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BakuDeku smut⚠️🔞 by xMunzySenpaix
BakuDeku smut⚠️🔞by Munzy
⚠️I DID NOT WRITE ANY OF THESE ⚠️ I did not write any of these amazing one shots, sadly. The majority will be from AO3, and I will credit the authors. Once more, I give...
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BakuDeku Smut Oneshots by mystic_memories
BakuDeku Smut Oneshotsby 신비...
(these are not mine, credits to the rightful owners | i found these and thought they were good so I decided to post them here) ⚠️❗️warning❗️⚠️ •smut (obvi)
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Random BKDK Stuff by Bakugou-is-my-Daddy
Random BKDK Stuffby I-Ship-Everything-By-Accident
Literally the title if y'all want me to make one of these oneshots into a story tell me in the comments
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~Top Deku One Shots~ by draterthetaurus
~Top Deku One Shots~by ʎʇɪɗɪવʉᤋɻᤋឧ
Top Deku is so under appreciated. Smh. We finna fix that ToDaY!!!
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→ ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋs ᴀɴᴅ sɴᴀᴄᴄs. ✨☕ ← by ochiibby
→ ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋs ᴀɴᴅ sɴᴀᴄᴄs. ✨☕ ←by ;)
[ dekuwu created a new group chat. ] [ dekuwu added 20. ] [ dekuwu renamed the chat to 'gay shits' ] dekuwu: y'all ever just commit arson? hoetoshi💦: bby ily but it's 3...
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The Scariest Mr. Right by the_emo_muffin
The Scariest Mr. Rightby ☠️Emo Muffin🧁
Todoroki Shoto: He isn't a closeted gay male in his junior year of high school. He is bullied on a daily for his hobbies and his sexuality. He has no interest in anyone...
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Finally Found You ♥︎ (katsudeku Fantasy Au) by Dekubakufan112
Finally Found You ♥︎ (katsudeku Forever alone
Hey!So uh I will be continuing the other fantasy Au book but this is something better.I thought maybe to redo it a little because I think the other one is wacky but I'm...
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Pyro Neko Deku by Denzuku
Pyro Neko Dekuby Denzuku
deku has a quirk but unlike most people he didn't have to wait for his to manifest he was born with it but wat will happen when he meat's a certent blond with a electri...
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Bros care by TokoHirashino
Bros careby Fumikage Tokoyami
Dabi realized that the LOV didn't need him anymore so he left though the same thing was going on with his little brother Todoroki knew that class 1-A didn't need him so...
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Singularidad by vientoyhielo
Singularidadby Icedvalkyria
Una singularidad debería de manifestarse en un intervalo de entre los cuatro o cinco años de edad. Sin embargo, en el caso de Izuku tardó lo suficiente como para conside...
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Differences ~DekuTodo & BakuTodo by PharaohJill
Differences ~DekuTodo & BakuTodoby SponkyJill
Todoroki Shouto, though he was a first year he possessed one of the most powerful quirks among the newer generation of hero's, yet it was an even bigger surprise when hi...
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I Love You by thatonecockybitch
I Love Youby Fuck You
This is a Todobakukirideku story.There might be smut but there is a slight possibility there won't be any cause I fucking suck at writing it. If I do write smut, I'll gi...
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Love is Magical🦄 by Anime_for_life_me
Love is Magical🦄by Anime_for_life_me
Todoroki has a "small" crush on Deku and Uraraka finds out. Uraraka tells Deku. Will Deku be disgusted? Or will the two hero's in training become more than jus...
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This Was A Fucking Mistake/ BNHA random by red_kool-aid
This Was A Fucking Mistake/ BNHA red_kool-aid
Sero: Damn dude, why you got to be so dark?! Iida: Sero!! Sero: sorry! mineta: H- Bakugo: No Mina: pffft
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~Requests Open!~BNHA One-Shots ( x Deku)  by TigerCookie-Chan
~Requests Open!~BNHA One-Shots ( Tiger-Chan
Ok so this is being made as thanks for so many reads on my story 'For Their Sake'. I will be accepting requests as well as making a few stories of my own. Please only re...
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10 Days till my farewell || A DekuBaku Fanfiction by bnha_vibes
10 Days till my farewell || A WestanBakugo
Katsuki Bakugo is depressed and is planning to kill himself will Izuku Midoriya save him in time or will it be too late? Cover is not mine
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Dekutodo one-shots by peachthebunny
Dekutodo one-shotsby Peach
So I made a tododeku story.And I'm making Todoroki the Uke instead of deku. I do not own Izuku "Deku" Midoriya or Shouto Todoroki or My hero academia they all...
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