BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionare by beyondlocks
BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionareby Janice Martana
BLS #2 Sky Locason Billionare that never fail to make girls knee go weak. He has the charm that everyone envy. Hates everyone who tried to hurt his family and his closes...
  • multimillionaire
  • chicklit
  • money
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BLSC #7 : a Night To Remember by beyondlocks
BLSC #7 : a Night To Rememberby Janice Martana
BLSC #7 Christian Hastington For him if you date girls in your early 20s , it means that girl is only for decoration only not for a serious relationship. He never thinks...
  • couple
  • book
  • cute
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Playing for the Other Team ✔ [PUBLISHED] by HannahLvberg
Playing for the Other Team ✔ [ Hannah Lövberg
Nathan Bone is the prime example of a popular guy. Team captain of the basketball team, handsome, rich and capable of getting any girl he'd ever want. The only problem...
  • wattpadprize14
  • boys
  • playing
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Biwi No.1 - Season 2 by Mysteriously_Grey
Biwi No.1 - Season 2by Black And Grey
Shivaay and Anika had an arrange marriage. It has been a month since both of them are married and have hardly spend any time with other. Now due to their work they have...
  • hurt
  • pain
  • shivaay
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The player  by boxera1
The player by boxera1
Jazz is a girl who's father left them for a job and cheated on her mom when she was 5 and has never seen him since she has a very protective brother named Justin who is...
  • fan
  • fiction
  • love
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The BadBoy & B by monsterjadiee
The BadBoy & Bby monster_jadiee
I wasn't the new girl in school, technically I was the returning girl. I just packed up my things and left. I FaceTimed all my friends constantly but most importantly I...
  • game
  • love
  • rules
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Blood in the Water by NEEonPink
Blood in the Waterby Ainee Raizel
Highest Rank: #5 in Horror category ________ "I don't care what happens to me, as long as you're safe. You're our precious daughter after all." *********** The...
  • kill
  • revenge
  • girl
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Dear Bully {Complete}  by RawanFadi76
Dear Bully {Complete} by RawanFadi
Can't you just leave me alone? Love me as who I am? Don't play with me? I guess not...... because your a bully...... you always play with people's emotions...! U hate th...
  • heaven
  • black
  • hatered
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Games of Seduction by AyrGal89
Games of Seductionby Emma
Aria and Hunter have never seen eye to eye, not really. He was always her older brothers annoying, arrogant best friend while to him she was nothing but his best friends...
  • romance
  • complicated
  • sexy
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Greek To Me by ezeller212
Greek To Meby E. Zeller
I can still see him leaning against the tall metal post reaching above the abandoned brick building, a silhouette in the moonlit night. That's when everything changed. A...
  • endurance
  • hidden
  • endeavor
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Playing For Keeps by LadyMac14
Playing For Keepsby mackenzie mason
Ariel Parker Is a MultiBillionare's son He Has the looks , the blonde hair , the beautiful blue eyes , and he's pretty god damn hot Too bad hes just a cocky , arroga...
  • complicated
  • romance
  • drama
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L.O.V.E by xXRubblesXx
L.O.V.Eby Elena S.
A 16 year old girl name Elena Seosankar finds her love for a boy but will she get his love or will he just reject her forever? Oh yea by da wae he rejected me so SENPAI...
  • love
  • playing
Mate finders (not edited) by Y_becks
Mate finders (not edited)by Y_becks
I'm Ramera and I have a friend named Carla we run a business where we find your mates. We are the baddest bitches of Atlanta and we don't give a shit we are untouchable...
  • rejection
  • alpha
  • hard
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Playing with the Player by fragilelovee
Playing with the Playerby anonymous franch
"I heard you're a player, Let's play a game. Whoever falls in love first, loses" Kaye, the new hot chick in school offers Carson, the school's player for a g...
  • humor
  • hilarious
  • filipino
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You're Mine by NicoleRayne
You're Mineby Nicole
This book is currently being rewritten and then finished by the same author on a different profile. To read the updated draft, find it under the profile name Astroid. Th...
  • witch
  • obsession
  • shifter
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Playing The Player by ThatKidCheyanne
Playing The Playerby Cheyanne Allman
"I heard you are a player. I know you are a player. How about we play a game let's play a game. Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight. Let's talk 24/7. Let's tell eac...
  • cliche
  • love
  • lovestory
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Playing God (Newton X Reader) by SlippingSanityDTW
Playing God (Newton X Reader)by SlippingSanityDTW
(Name) is just walking down the road one day, when a white hole opens up and takes her to the ridiculous, fabric quilt land of Bunkum in the Imagisphere. But she finds h...
  • newton
  • big
  • possession
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My Random Individual RP by michelle1234445
My Random Individual RPby (^ω^)
Blah. I'm bored. Blah Blah. RP with me. Blah Blah Blah. Because I'm a lonely bean
  • rp
  • playing
  • fanclub
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Playing hard to get by miss_sarcastic1
Playing hard to getby Ash
❉ 'Can I do something?' He asked nervously. I nodded. He looked at my hair, at my necklace then back to my eyes, he looked at nose, cheeks until he came to my lips. I he...
  • mermaid
  • player
  • playing
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All About » BLACKPINK by Kim_Zhelrhia
All About » BLACKPINKby Annyeong김_슐리아
This book contains information about BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK songs with lyrics, Members profile and pictures. STARTED: 01-24-18 ENDED: --- All Rights Reserved 2018
  • random
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  • jisoo
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