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Jaune Arc The Once And Future King by theone799
Jaune Arc The Once And Future Kingby AniAuthor
Abandoned! I called my friends to the roof and told them my secret. It went as I expected they scolded me told me that i shouldn't be here and that my family was right...
Darkness Is In [OUAT || Two Saviours Series #5 || Killian Jones] by bethanyjanebooks
Darkness Is In [OUAT || Two Bethany Jane
There's a new Dark One in their lives, Emma Swan, after being told she's a saviour, to protect her family and friends she risked her life to save them. Brooke struggles...
Hidden Magic • Peter Parker ✓ by smolgaybean_
Hidden Magic • Peter Parker ✓by Bee
This is adapted from my one shot 'Peter's trip' in both my Merlin and Spiderman one shot books. This is a Peter x Merlin fic, which is a ship I had never considered unti...
Modern Day Warships to Another World(Azur Lane x OC's) by Horten141A
Modern Day Warships to Another
(Rewrited Description!) As the war has ended 31 year ago, the world now peace... US began to make a good relationship with Russia Korean Peninsula now is unite as United...
Stolen Waters (Descendants Jay x OC) by vDelightful13
Stolen Waters (Descendants Jay x V Delightful
Sylphrenia is the newest lady of the lake and the strongest fairy in all of Auradon. A few years back, the Council of the Fey sent her to Auradon Prep to help her lear...
The Third Reader - The School for Good and Evil by EvieWritesAlot
The Third Reader - The School Evie Smallwood
"Why is there three of them?! There's never three!" It's always been one good, one evil. Stolen from their homes every 4 years by the school master. But, when...
The Mistake by Pitifultree4002
The Mistakeby Pitifultree4002
Denver Charlus Potter Is the boy-who-lived or is he?. Dumbledore claimed he was the boy-who-lived but he made a mistake It was actually his brother Hadrian Fleamont Orio...
To Be A Leader  by Cyanta
To Be A Leader by Cyanta
We start with an everyday otaku walking down the street and boom truck kun ! (No one expected that) and when he awakes he is given wishes now let's see if he can live up...
I'll protect you! | Various! Sds x F! Reader by Boppaa
I'll protect you! | Various! Sds Boppaa
You had always loved the human world. You are a powerful dragon disguised as a human who has vowed to protect Elizabeth for the rest of your life after she had saved you...
Merlin's Secret by Fractured_Dreamer
Merlin's Secretby Fractured_Dreamer
Merlin has a secret he won't let anyone find out, least of all King Arthur. His past was an abyss of darkness and pain, resulting in his powerful magical ability. He doe...
Merlin One-Shots!! by smolgaybean_
Merlin One-Shots!!by Bee
I will take any suggestions. if you have an au you love please message me and I will gladly write a story for you! Best stats achieved: #1 bbcmerlin #1 dragonlord #1 ga...
Overlord: Divine Kingdom Camelot  by austin333lee
Overlord: Divine Kingdom Camelot by austin333lee
In the online game of Yggdrasil there lived a player who rules over a kingdom of npc's but when he finds himself in a new world he and his kingdom will have to adapt to...
Creeps in Like the Darkness [OUAT || Swan Princess Trio #5] by bethanyjanebooks
Creeps in Like the Darkness [ Bethany Jane
The darkness escaped the sorcerer's hat and has found a new host, Elaine Swan. She is the new Dark One, can her family, friends and love bring her back into the light or...
Legend of the Sword by echoranger7
Legend of the Swordby Echoranger7
Izuku's Quirk never came to be and people labeled him as "Quirkless". For that he was bullied and harassed, but all changed when he discovered a sword embedded...
Stuck in Another Damn World (Azur Lane FanFic/Azur Lane x OC's) by Horten141A
Stuck in Another Damn World (
In the year of 2061 3 decades since the humanity greatest war The World War III After the brutal and full of madness of war World finally reaching the Peace Point or Pea...
A Knight's Purpose (Book 1) ✔️ by Mercury2017
A Knight's Purpose (Book 1) ✔️by Mercury2017
I've lived alone for eight and a half years, running from my past. That's a hell of a thing for a shifter to do. Eve Rutledge moves to a new town every year and keeps he...
Lady Knight Missione (Merlin fanfic) by katie131925
Lady Knight Missione (Merlin Katie
A girl from the 21st century gets thrown into the world of Camelot. She grows up there at a small cottage alongside new friends and together they learn the art of swords...
King Arthur and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. by MisakaLovesYou
King Arthur and The Olympians: Misaka Mikoto
A World Seperate From Percy Jackson's world emerges.. A world where things happened very differently. Saber was always a different girl, she knew that. Not only was her...
Merlin Oneshots by Karmitara
Merlin Oneshotsby The Lokison Writer
A collection of oneshots circling around our favorite young warlock through various parts of the series. Always complete! Requests are available, but no guarantees
Merthur - King of Storno by LSTimetraveler
Merthur - King of Stornoby Light Speed Time Traveler
"Please welcome, the Knights of Cenred!" Another bunch of knights... another shitty kingdom... so many dishes later... Arthur was making peace with all the k...