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Burn ! by Parknott
Burn !by Matheus Anciães
After a tragic event, Kenta Amano decide to become a different type of hero
The betrayed master by cockanfballtorture
The betrayed masterby Cockandballtorture
What if there was a second master in Chaldea , what if he was born with a destiny to destroy everything around him and in order to save the world those closest to him ha...
The Forgotten Hero (OC x Fate) by Argen_Saiyan_UI
The Forgotten Hero (OC x Fate)by Argen_Saiyan_UI
"I want to be a Hero" "I want to save everyone". Words pronounced by two men in the past. What about the men in the future. "I will carry their...
And The Red Dragon Came by xPenguinlordx
And The Red Dragon Cameby Penguin Lord
In the oncoming threat of a calamity, the Greater Magic will respond. No matter where, even if the calamity is far from its influence, it will respond. Gandalf knows thi...
Konosuba ( Yunyun X MHX Male reader ) by Vell241
Konosuba ( Yunyun X MHX Male reade...by Vell241
(Y/n) is an otaku who like's to cosplaying as his favorite character and he can do a lot of girlish copslay due to tha fact that (Y/n) have a girly looking body why did...
Raised by Heroes by -Sakura_Tree-
Raised by Heroesby RPG
A Percy Jackson and Fate Series crossover _&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_ Born in Japan and mostly raised at America. Mika Akashi was ju...
FGO: Into the Legend (Male reader x FGO) by NeRo59
FGO: Into the Legend (Male reader...by Ne Ro
Continuation of my DXD story Y/N is now a servant, summoned by Gudako, a Master who worked for Chaldea. Follow Y/N, Gudako and Mash, where they fight in, what Da Vinci c...
The Snake Master: Fate/GO X Male Reader by GASTLY42957
The Snake Master: Fate/GO X Male R...by Rhogar
I don't have a description. It's easier to read the bio and look at the backstory in it. I don't own you I don't own Fate/GO I don't own any photos I use
I Took Class Cards to the other World by netapel
I Took Class Cards to the other Wo...by netapel
SI/OC Konosuba story with Fate class cards.
Grand Order Naruto by NarutoFan980
Grand Order Narutoby NarutoFan980
A complete rewrite of the Naruto series, but there will be changes. Naruto will have a deck of cards where he can summon any female or male being. The village of Konoha...
Fate's Blacksmith by GASTLY42957
Fate's Blacksmithby Rhogar
The reader is a Castor class, who is also a blacksmith. He is immortal and has a sort of clairvoyance that he calls his "Foresight". He doesn't know what will...
The Second Magus Killer Summoned To Chaldea by AndikaSurya186
The Second Magus Killer Summoned T...by Andika Surya
What if Shirou Emiya become heroic spirit and summoned to Chaldea. This Shirou have Time alter magic and equipment Kiritsugu Emiya and Archer ability too
The Grand Saber by OkitaSouji_
The Grand Saberby Tia Doragon[Okita]
NOT MY BOOK, This was adopted from @_TheCatAuthor_ A servant has been summoned... A powerful one at that... Welcome.... . Grand Saber
my burning soul of vengences ( male betraye reader x Fate stay night &fgo) by Arthurpendragon285
my burning soul of vengences ( mal...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
why...why did they do this to me? i had a normal life...a Family, a girlfriend and even my bests friends who always at my side, Taken away and frame by no reason, they t...
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Messiah Becoming a Servant by Jakeleyy
Messiah Becoming a Servantby Jakeley
Makoto Yuki, in his last breath, waiting for his death to come only to see an orange-haired girl and a room which he doesn't know. Huh? Had he become one of the Servants...
Fire Emblem Heroes: Grand Order (Fire Emblem Heroes x Fate/Grand Order) by Sherlock145
Fire Emblem Heroes: Grand Order (F...by Mycroft Moriarty
After completing their services in saving humanity, Ritsuka Fujimaru and his sister, Gudako, resigned their jobs and returned to their former life. As soon as they were...
Adam in the Fate series by XanaShadow
Adam in the Fate seriesby Xana Shadow
These are interactions I made about Adam - from Records of Ragnarok - being in the Fate series. This is not a Fan Fic, but merely interactions.
Fate/Stay Mamono by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Fate/Stay Mamonoby Change is Good
Let's just say.... Zelretch is the one to blame. Test fic
Saber of Ash [Male!Reader X Fate Grand Order] by conN0426
Saber of Ash [Male!Reader X Fate G...by Silver Phoenix
(Y/N) (L/N), The Bloodied Knight, One last fight on a world of Ash, one last fight on a burned-out husk of a Kingdom