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Wrought Iron Hero Of Camelot (Shirou X Artoria) by MannyIsTired
Wrought Iron Hero Of Camelot ( Manny
As Counter Guardian EMIYA or Shirou or Archer finishes off another job from Alaya he expected for Alaya to come and tell him he has another job what the both of them did...
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The Blacksmith/Faker by MannyIsTired
The Blacksmith/Fakerby Manny
A blacksmith known as Sengo Muramasa and a boy named Shirou Emiya...What happens when they both fuse together and they are a Pseudo Servant summoned by Gudako due to an...
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The Strongest Servant (DBZ x Fate) by AKJAY02
The Strongest Servant (DBZ x Fate)by AkJay
The strong fusion Gogeta has be transported into the world of fate and they are unable to unfuse. What will the master be like and how will they treat him, well then gue...
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the broken servant( male servant x Fate grand order ) by Arthurpendragon285
the broken servant( male servant Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n was a saber Servant a 0 star type ( like Angra ) who was the rares of all, not very strong but loyal to gudako his máster, however one day at the misión His " c...
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Various female x male reader(NO REQUEST) by zafry54321
Various female x male reader(NO zafry54321
My first time writting a story so if its horible,please forgive me cause im just a human
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Xuelei, Tears of Blood by Ghost_Lord
Xuelei, Tears of Bloodby Ghost_Lord
Seven young boys, trained to be assassins, cold blooded contract killers. They owe their lives, their very existence to the Master and Mistress who had saved them from t...
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Ice Age: The Beginning by serpent_queen18
Ice Age: The Beginningby Halsee
Two Sabers, a sloth and a mammoth are all what it took to bring a baby human back to his father. Sarabi a sabretooth tiger is the adoptive younger sister to Manny the ma...
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Fate/New Life by joel_447
Fate/New Lifeby Michael Martinez
2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called the The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creatin...
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Treachery Leads To Despair, Despair Leads To Hope by MannyIsTired
Treachery Leads To Despair, Manny
Got bored and wrote this when I couldn't sleep.
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FLUFF (FavreMySabre Oneshots) by TheCookster2
FLUFF (FavreMySabre Oneshots)by Cookie Needs To Die
Yay fluff! For all those innocent beans who wanna see some oneshots from Steve Saga, Assassins Creed, or any other series that FavreMySabre did! BlueBow is one of my fav...
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Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN]} by innocentChildren69
Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE ✨
All your favourite characters put together into one book~! Dedicated to our beloved Servants/Masters from the Fate Series <3 ***********{[Send in Requests]}**********...
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Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldea by TheAxel1105
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldeaby TheAxel1105
Fujimaru Ritsuka, also known as Gudako was the young magus who saved mankind from extinction by restoring its foundations in history with the help of her many servants...
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The Knights of U.A (Arthur Reader + KnightsOfCamelot And Bnha Crossover) by haziq2310ali
The Knights of U.A (Arthur haziq2310ali
(Y/n) Pendragon son of Altria pendragon (lancer) and younger brother of Artoria pendragon (saber) along with their relative moved to Japan, due to that (Y/n) and the kni...
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Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBY by DaffaArsyad
Abused&Neglected MReader X RWBYby DaffaArsyad
Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long they have one daughter Ruby Rose but the truth is they have 1 son Y/N Rose his existence is not desirable by his parent's in the end he...
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Kings without queens  by MalisaMisa
Kings without queens by Malisa
Every king needs their queen right? In one school, not only one king rule but 8 of them. None of them liked being famous. None of the wanted all the girls. None of them...
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Fate/Hero BNHA x Fate/Stay Night [Male reader insert] by InspiredMaverick
Fate/Hero BNHA x Fate/Stay Night [ Inspired
The Grail held many secrets. A boy held many questions. A girl held many worries. In a miraculous work of fate, all will be revealed. BNHA x Fate/Stay Night [Male reader...
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The Hound's Moon by yuutao
The Hound's Moonby Yuuta Aki
"Let me live in peace! I despise the wars... especially with what they did to my past." Not only was Yuuki Satou a unique magecraft user, she even lost her fam...
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Fairy Tail Oneshots by ryncl_
Fairy Tail Oneshotsby ryncl_
I won't guarantee your requests will be written. X readers and characters x characters ~ I'll write anything but smut and stuff between ep 29-50 in the 2014 Series. ~ I...
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REASONS WHY GILGAMESH IRRITATES MEby *Insert random name here*
So yeah, this is just a book sort of thing about why Fate's (Archer!)Gil keeps on irritating me (I hope he never sees this) (He's fictional but still) (His myth is real)...
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Heroic Spirits Of Olympus: The Lost Hero by MisakaLovesYou
Heroic Spirits Of Olympus: The Misaka Mikoto
"Umu!! It is time! My time to finally shine!!! That blue Saber with my face had a wonderful time being the main character of that last rehash of Riordan's work, but...
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