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Loving the villain//void stiles  by katie_624
Loving the villain//void stiles by Katie<3
Brianna McCall the sister of Scott McCall is a 17 year old girl who lives with her father not far from beacon hills. Brianna had never been told she has a brother until...
The Newest Werewolf by OakleySplash
The Newest Werewolfby Shadow Parker
What happens when Stiles gets attacked by the newest alpha in town? Who is this mysterious new alpha? Stiles is changing, but into what? Will he ever be the same again? ...
hunter x hunter x reader by mymainstory
hunter x hunter x readerby luna
(Previous owner/writer @ilikefoodandanime) I don't know how to write a description but I hope you enjoy it I got permission from the original author to rewrite/repost it...
Save me (Scott Mcall) by KobraKai98
Save me (Scott Mcall)by KobraKai98
Olivia stilinksi twin sister of stiles stilinski. She was sent to town where she was captured and abused, raped, tortured for 7 years when she finally got saved and sta...
The Dragon Emperor of Void (Male Reader X Highschool DxD) by -One_Cool_Demon-
The Dragon Emperor of Void (Male R...by Demon_King
Y/n just a normal man, until one day he die because been crashed with street light. When he wake up, he find himself as a teenager back. He then find a letter and it a l...
|CHAØS| - (void stiles X reader) by teiganjones_x
|CHAØS| - (void stiles X reader)by dylansbitch
"did you miss me, y/n?" ------------- "...𝑣𝑜𝑖𝑑" this will probably gonna be a short story and the story line will be of the episodes of teen wol...
Back to hell by JuliaSundberg3
Back to hellby Newtmas_Dylmas
You and Void was friends inte te past and now you went back to see him
Chaos - void x reader by dracomalfoyreeder
Chaos - void x readerby dracomalfoyreeder
"Oh my god," Scott starts. "He's taken Stiles," I continue." "And now I'm taking you," Void whispers in my ear as we both turn into bl...
✓ HAUNTING,   stiles stilinski & void stiles.  by slutblues
✓ HAUNTING, stiles stilinski & v...by 𝒔𝒐𝒑𝒉.
i've got my boyfriend now & he's made of gold. ❪ season 3, s. stilinski / void stiles 𝒙 fem!oc ❫ ╱ 2020.
Ghost by Masked_unicorn
Ghostby ⋆☆⋆
"Even a ghost needs a friend." Stiles felt a heavy weight sitting over his heart after everything that happened with the Darach. Deaton had warned Scott, Allis...
The Good or Evil~ Void Stiles by voidmccall2
The Good or Evil~ Void Stilesby Xvi
I turn around and see someone I thought I would never see again... "Void." I say shocked. "How'd you know?" Void smirked and said. "I'm pretty...
Avatar: The Fifth Element  by icyblaise
Avatar: The Fifth Element by ice
Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Void. Also known as Ether, it is the fifth element, one that has been buried in the past. It is the material that fills up the cosmos and conne...
Friends with a fox by SuperGecko22
Friends with a foxby SuperGecko22
Stiles isn't coping well after the nogitsune. He finds a fox in the woods who has a secret.
Void Stiles Book1 (Teenwolf Fanfiction) EDITING by moonlight_shine
Void Stiles Book1 (Teenwolf Fanfic...by Munira Ahmed
They all think it's all over because Void Stiles is dead. Well, they are wrong! 'YOU CANT KILL ME!' I said to them. However, did they listen? NO! I warned them that I c...
Forbidden love - void stiles *book 1* by stiles_void_xx
Forbidden love - void stiles *book...by stiles_void_xx
Emma had joined the pack shortly after void stiles happened. What will happen when they meet when void returns Set shortly after season 3b Lilli Reinhart as Emma I do no...
his tainted mind by stilesstilinskisbabe
his tainted mindby flo😋
a void stiles short love story, where void falls for a girl called fleur thompson lydias best friend. does she fall in return?
Void Stiles imagines by _writingfangirl_
Void Stiles imaginesby Cotton
We can all just admit evil Stiles was 10x the hot. Hopefully you enjoy my imagines! The book is closed unfortunately but still enjoy the reads :)
My name is Tyrael not Percy by Infamouswriters
My name is Tyrael not Percyby Infamouswriters
Pain. Anger. Sorrow. These are the words best suited to describe Percy when Annabeth cheated on him. He was broken. Annabeth had broken the great Percy Jackson and in tu...
Home Is Where She Is by Katie02003
Home Is Where She Isby Katie
Percy was betrayed by his home and family (on the godly side). Disowned by Poseidon, stripped off his powers and forced into hiding from the gods, Percy ran away with hi...
leave me lonely | void stiles by badbloodecisions
leave me lonely | void stilesby oliwia
descriptions are awkward, just read