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The ultimate dragon of domination by Misajbm
The ultimate dragon of dominationby Misajbm
Issei is half dragon half fallen angel. Issei will be op, some romance story will mainly be issei x serafall with maybe irina no massive harem. Hope you enjoy !
Dxd But Flipped by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Dxd But Flippedby Jiren The Grey
Near death, Issei looked into the sky and could only regret his decision. However, instead of a certain devil showing up, a specific someone that Issei knew but the worl...
The Reborn Dragon  by DarkShadow0532
The Reborn Dragon by DarkShadow0532
Teenager die by truck-kun and got reincarnated in highschool dxd by God. (Please go easy on me since this is my first fanfic).
DXD With a Twist by Dat-Boi-Eraser
DXD With a Twistby Jiren The Grey
When issei was slaughtered by his girlfriend... Instead of Rias appearing, Lucifer appears. You see, the magic circle that Rias gave was mistaken for the one that Lucife...
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxd by keerthivasanfirst
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxdby Keerthivasan GC
What happen when an otaku dies due to mistake of God who grants him an three Wishes What will happen in the main plot will it Change? Or Not? ...
Raian Kure the devil slayer (DXD x kengan ashura) by BounphengMixay
Raian Kure the devil slayer (DXD x...by PEPSI 47
What would happen if Raian from kengan ashura transfer to Kouh Academy, Raian was not a normal people even consider to be strong even by supernatural standards on his ow...
Prince of Destruction! DxD by Renold0
Prince of Destruction! DxDby Renold
OC reborn as Rias's older twin brother in world of dxd.
Shinto Issei by DevilFunTime
Shinto Isseiby DevilFunTime
Issei is taken in and trained by the Shinto pantheon. Yeah, this should be fun. Issei x Koneko
The great betrayed rose by Thedragongodbahamut
The great betrayed roseby HADRIAN KLUG
Ruby rose is betrayed by all of her friends. She however achieved the boosted gear. 3 people even fall for her in the end. How will she react
Highschool DxD: The True Dragon of Truth & Hope by shibazaki123
Highschool DxD: The True Dragon of...by Detective
A day after fighting Riser, Issei goes to the Occult Research Club to find out that Rias kicks him out, to add salt to the wound she brutally lays it down that he is wea...
DxD black dragon empress call by Thedragongodbahamut
DxD black dragon empress callby HADRIAN KLUG
We meat Y/N Ling holder of a dragon empress called gandorum aka the heavenly dragon of Armageddon. The beast of a heavenly dragon has chosen Y/N as his host and partner.
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd x fate crossover) by Introvert0690
The Betrayed God(Highschool dxd x...by Introvert0690
A boy lying on his own blood nearing his death but what got him wasn't death but a book The boy....who was wronged by his 'so called family' got a second chance in life...
The Emperor of Darkness (DxD) by GeorgeTheperson
The Emperor of Darkness (DxD)by George Theperson
Issei Hyoudou known as the weakest Red Dragon Emperor is forced to grow stronger and overcome his cruel problems day after day, maybe it was punishment for being a perve...
The Silver Dragon Emperor Of Evolution by WielderOfIncursio
The Silver Dragon Emperor Of Evolu...by Tatsumi
Adapt, Survive, Evolve. Adapt. Adapt to their attacks, patterns, and techniques. Survive. Survive their Onslaught. Evolve. Evolve till you become the strongest being! Th...
The Boosted Hero : Ryujin by BlisteringBolt
The Boosted Hero : Ryujinby BlisteringBolt
What defines a person? There looks? There background? There accomplishments? There QUIRKS? Izuku Yagi learned at the age of 4 that quirk's make the person, and when yo...
My hero academia: The collision of Fate and Destiny by Immortalking71
My hero academia: The collision of...by all for Deku
Izuku Midoriya wasn't born with any power and was treated like an outsider for most of his life but when destiny takes action and several spirits who were killed find th...
High School SxD (Dragon Ball Z x High School DxD) by SuperSaiyanJayden
High School SxD (Dragon Ball Z x H...by Bullet's Husband
As Gohan awoken to his latest potential thanks to the Elder Kai. He goes back to Earth to try and dealing with the pink demon, but something happens to him and gets sent...
The broken rose of red and white by Thedragongodbahamut
The broken rose of red and whiteby HADRIAN KLUG
Who new Ruby was betrayed or completely broken... she was rapped by Tai for an knows how long and no one would save her either as well. She finally was saved by someone...
The True Gods (Highschool DxD Fanfic and Multiverse Fanfic) by TrueRisingFTW
The True Gods (Highschool DxD Fanf...by TrueRising
Great Red and Ophis are known as the strongest of the strong, but what if I were to tell you that there are those that surpass even them? In fact, there are many that su...