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Jaune Emiya's Fate by theone799
Jaune Emiya's Fateby AniAuthor
After Jaune Arc saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa, Cardin still told everyone about his fake transcripts. All of beacon hates him all of sudden calling him fraud. Ja...
Medusa's Blessed (Medusa (Rider) x Reader) by umya50
Medusa's Blessed (Medusa (Rider) Ky
Medusa x Reader. Y/N L/N is a 17 year old boy that goes to Homurahara School. He's an average kid with a seemingly bright future that holds a lot of friends. He does str...
Dragon Of Demise and the Knight Of Treachery (ON HOLD) by PridedKnight
Dragon Of Demise and the Knight Pride Knight
A dude reincarnated as Acnologia in the Fate universe as a female, because that is basically fate in a sense. She travels the land, proving her title as Dragon King, and...
The Third Faction of Apocrypha by Lonewofie
The Third Faction of Apocryphaby Lonewofie
After saying his farewells to Rin, Archer willingly returns to the Throne of Heroes to continue his eternal duties as a Guardian of the Counter Force. Only to be thrown...
What happens when you summon Emiya Shirou in Chaldea by MythikalVoid
What happens when you summon Mythikal
What would happen when Ritsuka summons Emiya Shirou in Chaldea? The result: chaos. Crack fic. (NOTE. THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM THE REAL FANFICTION ON FANFICTION.NET...
(401 - 600) Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World by ManilynSobrevilla
(401 - 600) Stay-at-home Dad's Manilyn Sobrevilla
There is a very strange restaurant in the City of Sin. Elves and dwarves must share a table, orcs are strangely well behaved, dragons are only welcomed on the small squa...
the broken servant( male servant x Fate grand order ) by Arthurpendragon285
the broken servant( male servant Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n was a saber Servant a 0 star type ( like Angra ) who was the rares of all, not very strong but loyal to gudako his máster, however one day at the misión His " c...
BxB Recommendations by zealand1234
BxB Recommendationsby zealand1234
Tired of seeing the same recommendations in your feed? Give these a try! Completed Stories Only! A mix of sweet, sad, shifter, magic, etc. All chapters will include auth...
HIS ASSASSIN, gilgamesh by harbnger
HIS ASSASSIN, gilgameshby ᄊᄊ
Whereas by be summoned by Chaldea's master, Y/n finds himself gaining a second chance in seeing his king once again. Caster ! Gilgamesh x Assassin ! M ! Reader
Fate / Chronos by Umbral-Z
Fate / Chronosby Umbral-Z
A jaded freelancer unexpectedly becomes a Master in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Armed with nothing but a child's wish, he heeds the Grail's call. But beware, Zayne, for s...
The Fake Player by MiyujiPerez1
The Fake Playerby MiyujiPerez1
On his death bed Shirou was paid a visit by Zelretch. Offering him a chance to escape eternal servitude to Alaya the fake hero takes it to avoid a future like EMIYA. Wak...
Fate/Satus by Deamdan
Fate/Satusby Deamdan
Do you have a wish young one? Does it all matter in the end? Will all life die eventually? Will the hero defeat the villain? Is there a end to it all..... Feel free to g...
HIS ASSASSIN || gilgamesh x reader ✓ by icametolaughatyou
HIS ASSASSIN || gilgamesh x gil
***Being continued on my second account ( @harbnger ) !! fate//fanfic To which y/n wishes to see his King one last time.
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Redgrave Family Shenanigans by GabeTheFallen
Redgrave Family Shenanigansby GabeTheFallen
Basically a filler book, whatever is happening can or cannot be cannon based on the content of the other books. Disclaimer: i do not own images or videos that might be u...
Servant of the 4th Wall (FGO SI OC Servant) - Hiatus by Gilthur
Servant of the 4th Wall (FGO SI Reinhart
When death comes, regaining the memories of your past lives was an uncommon occurrence. Because of a wish, his fate was doomed. He expected to move again from a new worl...
The Case of War Loud: Heroes, Neighbors and Apprentices by Demon010
The Case of War Loud: Heroes, Demon dark mezzo sangue
Clan Loud has always been special, but for four hundred years they have remained outside the World of Heroes and Magic. Unfortunately, things are changing. A mysterious...
That Time I Reincarnated as Shirou Emiya's Little Sister by LunaWu3
That Time I Reincarnated as Luna Wu
Fate stay/night x Fate Grand Order Y/n a normal high school girl died in a car accident. When she opened her eyes she was a kid again, but that's not all she looks awfu...
Boku no Hero Academia X Fate Reader by DragonBallJ
Boku no Hero Academia X Fate Readerby DragonBallJ
Just as the title says. Read to find out. Boku no Hero characters, original story and everything belong to Kohei Horikoshi. Fate series characters, original story and ev...
King Miguel Chunkus the third!!! by JeremiahNamin
King Miguel Chunkus the third!!!by Jeremiah Namin
fate/zero x King Miguel the Third The most mighty king in all of the land has entered the holy grail war