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The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art Online Anime OC/male reader insert)  by zer0420
The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art Onl...by Zer0420
Nhzual was only 14 when his life got turned upside down. On his way home from Martial arts practice he came across a drunk man trying to force himself on a woman and wit...
Archer (Klein x Reader) by het4li4n
Archer (Klein x Reader)by Amy
When playing online games, you were generally a solo player. But now that you're trapped in Sword Art Online, it might be time to meet new people. (Does not include ALO...
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Stuck Inside SAO (Kirito x Reader) by -That-One-Otaku-
Stuck Inside SAO (Kirito x Reader)by Lesley
I Do Not Own Sword Art Online or the cover picture. sword art online belongs to Reki Kawahara and it will always belong to him. BEFORE YOU READ NOTE THEIR IS A LOT AND I...
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X SAO) by Scalax102
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X...by Scalax102
This isn't Yaoi, It's Izuku x Asuna cause... Yeah. Adoption of Yui and Eri. He has siblings! Right... forgot about that. Izumi Midoriya is his sister, Toshinori Yagi is...
The Hunter of Sword Art Online by Winters-Reaper
The Hunter of Sword Art Onlineby Winters-Reaper
Y/N Yuuki 17 years old and is also the older brother of Asuna Yuuki, and both have ordered the new game sword art online only for things to go wrong, and when something...
Sword Art Online: X by Timeless_95
Sword Art Online: Xby Just Another Fanfic Writer
X is a mysterious player. He was a beta tester of Sword Art Online, but no-one knew much about him. In SAO, his only friend seemed to be Kirito, but he was distant, even...
The Masked Hero {SAO X Male Reader} by Ninneko7
The Masked Hero {SAO X Male Reader}by Ninneko
Y/N L/N was a young man who loved to be in the virtual world. He would then play a game called Sword Art Online. But there was an incident. A man named Kayaba Akihiko wo...
Sword Art Online: SONIC and The Floating Palace(ON HOLD) by EpicError74
Sword Art Online: SONIC and The Fl...by EpicError
Maurice Olgilvie is a boy who was born with super speed. He loves gaming, singing, playing his guitar, and running. one day he got a nervegear to play sword art online a...
A Beater Become The Black Swordsman by KazutoKirigaya120
A Beater Become The Black Swordsmanby kazuto kirigaya
Y/n was dating rias, Akeno,Asia, koneko then tragedy struck when they murdered him In cold blood then kazuto was about to die when a mystery figure period in front of hi...
Izuku The Black Swordsman by Overseer874
Izuku The Black Swordsmanby Overseer
This Story will take inspiration from Kira18019 blurred lines so if you haven't check that out as well anyway to this story So Izuku beats SAO wakes up tries and finds A...
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 1) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 1)by Knotavin
SAO has trapped in thousands of player. (U/N) is faced with emotional hardship, will he make new friends, or stay alone. How will (U/N) use his special ability, to help...
Most Powerful (Sword Art Online Kirito x Oc) by SinWasTaken
Most Powerful (Sword Art Online Ki...by Faith
Viola was a beta tester for SAO (Sword Art Online) she got further than any of the other beta testers almost completing the game only getting stuck at floor 93, she kept...
●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【AliceZuberg X Male!Reader! X OC】 ۩SAO: Alicization۩ by J4SZX18
●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【AliceZ...by J4SZX!18*
[Slow Updates] This is my own reimagination of SAO: Alicization, meaning that I will change many things about it. Like the Underword has a world of it's own. This is go...
The Sword That Defines Hope by Jesse676soto
The Sword That Defines Hopeby Jesse Soto
Discontinued Re write out! Title: The Star that Shines bright Old title: The Dual Swordsmen Of Remnant Y/n Schnee had everything after he was adopted. But he did not s...
Sword Art Online: Swordsman Memories (Male Reader X SAO) by ShiningGlory574
Sword Art Online: Swordsman Memori...by ShiningGlory574
(Y/N) (L/N) was just an average teenager that has a average life. That's when he got selected to be a beta tester out of a thousand and get to play a new VR MMORPG calle...
Kazuto-kun wa Onna?! by AsunaLee
Kazuto-kun wa Onna?!by Asuna Lee
{NOT FINISHED - DISCONTINUED I'm long not in touch with SAO anymore, so I won't be finishing this. Sorry! - AsunaLee, 2/22/2020} Kazuto Kirigaya, who was once the epic...
Sword Art Online: The Black Specter by NeonKunSama
Sword Art Online: The Black Specterby Neon
An FanFic With My OC, Inside the world of SAO
Sword Art Online: The Demon In White by ShizukaAoi
Sword Art Online: The Demon In Whi...by Shizu
He's never shown interest in anything, nor does he try his very best at something. That is the way Ryuuno Akira lives, in solitary and in the shadows. But when he finds...
Sword Art Online; Sheik's Story by ShionSchwarts
Sword Art Online; Sheik's Storyby ShionSchwarts
Story of Sheik in Sword Art Online. My name is Asuka. I go by Sheik in this story, however. I'm a gaming trap who got himself stuck in a game called Sword Art Online. If...