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The Knight of Treachery In Chaldea by MannyIsTired
The Knight of Treachery In Chaldeaby Manny
Mordred Pendragon after everything that happened even to when he betrayed his "father" who wanted nothing but love never got it...and was cut down by his own f...
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The Future Warrior Of Chaldea by MannyIsTired
The Future Warrior Of Chaldeaby Manny
Dbz X FGO Crossover, decided to make a story with two of my favorite franchises of all time! The Fate Series and the Dragon Ball Series, A lot might not like Dragon Ball...
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2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Order by GASTLY42957
2b2t male reader x Fate Ground Ord...by Rhogar
So this is an idea I only came up with today. I've been watching a lot of FitMC and if you want to learn up on 2b2t history so you know a lot of what I mention in this b...
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Asterios was left on the door step of the Rose-Xiao Long household. Summer took him in as her own son. They thought he was a Faunus. They never expected him to grow so b...
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The Saint Of Chaldea by MannyIsTired
The Saint Of Chaldeaby Manny
Just Read On To Find Out. Male Jeanne D'Arc Reader X Yandere Chaldea
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Crossover Servants by MrCrabs4
Crossover Servantsby The Golden Quinque
This is crossover servant sheets for Fate Stay/Night
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The Ultimate Hero by RaulValdivia1
The Ultimate Heroby Raul Valdivia
The Throne of Heroes. A place that exists beyond time and space. All the legends of all the greatest heroes throughout history from all the realities are recorded there...
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The Fate of the World (male reader x female servants) by Voxsbane
The Fate of the World (male reader...by Voxsbane
Things were normal for (f/n) till he was shot by a mysterious person and summoned a bunch of servants to get revenge. Now he must fight monsters and try to keep his serv...
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[SLOW UPDATES] Fate/GO: With our own twist {Fate/GO males x male!reader} by Pleasenobodynoticeme
[SLOW UPDATES] Fate/GO: With our o...by Stoopid Id-yet
Hey, um. This is old And uh, yeah. I'm rewriting the thing cuz uh, it was shit. I'm gonna die now WARNING: THE UPDATES ARE REALLY FUCKIN SLOW
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Messiah Becoming a Servant by Jakeleyy
Messiah Becoming a Servantby Jakeley
Makoto Yuki, in his last breath, waiting for his death to come only to see an orange-haired girl and a room which he doesn't know. Huh? Had he become one of the Servants...
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Fate/Liber by AriesStar337
Book of OC Servants who has not make an appearance in Type-Moon.
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The adventures of a servant in the DC Universe by Demon010
The adventures of a servant in the...by Novizio 010
My quiet life was destroyed by Zelretch. Now I'm Mystic, the Guardian of San Francisco. I must use the power of Seven Class Cards to survive in this crazy world, invoke...
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The Blacksmith/Faker by MannyIsTired
The Blacksmith/Fakerby Manny
A blacksmith known as Sengo Muramasa and a boy named Shirou Emiya...What happens when they both fuse together and they are a Pseudo Servant summoned by Gudako due to an...
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The Darkin Blade (Fate Grand Order X Male Reader) by TheM0nk1shere
The Darkin Blade (Fate Grand Order...by BlueBottleSr
My first story pls don't expect much
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Fate/New Life by joel_447
Fate/New Lifeby Michael Martinez
2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called the The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creatin...
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Merlin tried to Have An Instagram But Instead, He Steals Memes  by Ace_Xeno
Merlin tried to Have An Instagram...by The guy who loves playing as...
I got bored.
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Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldea by TheAxel1105
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldeaby TheAxel1105
Fujimaru Ritsuka, also known as Gudako was the young magus who saved mankind from extinction by restoring its foundations in history with the help of her many servants...
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Suffer (A Gilgamesh x OC Fan Fiction) by GodofMachines
Suffer (A Gilgamesh x OC Fan Ficti...by GodofMachines
Honoka Hattori preferred to be alone. She's the kind of girl who'd rather have at least two or three friends who are true to her rather than a dozen friends, but most of...
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Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN]} by innocentChildren69
Fate! Oneshots {[REQUESTS ARE OPEN...by ✨
All your favourite characters put together into one book~! Dedicated to our beloved Servants/Masters from the Fate Series <3 ***********{[Send in Requests]}**********...
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The Grandmaster At Arms Of Chaldea (Male reader x  Fate Grand Order) by IncognitoSavesLives
The Grandmaster At Arms Of Chaldea...by UseIncognitoMode
Fate Grand Order x Male reader
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