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Reincarnated in Another World with Gates of Babylon and Trace on by Gil_Fullbring
Reincarnated in Another World Gilgamesh
Haruto Takahashi was a normal highschool student until he was robbed and killed. When he woke up, he was in another world in Kid Gilgamesh's body Record: #2 on Gilgamesh...
My Altered Life (Gilgamesh Male Reader x DxD) by TheAnimeManofYeet
My Altered Life (Gilgamesh Male TheAnimeMan
"You survived mongrel?! Hahaha!!! To think I couldn't even kill a person who isn't even a part of this war... I'll show those 2 fakers something, I too can have 2 o...
The King of DxD by Supernova121
The King of DxDby Supernova121
This is a Highschool DxD fanfic as I actually had it wrote down a script for a while until I finally found it and also this was actually going to be one of my first stor...
RWBY: king by gundambanshee
RWBY: kingby gundam epyon
RWBY and JNPR are sent to retrieve a child but who is this child and why Dou's he posses such great power and why Dou's he call every one mongrol
Izuku, the King of Heroes.  by BlusteringWind
Izuku, the King of Heroes. by JustAnotherAuthor
What if Izuku did have a quirk, and it was the King of Heroes' Treasury, Gate of Babylon? Why does he have it? Who knows! Izuku has now gained an ultimate weapon, and a...
 Long Live The Prince (Weiss X Son Of Gilgamesh) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Long Live The Prince (Weiss X TheAnimeMan
A fateful encounter between two heirs of a throne. With a dislike of each other, they can't seem to fathom why they stay around each other despite having clear differenc...
Gil's "Sister" by WIIWANTTODIE
Gil's "Sister"by Alpha Kyogre
Some Gil x Artoria pseudo-sibling fluff. Enjoy!
Story of Ayato Uchiha Hatake by DarkPrinceZeldris
Story of Ayato Uchiha Hatakeby Dark Prince Zeldris
This is the story about a young boy named Ayato Uchiha Hatake who has lost his mother after the Uchiha clan massacre, and yet he does not seek revenge against the men wh...
Fate/Stay Night: holLow wORlD by Anoraan
Fate/Stay Night: holLow wORlDby Anoraan
"I ask of you, Are you my Master?" These words no longer spoken by the King of Knights, but by the Saber of Red -- The Knight of Treachery.
Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
The King of Heroes in A World of Women by MrCrabs4
The King of Heroes in A World of The Golden Quinque
Naruto Namekaze-Uzamaki is kept in a cage of sorts the world is ruled by females, his family keeps him on a leash and doesn't care about his feelings. Naruto left and ab...
Small wishes by onitsuna
Small wishesby ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
"Surely, you know that her life worth a thousand of yours?" Gilgamesh has a daughter and unexpectedly, he's doing well at taking care of her. But as she final...
[CasGilxReader] Recieve Without Conceit by Arse1933
[CasGilxReader] Recieve Without Arse1933
The King Of S.A.O by DarkPrinceZeldris
The King Of S.A.Oby Dark Prince Zeldris
You are Gilgamesh from the Fate series.
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (x reader) by AkariYamada
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Akari Yamada
As a child (Y/n) has never met her mother or father, wishes to obtain the grail to find out the people involved, this gets her involved into the Fifth Holy War as a mast...
Gilgamesh x Enkidu by MeganekkoCasey
Gilgamesh x Enkiduby MeganekkoCasey
Information This story will be based off the Archer Class Servant Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, and his companion the Lancer Class Servant Enkidu. Although Enkidu is s...
Gilgamesh x Male! Reader by whyluciel
Gilgamesh x Male! Readerby Rafi
[Y/N] considers himself a pretty tedious person with a boring life, as if everybody was looking through him. Perhaps a so called Servant will be a ray of hope?
⚔️ The Pirate Princess ⚔️ by celcmooc9
⚔️ The Pirate Princess ⚔️by :)
Sayyida is a ruthless, fearless, aggressive pirate that is nothing close to a lazy. She loves a good fight and is always down to rough house with the other men on her sh...
Beyond Worlds (A Fate/Zero Gilgamesh x Saber FanFiction) by SilverFangz
Beyond Worlds (A Fate/Zero SilverFangz
When the lonely king yearns for the one he loves so much, his call has been answered as the great king who failed to understand his men miraculously appear before him. A...
Not Jeanne, I am Joan of Arc!  Gil x M! Reader by Haku7126Kamino
Not Jeanne, I am Joan of Arc! Haku7126Kamino
Gilgamesh x Male!Reader Ruler, Joan of Arc, a pleasure to meet you, Master!! (No response) Eh??.. Wha- Don't be surprised! Do you mind that I'm not female? (No respon...