Christian, single, thinks Emily Browning is THE BEST actress nd Ian Somerhalder is sexy. Damon Salvatore x Emily Browning character is for me all the way
If any1 could I need some1 to make some pics 4 me
I'm a new adult. I like the teen titans still. Don't judge me.
Love love triangles with the good guy the good girl and the bad guy.
Writing is my life.
Luv my friends.
Can't spell worth anything
Luv to write.
Terrified of needles.
Knows how to kick your butt
I luv to just sit in my game chair in my fuzzy pj pants and a large t-shirt eatting Doritos, and nerds rope watching Netflix
Favourite shows & movies
1Psych 2Chopped 3 Sucker Punch 4Series Of Unfortunate Events 5My Cat From He'll 6The Host 7HellBoy 2 8Alien Vs Predator 9Common Law 10Almost Human 11Resturant Stakeout 12 Mystery Diners 13 Robin Hood: Men in Tights 14 Robin hood (BBC) AND ANY THING WITH TOM HIDDLESTON


I <3 loki

Hottest guys

1: Tom Hiddleston
2: Ian Somerhalder
3: Jonas Armstrong
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