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Rhodes Island's Psychologist by Jaqqy10
Rhodes Island's Psychologistby Jaqqy10
Lin Yie, someone that love animal dies and got the misfortune of being transported to Terra, a place full of crazy wizard terrorist and superpower giving rocks but with...
The Juggernaut by Spectee
The Juggernautby Specter
The Juggernaut. Never a name, never a word. To some, they are a demon. To others, they're a angel sent from above. The only words The Juggernaut speaks... "The smel...
The Wildcard Of Terra by LuckyAceHigh
The Wildcard Of Terraby LuckyAceHigh
"I've been called many things, but so help me, "polite" will never be one of them"- Operator Spade, upon being hired by Rhodes Island. The Ace of Spa...
Arknights: Reunion's Conqueror Of The North by Cynicalwaste23
Arknights: Reunion's Conqueror King Gareth the 69th
Join the man named "Blitz" on his adventures towards conquest, glory, and peace. Witness him do the best he can to make sure the infected could have a voice...
Arknights: Dr.(Y/N)'s Riposte  by VioAndBio
Arknights: Dr.(Y/N)'s Riposte by VioAndBio
A story about an independent doctor named (Y/N), who is well known for his reputation earned from his career along with sets of combat skills as a veteran but not unbeat...
The Unknown Military Corporation by NoPotatoForYou
The Unknown Military Corporationby Sentinel
Overpowered Male Reader X Arknight X Girls Frontline X ( Maybe Random Franchise or Game ) Y/N is fanatic Military Isekai, but suddenly die by unknown and he got transpor...
Papa And I (Male Reader X Arknights) by Shin_Kuro
Papa And I (Male Reader X ֆɨʟɛռȶ ɢɦօʊʟ
No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.
R.I; ARK by NotP_xl
R.I; ARKby It’s X now
Your run of the mill Isekai book where you, the reader, gets sent in Terra, by none other than Truck-kun himself. Nothing could go wrong... right? A rewrite of a book @...
The Doctor has had enough by OrerionAki
The Doctor has had enoughby Kanrisha
The doctor of Rhodes Islands under the codename of Geo has had enough. His time of stay in Rhodes was not pleasant. Him having an amnesia didn't help. It was this reason...
Heart Of Ice by EzikWeebletmon
Heart Of Iceby EzikWeebletmon
Shirou Emiya died in an attempt to save his sister Miyu, Yet here he was, in an unknown world at the brink of it's end.
[TNO×Arknights] German In The Terra by LeeCyan
[TNO×Arknights] German In The Terraby LeeCyan
This is a crossover fanfic of a video game Arknights and a mod of Hearts of Iron 4 which is The New Order : Last Days of Europe. I hope you guys will enjoy it!
Arknights: From the Wastes by N7Captain
Arknights: From the Wastesby N7Captain
After sacrificing his life to stop a rogue robot from launching a nuclear bomb, the Courier must now live his life in this strange new world. What mysteries await him? C...
A Destined Operator by LuckyAceHigh
A Destined Operatorby LuckyAceHigh
"I keep having these visions as if I was destined for something. If so god help me." - Seraph Seraph was a student from a Caster school that has been experienc...
Immortal Visitor by OrerionAki
Immortal Visitorby Kanrisha
Inspired by "The Saintess and The God" book Kjerag's God, (Y/n), or mostly known as Valefor, has been stuck in his temple atop Mt Kjerag. It had been a very lo...
The 100 Operators Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really love you by freezxp
The 100 Operators Who Really, freezxp
The Doctor is supposed to be an almighty being that has a plan for everything and whole lot of other titles. However, none of them fit with a guy named Ashura, who was a...
Arknights - Ground Zero by ShadowPixels
Arknights - Ground Zeroby ShadowPixels
The Doctor wakes after having his life saved by Rhode Island. Upon waking up he has a change of heart and begins change for Rhode Island operations.
Bloodlust by Sync_Zone
Bloodlustby 𝑺𝒚𝒏𝒄-𝑺𝒂𝒎𝒂
• Arknights X Male reader • The battle between Rhodes Island and Reunion has not yet settled. as the battle between two sides got fiercer, Reunion decided to attack an i...
The being that slept by torbelt
The being that sleptby enjoy your stay
beneath the ocean lies many dangers none more dangerous than the the one that slept he was a mere legend capable of destroying worlds as it wishes he will awaken soon Al...
The Lord Of Iron (Arknights x Destiny) by LuckyAceHigh
The Lord Of Iron (Arknights x LuckyAceHigh
"Some know the legend. But no one truly knows how the Iron Lords died their final deaths. That was something you had to be there for. To witness. To remember. To kn...