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Lost in Shadow's Embrace (A Shadamy Story) by MerasShade4
Lost in Shadow's Embrace (A Nimera Grey
Amy Rose and Sonic the Hedgehog have been dating for quite some time now. Amy can hardly believe that the man who has saved her life multiple times throughout her life i...
Shadamy Fanfic: Broken by LotusValkyrie
Shadamy Fanfic: Brokenby Lotus Valkyrie
After returning to the town with so many terrible memories, Amy begins to reacquaint herself with her old gang. Though she's not as happy to see some members as she is t...
A Black and Red Rose (Original) by Kurama_Maria1
A Black and Red Rose (Original)by Kurama Maria
Amy hasn't been in contact with any of the Sonic team at least for a month and everyone is worried, even two hedgehogs that thought they would never give two shiz about...
Baby of Mine by GokuStormOfficial
Baby of Mineby Goku Storm
Amy Rose was raped. This is the story of how she moves on.
Heavy Hitter (One-Shot) by WannabeEmPad
Heavy Hitter (One-Shot)by Em :-)
Amy carries and swings her piko hammer around like its the easiest thing in the world, so it shouldn't weigh much,,, right? Everyone assumes a magically summoned hammer...
She's Mine by Lcbfiena
She's Mineby LCBFIENA
Amy Rose has grown tired of chasing Sonic and decides to stop pursuing him. She never notices that Sonic had been in love with her the entire time, and she also didn't n...
Instincts by Cutegirlmayra
Instinctsby CGMayra
Amy Rose is triggered into a powerful state called Instincts, ancient reflexes in the body that've evolved to adapt uncontrolled Others. Sonic's takes his freedom agains...
Shadamy 10 Nights by justakidfrom
Shadamy 10 Nightsby justakidfrom
Amy hears a myth that wishing upon a star for 10 days makes her dream come true... Any wishes for her true love, hoping it's Sonic... Little did she know it's actually t...
Amy & Shadow: Enemies to Lovers (Shadamy) by ThePlebWithAPot
Amy & Shadow: Enemies to Lovers (
In a battle, when Amy's friends interpret the wrong message they tease her about the incident. They joke around about it but what happens when they realize their little...
That City Girl (ShadAmy) by Cozy_Shadow
That City Girl (ShadAmy)by BlackPetals23
That City Girl (c) BlackPetals23 (Cozy Shadow) Fanfic Version: Category: Sonic the Hedgehog Rated: Fiction T, Young Adult Genres: Romance/Humor Main: [Amy, Shadow] [OC...
SonAmy or ShadAmy: I'll fight for you by BibleBubba20
SonAmy or ShadAmy: I'll fight Austin Tucker
Sonic and Amy were secretly dating. Then one day Sonic left to rid the world of evil so that he and Amy could have a future together, only to come back to see his girl w...
Let Me Love You by Spikeeeee
Let Me Love Youby Spikeeeee
Shadow is head to toe in love with Amy can he get her to love him back ? (IT'S A SHADAMY ONE YEAHHHHH) A/N: yeah new story like I promised in the other one Sorry if i...
Foundations of the heart by Creechurr
Foundations of the heartby 👁️
25-year-old Amy Rose has been living in her homeland of Mercia for 7 years. One uneventful day, she encounters an old acquaintance, sporting a surprising demeanor. Will...
I Love You (Shadamy) by cookem20
I Love You (Shadamy)by cookem20
Amy's been rejected by Sonic, again. She cried in the pouring rain. She swore to herself to never love anyone again so she would never suffer a broken heart. Will Shadow...
The Perfect One by nkafu-asongakap
The Perfect Oneby CindyBuns
One day, Amy Rose runs into someone stunning, Shadow. Her and Sonic were best friends and all, but Amy had this, little crush on Shadow. Cover art: Me This is not inspir...
venom rose by maplefoxxx
venom roseby maplefoxxx
something makes Amy lose her mind bit by bit... what might it be? what does it want? and does it last forever? heyyy sup yall where are my fellow sonic lovers??? hope yo...
You Can Read Me by IndigoSprite
You Can Read Meby IndigoSprite
Amy always knew she wasn't normal. And it wasn't just any feeling, like little girls feeling that they're magical. No, It was because she could read minds. And see the f...
🙊|Broken Mute|🙊 by GoldenRoars
🙊|Broken Mute|🙊by GoldenWisp
What if your life changed in a second... Amy is a normal freedom fighter and Highschool student but something is off? Sally is always with her and Sonic seems more dista...
It was only an accident  by ammiineko
It was only an accident by X. <3
After a very pleasurable yet unexpected and in a way traumatic encounter Amy had with Shadow the Hedgehog in the middle of a speed race. Shadow disappeared, and Amy was...