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Wrongfully His by G_xoxo
Wrongfully Hisby North Wright
#2 in Werewolf 12/05/18 Mated to a Beta and marked by his Alpha. A unique twist on the clichéd possessive Alpha stories. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered he...
Hating My Mate|✔ by djgraves01
Hating My Mate|✔by Dori❤
"Why are you acting like this?!?" Ten-year-old Aria yells as tears fell from her face. The sight ripping at the boy standing in front of her. Shaking off the...
Mark of the Dragon by CierraWaitt9
Mark of the Dragonby Cierra Waitt
15 year old Cyzari is nothing special. And that's the problem. She has the Dragon Mark, which means that she is supposed to have some great power or ability. Because she...
The Alpha's Young Mate [1] by True_lies13
The Alpha's Young Mate [1]by Jane
19 year old Alpha Clayton finally comes home from being away for 5 years at Alpha Training, and when he is finally back, he finds his lovely mate - in the face of his Be...
Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing by bef0remidnight
Wolf in a Sheep's Clothingby Cat
I've waited so long for you, soulmate,' He breathed. 'I'm sorry, I'm not your soulmate, dude,' I squinted at him incredulously. However tempting that sounded, there was...
Becoming Luna by 6Kayla
Becoming Lunaby Kayla
When 18 year old Amara Forbes' pack was attacked by the strongest pack in the United States, the Red Dawn Pack, she put everything on the line in attempt to save her bes...
Chasing Wild Hearts [1] by glitter_xox
Chasing Wild Hearts [1]by Farrah
[Previously known as Chase Me Alpha. The Alpha series can be found on Inkitt] Keeping a secret that could change the way people think about you is hard. Skylar Chance ke...
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Marked • Tom Riddle by EspressoShots_
Marked • Tom Riddleby - 𝒮𝒽𝑜𝓉𝓈 -
"Why is it that every time I get close to seeing you as something other than a monster you have to prove me wrong?" "I don't have to prove anything, I...
Transgression (Ménage)✔ by SerenityR0se
Transgression (Ménage)✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ Book 3 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM How do you win a game when you don't know who all the players are? --⊰♥⊱-- "You can't break what's...
The Alpha's Oracle (PUBLISHED, IronMoon #1) by merrywombat
The Alpha's Oracle (PUBLISHED, Merry Ravenell
"Talk of the Town" Watty winner! Gianna is a Seer : blessed with visions and dreams from the Moon Goddess. Alpha Gabel intends to be the first Alpha King in...
The Other Gilbert by Stormi_faithhope
The Other Gilbertby Faith_Hope
Allison Gilbert had a semi perfect life with her parents and sister, Elena Gilbert, and their younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert. She was the straight A's and B's student a...
The Bird and The Wolf by RavenRobinson116
The Bird and The Wolfby Raven's Writing
Within a colony of Avian humanoids called Adaryn, Freya Mourning is the only one of her kind, a bird with no wings. Years of relative calm is disrupted when their age-ol...
My Loving Alpha Mate by Xx_zarie_xX
My Loving Alpha Mateby Zarie
They used to hate each other, then she moved away for three years. Now she's back for senior year and everything is different.He is arrogant and cocky. And his name? Cha...
bloom | BTS by HUHsurprising
bloom | BTSby Patrice
"I'm not a submissive. Look at me!" "Baby, I am looking at you." (Subdomiverse Original)
His Omega || TaeJin ✔️✔️ by eataejin
His Omega || TaeJin ✔️✔️by EATAEJIN
After a hundred years is he back for good?
Marked One-Shots by Skeppers14
Marked One-Shotsby Skeppers
A collection of Skephalo one-shots based off my prior fanfiction, Marked! If you haven't read Marked, I'd recommend reading it before starting this one, it may confuse y...
Willingly His(A werewolf story) by eloquent_rose
Willingly His(A werewolf story)by Roselyn Nukpe
It pinned me to the ground and I managed to open an eye. The animal was wolflike and very huge, like almost six feet tall. I turned my face away from it. Suddenly, I fel...
The Rest of Us [When Breathing gets you Killed (2/4)] by mRoseGoldsmith
The Rest of Us [When Breathing RoseGold
England has been overtaken. The dead are alive, in more ways than one. Where did anti breathers come from? Sequel the When Breathing gets you killed Copyright ©2016-2017...
It Haunts Me by Mysty-Nyx
It Haunts Meby Angela Nyx
Something follows her; something that has killed most of humanity. Hannah has learned how to survive on her own. She has escaped the monster that lurks in the darkness...
Mates To The  Monster Alpha. by ericarhett
Mates To The Monster erica rhett fritz
Raven was just 17 year old werewolf girl who was bullied. one day she decides to run away from the pack and becomes a rogue. but on the day when she plans to run away fr...