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Fate/Irregular Summons by benit149
Fate/Irregular Summonsby benit149
Connla story #5. After barely surviving the Singularity, Connla again witnesses the life of another version of herself in a dream. This time she is a participant of Fuyu...
The Grand Order of an Emperor: a Male oc X FGO fanfiction by Fallenqr0w
The Grand Order of an Emperor: a M...by Qrow Ozen
Gudako and Mashu found a rusted old sword that was next to the bones of a huge beast. What was so special of the person who wielded this blade that all of the Greek/Roma...
Konosuba ( Yunyun X MHX Male reader ) by Vell241
Konosuba ( Yunyun X MHX Male reade...by Vell241
(Y/n) is an otaku who like's to cosplaying as his favorite character and he can do a lot of girlish copslay due to tha fact that (Y/n) have a girly looking body why did...
Messiah Becoming a Servant by Jakeleyy
Messiah Becoming a Servantby Jakeley
Makoto Yuki, in his last breath, waiting for his death to come only to see an orange-haired girl and a room which he doesn't know. Huh? Had he become one of the Servants...
2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Order by GASTLY42957
2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Ord...by Rhogar
So this is an idea I only came up with today. I've been watching a lot of FitMC and if you want to learn up on 2b2t history so you know a lot of what I mention in this b...
Archer x Lancer_I DARE YOU by VladtheGrim
Archer x Lancer_I DARE YOUby VladtheGrim
Two heroes who have always been destined to fight each other in the battle field, Archer and Lancer, are again members of the Holy Grail War. But this time, their meetin...
Gilgamesh's Sister by TeamWhiteRose100
Gilgamesh's Sisterby TeamWhiteRose100
This is the story of Gilgamesh, Gelda, and time travelers against goddesses.
Fate Grand Order The Digital Servant by BlazeDX7
Fate Grand Order The Digital Serva...by BraeonX2
Hunter the hero and protector of the Human World,Digital World and The Digital World Iliad. A kind hearted hero, that would do anything to protect the worlds, people and...
Aeon The Primordial Void God. by Volmatriax
Aeon The Primordial Void God.by Aleon Arc
Aeon a young 18 year old boy that died when he was killed by a moving truck as unfortunately for our young man fate has other plans for him as he wakes up in another wor...
Izuku, the King of Heroes.  by BlusteringWind
Izuku, the King of Heroes. by JustAnotherAuthor
What if Izuku did have a quirk, and it was the King of Heroes' Treasury, Gate of Babylon? Why does he have it? Who knows! Izuku has now gained an ultimate weapon, and a...
Cutting the deck [A Genshin Impact fanfiction] by ThoughtfulForest
Cutting the deck [A Genshin Impact...by Reynaldo R. Redingco III
"Hoh! A poor boy, being rejected by his crush and childhood friend for someone better looking, richer, and more popular than him. The poor boy is in a coma huh? It...
The altered hero: a RWBY x Male oc Fanfiction by Fallenqr0w
The altered hero: a RWBY x Male oc...by Qrow Ozen
A boy who had seen the worst of humanity... yet he still wishes to protect his loved ones, nut nothing about him is normal.... The past had returned to claim the one who...
Blind Man's Bluff by RickyRich_27
Blind Man's Bluffby Neotaku
A simple human, nothing more, is entrusted with the family heirloom as he is the last child of his family. Comming from a long line of tarot card readers (and also card...
Fate/GO The Young Pendragon by JasonTheUtahOutlaw
Fate/GO The Young Pendragonby Jason Gold The Fastest hand i...
Yuuto Uther Mordred Sakura Emyia Pendragon or Just Yuuto Pendragon for short the son of Shirou Emyia and Artoria Pendragon the King of Knights, at the age of seven, watc...
The Cinnamon Rolls Avenger. by Middernacht1
The Cinnamon Rolls Avenger.by Ga'Hoole
I died, well thats a way to start a description. I met God who apparently played fate grand order and gave me a second chance at life, one that I shall not waste and pro...
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Raised by Heroes by -Sakura_Tree-
Raised by Heroesby RPG
A Percy Jackson and Fate Series crossover _&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_ Born in Japan and mostly raised at America. Mika Akashi was ju...
A Rose Amidst The Thorns (Rossweisse X M Reader) by TheAnimeManofYeet
A Rose Amidst The Thorns (Rossweis...by TheAnimeMan
Known as the a manslayer throughout the world. The lonely killer travels to a new place to call home. Misunderstood, he care not about what others think. One meeting wit...
Fate's Blacksmith by GASTLY42957
Fate's Blacksmithby Rhogar
The reader is a Castor class, who is also a blacksmith. He is immortal and has a sort of clairvoyance that he calls his "Foresight". He doesn't know what will...
Irregular-Lostbelt: The World of Flowers and Heroes: Takama-ga-Hara by AriesStar337
Irregular-Lostbelt: The World of F...by Leandro Gutierrez
In a world where heroes rise and fall like flowers. In such world where prosperity is at his highest, but... At the expense of continuity.