Dragon Blood Warrior. by MCOtaku
Dragon Blood MCOtaku
I do not own any of these works and all these belong to their respective owners... Description. Aiwa is the descendant of dragon blood warriors from the Hass Empire and...
  • first-timeintercourse
  • sexualcultivationtechnique
  • sexslaves
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The maid by LMDream237
The maidby Read and write
"I said that's not allowed" he growls into my ear "now you'll have to suffer the consequences...." - Candace Summers has been a maid for two other me...
  • fantasy
  • hate
  • kink
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Chimderella (ft. Jikook) by Anachinn
Chimderella (ft. Jikook)by YEᑎI (hiatus)
"I'm not your Cinderella after all..." 「Jimin is a maid in disguise and he's working in the Jeon's family household.」 WARNING: Plot Misconceptions, Grammatical...
  • heirs
  • maids
  • crossdress
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Married to a Prince (BoyxBoy) ON HIATUS by RosaPeach
Married to a Prince (BoyxBoy) ON RosaPeach
•••ON HIATUS••• Samuel had simply nothing left anymore. He was hated by everyone and became an outcast of his world. He simply wanted to end his life, because he was tre...
  • king
  • love
  • alone
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Maids VS Butlers )( Book 1 )( by WeirdFam
Maids VS Butlers )( Book 1 )(by WeirdFam
Oh boy. this is going to be a crazy ride.
  • mithzan
  • unicomics
  • redvacktor
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The Maid by lonelyttae
The Maidby a l i
[NaLu Fanfic w/ some StingLu] [started; 02/22/15] [finished; 05/25/15] Lucy Heartfilia is the most wanted maid by all of the maid owners in Fiore. She is top notch they...
  • enjoy
  • nalu
  • maids
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Of Denials and Love (BoyxBoy) by Mistyped_
Of Denials and Love (BoyxBoy)by мιѕтy
Ochiro Gennosuke loves going to the local Maid Café as he could see his longtime crush, Hanamiya Nagisa. Nagisa is the perfect girl in his eyes; cute, etiquette, adorabl...
  • editor
  • novelists
  • bl
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The Double Dosage (blue Exorcist X Reader Lemons) by xX_SINGING_SIREN_Xx
The Double Dosage (blue Exorcist Lilly 🌹 Marie
the title says it all. and unlike my other book I'm actually gonna update. I'm not gonna give an actual story description because I'm lazy 😂😂😂😂. the only warning I'm...
  • hot
  • exorcist
  • lemon
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Alien Son and Dragon Maid by humatrix-X-24
Alien Son and Dragon Maidby humatrix-X-24
After the Omni force event, the new Bens have been sent off to their new universes. This Ben has been sent to a new world, and this one is relatively normal by certain s...
  • lucoa
  • aliens
  • elma
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Sonamy: The princess and the knight by Lilli0161
Sonamy: The princess and the knightby Lilli0161
Somewhere in a kingdom, called the Rose Kingdom, their lives a young pink princess, known as princess Amy Rose. Having a lot of friends Amy has a great live, till one da...
  • creamtherabbit
  • sonicthehedgehog
  • love
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Baby Be Mine! [Michael Jackson] by bonbonsandbooks
Baby Be Mine! [Michael Jackson]by ᎠᏘLᏘIᏁᏘ RᏋᏁᏋᏋ
She grew up poor. Always looking out for others when she should be looking out for herself. Cassie Turner's life suddenly turns upside down when she is hired to be a mai...
  • poor
  • kingofpop
  • maids
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The Beautiful One by KittyDango
The Beautiful Oneby Amaterasu
A long time ago when Mori started kendo he faced a beautiful girl. His sensai's daughter to be exact. He deafeted this girl time after time but she would always stand ba...
  • maids
  • morinozuka
  • romace
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My Maids - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Ukes x Master Male! reader by PharaohJill
My Maids - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi SpunkyJill
The Ukes from Sekaiichi-Hatsukoi are x Master! Male reader! All Ukes get jealous of each other because they all want your attention for themselves. How will this turn o...
  • male
  • romance
  • sekaiichi
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The Maids Blood by cutefangirl1
The Maids Bloodby cutefangirl1
a 16-year-old girl name Daniella is a hard worker and still in school she is in love with a 17-year-old guy named hunter. He and his brother Logan attempt to get close t...
  • romance
  • thrilling
  • master
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Ture Love From The Heart ♥ by kippertheshipper
Ture Love From The Heart ♥by ?kipper?
As a Yong girl named Lilly was heart broken she finds a job as a maid in a mansion but that isn't the only thing she found she found two love birds wish one will be the...
  • work
  • romance
  • vampire
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Beautiful Experiment ||j.jk|| by -JinsPrincess-
Beautiful Experiment ||j.jk||by 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
| "She got a smile on her face and a knife in her hand, and I love her that way.." |
  • beauty
  • beautiful
  • seokjin
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Maid's and Butler's vs Nick )( Book 2 )( by WeirdFam
Maid's and Butler's vs Nick )( WeirdFam
  • redney
  • shubble
  • mithross
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tensei shite inaka de slowlife wo okuritai by zainalend
tensei shite inaka de slowlife Zainalend
Deskripsi Tokoh protagonis, Inaka Yuuji, ditabrak truk karena kesadarannya tumpul karena kerja keras. "Ah ー, dengan ini saya tidak perlu bekerja lagi. Saya ingin me...
  • life
  • reincarnation
  • maids
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bts' maids (COMPLETED fanfic) by MissArmy25
bts' maids (COMPLETED fanfic)by MissArmy25
mrs.wahiba raised 7 orphans until the 'day' comes; the day the 7 girls leave the house as maids for mrs.wahiba's 7 sons a.k.a bts. will they be able to get along? to kn...
  • bts
  • ff
  • silverspoon
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Broken Silence by Aaliyah11220
Broken Silenceby Aaliyah Ali
All hope is lost. Families are torn apart. Like a glass of wine, secrets are spilled. And as the glass shatters, the silence is broken. Violet Sanchez became as broken a...
  • death
  • maids
  • drugs
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