Prince's Chosen One (Melizabeth) by 666reddog
Prince's Chosen One (Melizabeth)by Red of Wraith
War. A horrid thing. The races had been in a war with the Demon Clan for as long as history has told. No one knew how the war started. Most blamed the demons and always...
  • meliodasxelizabeth
  • princess
  • death
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Mystic Flame Kingdom:The Long Lost Powerful Princess by TwiceTzuyu_20
Mystic Flame Kingdom:The Long Lost...by Tzuyu (>.<)
You're curious about the story??? Read it ?? Highest rank #201-4/23/18 #190-4/24/18 #161-4/29/18 #13...
  • goddesses
  • powers
  • action
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A Father's Loving and Deadly Secret by BoysGuideForAGalaxy
A Father's Loving and Deadly Secretby BoysGuideForAGalaxy
Percy is an average teen who is being raised by his father who he knows not a lot about aside from his kind appearance. Percy knows something is being hidden from him. C...
  • percyxhades
  • olympians
  • goddesses
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The Holy "Maiden" Doesn't Want To Be One! by zovirax_
The Holy "Maiden" Doesn't Want To...by zovirax
Born and raised in a strict, wealthy Catholic family, Lucas was not exposed to the world's truth and was instead kept naïve and pure throughout his life. His devout fait...
  • holy
  • otome
  • good
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Ragnarök Unwound by krazydiamond
Ragnarök Unwoundby Kristin Jacques
Prophecies don't just fix themselves. For every doomsday that never happened, there is a Fate Cipher carefully untangling the tapestry, unraveling the threads of destiny...
  • adventure
  • ragnarok
  • goddesses
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The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1) by ArtemisDianaJackson
The Past Gods Read The Percy Jacks...by Artemis Diana Jackson
The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. The...
  • demigods
  • reading
  • goddesses
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Immortali by Scarlets_and_Roses
Immortaliby Scarlet Rose
It was a normal day. It was a normal tree. It was an ordinary accident. It could've happened to anyone. But the girl that fell out of the tree wasn't just anyone. Mee...
  • fairies
  • souls
  • evil
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Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealed by Jcgirl39
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealedby Daughter_Of_Chaos
The mist is gone. And the Giant War has been won by the demigods. They have faced many hardships, but can they handle HIGH SCHOOL?
  • famous
  • caleo
  • leo
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THOR ─ FANCASTS by mythologeeks
FANCASTS (𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯.) 1. someone's vision on how certain characters of a fictional piece are portrayed ─ IN WHICH THE ADMINS GIVE YOU THEIR VERSIONS OF WHAT THE GODS, GOD...
  • aztec
  • irish
  • greek
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Our Love (Melizabeth) by 666reddog
Our Love (Melizabeth)by Red of Wraith
Humans, Fairies, Giants, Demons, Goddess, These races were very known in the country of Britannia. Each race having their own clans, leaders and territory. Once all thes...
  • fairies
  • anime
  • giants
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Split in Two : "COMPLETED" by Constringitur
Split in Two : "COMPLETED"by Maximus
Hello friends! This book is under major construction on my end. Although I am not posting the updated chapters here. As soon as I have my book completely edited and chan...
  • witch
  • mates
  • werewolf
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Run away Little Darling by hellishzeal
Run away Little Darlingby Gab
Bai Ling,a beauty in the 21st century crowded by life's graces to the point that she was bored with life. Until one day her relaxing bubble bath made her feel to relax u...
  • ancient
  • gods
  • goddesses
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Sin Of Manipulation  by DeityElizabeth
Sin Of Manipulation by Elizabeth Liones
What happens when Elizabeth is starting to admit her love for Meliodas. But can she have the courage to tell him? What happens when a new girl enters their lives. [i su...
  • king
  • harlequin
  • meliodas
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Falling In A Dream by wiggleydick
Falling In A Dreamby wiggley_dick
Ruth is a 15 year old girl whogoes into a deep sleep in a wonderful dream but finds out it's not as good as it seems. I know I suck at descriptions just work with me her...
  • goddesses
  • lgbtq
  • madeupgods
Oh My Mortal by sufeiya
Oh My Mortalby
PLEASE DONT COPY MY WORK (AN ORIGINAL IS WORTH MORE THAN A COPY) Sophia was named Baichi after travelling to another world, she lived in the twenty first century of eart...
  • gods
  • historicalfiction
  • romance
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Saving Olympus Book 1: The Lightning Thief by Nidus30
Saving Olympus Book 1: The Lightni...by JM
Every story has a beginning and the tale of Y/N and his fellow gods and goddesses starts here. After what seems like a lifetime, Y/N is thrown back into the world of mo...
  • gods
  • goddesses
  • transformers
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The Prince of Dawn by sammcrouch
The Prince of Dawnby Sammi🎈
Sloane Enyo lives in a world divided between the wildlings, who live in close knit tribes located in the forests of the Seven Continents and worship the Goddesses, and t...
  • youngadult
  • tribes
  • wattpride
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dвs| Angel Extinction (✔️)  by _Twin_Choi_
dвs| Angel Extinction (✔️) by υnĸnown
ɨռ tɦɨs աօʀʟɖ ʏօʊ աօռ't ɛxքɛċt aռɢɛʟs tօ ɮɛ ʄօʀċɛɖ ɨռ ʍʏ ċasɛ ɨ ɦaɖ tօ ɮɛ stʊċҡ աɨtɦ ɦɨʍ, ʄaʟʟ ʄօʀ ɦɨʍ, aռɖ ɨ ɖɨɖ ռօt ɛxքɛċt sʊċɦ ɛʋɛռts օċċʊʀɨռɢ ɨռtօ ʍʏ ɛxɨstɛռċɛ. ɢօɨ...
  • gods
  • daishinkan
  • goddesses
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When Olympus Goes To War {ON HOLD} by PixelChic2005
When Olympus Goes To War {ON HOLD}by Bre
"Why did you ask for me?" I asked, hiding the anger and hatred in my voice. I wouldn't give him what he wants. "Look kid, I'm planning a war, one for the...
  • drama
  • goddesses
  • magic
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Alpha Theory: Seeds of Chaos by LxOxGxIxA
Alpha Theory: Seeds of Chaosby Cross Kaiser
*Aka, Alpha Theory: Chaos Seeds (AT:CS, AT:SoC) Logan once had a previous life, more than 3000 generations ago, but the war between the Alpha Circul and the Hydra stole...
  • magic
  • wattys2018
  • animeinspired
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