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Servant in the Isles by Firestorm808
Servant in the Islesby Firestorm808
Luz summons a redheaded Hero of the Sword, beginning her journey to becoming a master Caster.
Young (Hero of) Justice (A Young Justice and Fate Stay Night crossover)  HIATUS by BW1301
Young (Hero of) Justice (A Young JV Magecraft
After being sent to fight a dangerous threat, former Counter Guardian Shirou Emiya finds himself a teenager again and fighting with a team of superheroes. Sequel to a N...
What happens when you summon Emiya Shirou in Chaldea by MythikalVoid
What happens when you summon Mythikal
What would happen when Ritsuka summons Emiya Shirou in Chaldea? The result: chaos. Crack fic. (NOTE. THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM THE REAL FANFICTION ON FANFICTION.NET...
Fate: Strange True World. by GundamRaiser00
Fate: Strange True Jackson Finn
Shirou knew that the moment the troll gave him the strange card and pushed him into the portal, he was definitely screwed. Still, what's with this strange world and it's...
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [Miyuverse Shirou] by Kiyone-Chan
Shirou Emiya In Fate/Zero [ AyanoChibi
Miyuverse Shirou Emiya still has to complete his side of the contract in ensuring Miyu's happiness. As Alaya has given him the chance to fulfil the oath he has made, she...
Knight of the Kings Night by WriteShop
Knight of the Kings Nightby WriteShop
What if a miscast spell called Shiro into the past, to Arthurian England. Would he get to see his beloved Saber, or would he irrevocably screw up history? And does he ca...
My mind while writing this fanfiction isn't good.. Fate and Highschool dxd lemon by VanGohUserLOL
My mind while writing this Average Van goh fan
This fanfiction is just to filled my hatred over one fanfiction name "The warrior bride" no hate on the writer I just really hate it.. So why not put this shit...
In DxD but I am Emiya! by Kaizer996
In DxD but I am Emiya!by Kaizer
A guy got a chance to live another life in world of DxD as Shirou Fucking Emiya.
Projection-kun! (FGO Fanfiction) by DosingOver
Projection-kun! (FGO Fanfiction)by NanaseSimp
Da Vinci was once more, looking for stuff again. She sighed while digging through the pile of trash craft essences that Ritsuka had summoned. When suddenly, a certain cr...
The Supreme God Emiya Shirou x Fate Grand Order by KumagawaShirou
The Supreme God Emiya Shirou x Kumagawa Shirou
my name Emiya Shirou The Supreme God the Lord of Heaven I ask are you my master
Kamen rider Saber x nasuverse: the Hero of Fate by Arthurpendragon285
Kamen rider Saber x nasuverse: Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
the World of nasuverse live people from different earths now become one, some people are beings known as servants, old and mythtical legends from different past now brou...
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu x Fate/Grand Order) (HIATUS) by ReinerBraun456
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Kameraden
Ever wondered, what if our favorite Master of Chaldea from Fate/Grand Order uses the chibi version of the Servants for a war?
Fate/night order by DrPoisonguy
Fate/night orderby Dr Poison guy
After shirou died in his house after a long journey he is now in the throne of hero resting in avolan with arturia but not to long after he is in a summon not as a serva...
Fate/Determination by Oramudadora
Fate/Determinationby Oramudadora
The soul of determination. It is a rare soul. One that can bend the world with nothing but the soul's will and determination. Those with a soul like this are either, a...
Fate/Full trace by _King_of_Fantasy_
Fate/Full traceby King of Fantasy
Shirou Emiya,after giving up on his ideals and choosing to save Sakura instead he lived a happy life and on his free time would practice his tracing magic to the point w...
Oath To The Other Side by Vyper_
Oath To The Other Sideby Vy
As she leaves her world headed to ruin, Miyu wishes for her brother to find happiness. Taking her own wish into consideration, Shirou is sent to a world different from h...
Fate/Dead Man's Tale [On Hold] by Zeonschilling
Fate/Dead Man's Tale [On Hold]by Zeon [Hiatus]
It was a pirates life for (y/n). The endless blue sea is what he would see and that's where he eventually died. What he didn't expect was to take part in a Grail War. Gu...
HSR Fanfic {Emiya Shirou} by Kiyone-Chan
HSR Fanfic {Emiya Shirou}by AyanoChibi
Emiya Shirou is an unorthodox Magus who seeks to become a Hero of Justice. A notion, dream, goal, objective, one he promised he would become to his late father, Kiritsug...
That Time I Reincarnated as Shirou Emiya's Little Sister by LunaWu3
That Time I Reincarnated as Luna Wu
Fate stay/night x Fate Grand Order Y/n a normal high school girl died in a car accident. When she opened her eyes she was a kid again, but that's not all she looks awfu...
Alaya's Apocrypha by BW1301
Alaya's Apocryphaby JV Magecraft
Takes place in the Apocrypha Type Moon Universe. Alaya has sensed the presence of not just seven, but 16 Servants. In response, it sends its most loyal dog, Shirou Emi...