc dissappered from the face of Remnant. It has been four years since Monster Kind had been freed from the Underground. On Remnant 7...
Six feet under. (SLOW UPDATES DUE TO SCHOOL) by FanficMqker
Six feet under. (SLOW UPDATES Just another fanfic maker
I'll cut to the chase: Not all men are created equal. I learnt this at a very young age. 80% of the world has some sort of amazing superpower, while the other 20% are...
Pale as White, Vengeance in sight by FrozenQuasar
Pale as White, Vengeance in sightby Azure Grimmoire
Naruto ran as fast as his legs could carry him, The villagers luckily didnt want to go to the forest of death. But a creature from another world is lurking around
GravityTale || Undertale/Gravity Falls Crossover|| by CallmeSky17
GravityTale || Undertale/Gravity Goddess of the Sky (lol)
{ Chara and Frisk are girls in this story} Gaster attempts to save Frisk and Chara during the fight with The God of Hyperdeath and bring them to safety. But you know how...
Your True Identity (Indefinite Hiatus) by Voxiter
Your True Identity (Indefinite Zolar
'At first I thought life was good. I had a girlfriend named Miaki Kasoki, had the best friends in the entire world. But life took a turn for me. When does pain ever stop...
Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1by crazytitan25
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet by ZanaBSparrows
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meetby Zana B Sparrows
Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over a...
Female Frisk and Chara x Malereader [Completed] by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
Female Frisk and Chara x ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
I can't believe I'm doing this Cant get this out of mind no matter how many days passed Welp hope you will be entertain...somewhat. Your main goal is to read up to Chap...
an unexpected love~ (classic sans x AU sanses)  by Jola-chan
an unexpected love~ (classic wHaT's mY nAmE aGaIn????
!!SMUT!!! 13++ WARNING: SWEARING AND LEMONS!! (Edited in 2021): I regret making this book- also just a reminder: THIS FANFIC HAS SO MANY MISTAKES SO PLEASE STOP MAKING F...
Unique Love (Sans x reader) by ArtCookie-_-
Unique Love (Sans x reader)by Art_Cookie~
Monsters were known as a myth to humans. It was told in an old myth book; one with a rare soul, could save all. One foolish human falls down, destined to save a populati...
Undertale.D (male reader insert) by Zark12587
Undertale.D (male reader insert)by Zark
-Y/n found himself in a strange transition between the real world and undertale -yeah this story 18+ i think
"•~•Fake Dating•~•" {Chara x Sans} by crazyrayemma
"•~•Fake Dating•~•" {Chara x Sans}by crazy
After discovering Chara's crush, Asriel, and Sans' crush, Frisk, are dating each other, Chara and Sans decide to stop fighting and laughing at their misery to take some...