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Sword Art Online: The Demon In White by ShizukaAoi
Sword Art Online: The Demon In Whi...by Shizu
He's never shown interest in anything, nor does he try his very best at something. That is the way Ryuuno Akira lives, in solitary and in the shadows. But when he finds...
Archer (Klein x Reader) by het4li4n
Archer (Klein x Reader)by Amy
When playing online games, you were generally a solo player. But now that you're trapped in Sword Art Online, it might be time to meet new people. (Does not include ALO...
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book one: unrequited || sword art online  by FrogTwinTopMagician
book one: unrequited || sword art...by 𝕝𝕖𝕪𝕧𝕒
"I'm sorry, Kazuto," I whispered. I will not let you fall. "Stay alive and get out of here...Kirito...Asuna..." I'm sorry. "Goodbye." I...
When You Called Me Over That Day (Kirito x Sinon) by Kisoru
When You Called Me Over That Day (...by Kisoru
Kazuto just got DUMPED? Asuna left Kazuto for another man. Kazuto goes to his best friend, Shino, for help. Shino started to feel something she'd never felt before. As...
The Lightning Swordsman (Remastered Version) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsman (Remastere...by Knotavin
(Y/N) is a normal kid. Originally, he didn't want any part of SAO, but his friend had other plans. Join (Y/N) as he tries to survive the tragedy of SAO. Join his heartbr...
The Phoenix Swordsman (Sword Art Online: Reader Insert) by Gaberox01
The Phoenix Swordsman (Sword Art O...by The_Atomic_Devil01
Y/N L/N was one of the many unfortunate people to be stuck in the tragic event of Sword Art Online where if your HP were to reach zero, not only would you die in the gam...
Sword Art Online: The Crystal Swordsman by KillerKieranQ
Sword Art Online: The Crystal Swor...by Kieran Quinn
[Highest Achieved Medals are: #1 in Sinon, Asuna AND Kirito. #1 in SwordArtOnline, #1 in Sword, #1 in Swordfighting, #2 in GGO and #3 in AlfheimOnline.] After the events...
The golden king of Virtual Reality by Condor9875
The golden king of Virtual Realityby Condor9875
"when your put on a pedestal, it might feel good for awhile. But you soon become disconnected from the people who put you up there." When a descendant of the k...
Love is love [Kirito x Eugeo] by itsmebrynja
Love is love [Kirito x Eugeo]by Brynja // Bryn
[COMPLETE BUT CURRENTLY EDITING] After asking for a weeks leave from there quest, Eugeo starts to feel a weird emotion towards Kirito. Could this be the end? Or a new be...
Sword Art Online : Solo Player by EngineerGaming21
Sword Art Online : Solo Playerby Engineer Gaming
a Universe where Kirito follows the Solo Player Rule, always play Solo. What if Kazuto rejected helping Klein at the very beginning? What if Kazuto declined the offer to...
The Skies Are Mine by KhaizulFrost
The Skies Are Mineby Khairul Afif
(crossover harem x male reader) You have no power whatsoever. You have been bullied because of this by everyone except for the headmasters, teachers, few loyal friends...
The Exploiter (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) by Gaian_Sentinel
The Exploiter (A Sword Art Online...by Gaian_Sentinel
Y/N L/N is a extremely depressed teenager whose only lifeline to happiness is through his extremely small,dying youtube channel,on which he speed runs games.When the hit...
Darkslayer's Redemption (Sword Art Online fanfiction) by Fate-Turner72022
Darkslayer's Redemption (Sword Art...by AerialHero_17
(I don't own any arts or even images. The credit belongs to the owners of image i post in the chapter.) What would happen if you are a descendant of your favourite char...
Fatal Bullet - A New Challenger (Male Reader X Sword Art Online II Harem) by wr3kl3ss
Fatal Bullet - A New Challenger (M...by wr3kl3ss
Y/N is invited to join Kureha, his childhood friend, into a game known as Gun Gale Online, or GGO. Y/N makes friends with the most well known veterans of VRMMO's, Kirito...
PROMISED SWORD OF VICTORY. [sword art online fan fic]  by _KENSEI_
You follow your story as y/n von astra, a half European half Japanese teen. You journey through the game of sword art online where you meet friends,enemies and rivals. ...
Sword Art Online: X by Timeless_95
Sword Art Online: Xby Just Another Fanfic Writer
X is a mysterious player. He was a beta tester of Sword Art Online, but no-one knew much about him. In SAO, his only friend seemed to be Kirito, but he was distant, even...
Sword Art Online: SONIC and The Floating Palace(ON HOLD) by EpicError74
Sword Art Online: SONIC and The Fl...by EpicError
Maurice Olgilvie is a boy who was born with super speed. He loves gaming, singing, playing his guitar, and running. one day he got a nervegear to play sword art online a...
Lisbeth x Male Reader: The Blacksmith and The Knight by zekken10462
Lisbeth x Male Reader: The Blacksm...by zekken10462
Rika Shinozaki or Lisbeth in SAO and Y/N or U/N (Username) in SAO are trapped in the death game known as Sword Art Online and the only way to get out is to clear the gam...
The Crimson Swordsman (Sword Art Online X OC/Male reader) by Corrupted839
The Crimson Swordsman (Sword Art O...by Cørrūptêd_839
Akiri Shiranobu was a young boy with a passion for parkour. Everything changed after a fateful accident caused him to lose his legs. Now, he finds himself trapped in a d...
Sword Art Online: «The Completionist» by Zayasu_Komatsu
Sword Art Online: «The Completioni...by Zam
Y/n L/n, a rather normal teen with a fiery passion for games. From shooters to horror games, to MMO's and sigleplayer games. He finds immense satisfaction in playing the...